So Shall We

Blog Entrepreneur Francis simisim has got his blog up and running in the right direction to say the least! I love enterprising individuals, especially those who love blogging and those who love to help other people improve upon their blogs. This blog reminds me alot of John Chow's blog and we can only hope this young blogger has a fraction of John's success! All the right things are set up in this blog as far as monetization goes and the content is clearly king. If you are looking for some tips and tricks to improve any aspect of your blog then stop by and have a look. While you are at it why not stop by his other blog called Blog Lives where you can submit your own blog with your own review. Great Stuff! Francis has gained a fan and hopefully many more. Keep up the great work!

On Tango Love and Other Demons

One of the best tango scenes I've come across was in the movie called, Scent Of A Women, when a blind Al Pachino Tangoed with a young girl he had just met. I know this sounds craze, but it was from that moment when I fell in love with the dance they call tango. I am a musician and the music of the tango is so strong and seductive. This blog is a great example of using the blog for your passion. La Tanguera writes a fantastic tribute to this great dance and keeps the reader interested and wanting to read more. Well done.

credit card deal

I remember when I got my first credit card when I was about twenty years old. I had no other credit and the credit card I took was riddled with fees and a high interest rate. I was young and dumb and didn't know any better, all I knew was that I had a way to buy that new pair of sneakers before my paycheck on Friday. This was so easy I thought. Needless to say I used my credit irresponsibly and if you read my above post you can see how this path can lead to trouble. I still believe in credit cards if they are used responsibly. The best thing to do is to search out the best credit card deal that has no fees and a low interest rate like the ones offers through MINT credit card. Credit cards can be great for emergencies and instances when you can pay off the balance the same month.
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Fourth Of July Wishes

Julia from Fourth Of July Wishes brings us the most patriotic of blogs I've come across in a while. We are only a month and a few days away from this blogs holiday so I'm sure it will continue to gain popularity as the days move ahead. The writing and format are both spot on and the topic is one of my favorite. America needs more patriotism I think and the blog platform is a great way to express it. Only bit of criticism I have is your profile blurb is written in white letters which makes it very hard to see on top of the light grey background. Other than that the blog is fantastic. Keep up the good work!


personal loans

I'm like a broken record when I say I love articles and blogs about money, finance, savings, and loans. It's what I am passionate about. I love to play the stock market and read magazines like Money and Forbes. It's how I learn and when I learn I put that knowledge to good use by making money. One thing that I found to work is consolidating your bills with personal loans to help free up some cash. One place I found that has some great information about money and finance is Loanwise. It is here I found some good articles like, Mortgage Demand Weakening, and How To Compare Loans Online. I found that when I consolidated a few years back it was helpful to know the going rates and which companies where offering the lowest rates so that I would be able to negotiate with the lender I decided to use. I would up taking a home equity loan because at the time I had more than I wanted in bills to consolidate and personal loans were not an option. Now I am glad I consolidated my bills because it freed up alot of cash that I am able to use and save instead of paying that cash to the high interest credit cards. When you think about how much money you put out in interest with things like credit cards it can get you sick to your stomach. We all fall into the trap of easy credit and after a while you discover you have two or three cards in your wallet and then four and then five. It gets away from you quickly and it feels good when you finally free up the cash.

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Kim's Candor

How great is this quote from Kim's blog, "Dear Lord, put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth", this is a fantastic glimpse into who we are dealing with here. A straight shooter who often times puts her foot in her mouth. I think is is great because I like people who tell it like it know where you stand with these kind of people and I respect that. Kim's blog is no doubt a labor of love as you can tell by her writing and by the way it is maintained that it is a passion and in my eyes I see nothing to critique. As I usually do I only have great things to say about this one and would urge others to stop by and have a look...I think you'll be glad you did!


Months ago I held two contests. Win $100 of Billy Mac's Money and Monetized Mondays. The drawing was to be on Memorial Day and that day has come. I'd like to congratulate Big Blueberry Eyes for winning $100 dollars of Billy Mac's money! It is a heart warming blog and I am happy they won. Kevin from Becoming and Staying Debt Free won Monetized Mondays! So a great big fat congratulations to our winners and a Happy and Healthy Memorial Day! God Bless our Troops!


Just a Flip Flop Mom

Passion and love for writing comes across clearly with this blog. The writing is inspirational and compelling which makes it a joy to visit and read through. Blogs like this one demonstrates what blogging is all for what you do and what you blog about. One thing I'd add is a site meter ( to see how many fans you have visiting. Great job and keep up the good work!


Memorial Day At Critique My Blog

So far my Memorial Day holiday is going very restfully. Woke up this morning and presented the winners of my two contest with their prizes. The my family and I went to the Annual Memorial Day Parade where our fantastic Governor Rendell always visits and walks in! After that I cleaned out my basement while the rest of the family went to the swim club (I thought it was going to rain, I was wrong). Got to do a little critiquing and now I'll be going out to cook the Barb-B-Q. Yum. Hope everyone else is having a great holiday as well and let's keep the men and women in uniform in our prayers and offer them a great big THANK YOU for their service to us and our country!

car insurance

I've often stated in my blog reviews that I get excited and love to read personal fiance blogs. We are in a sad state these days when it comes to personal finance. We teach our children in school about important things like history and math and science, but why do we forget about the day to day academics as well? Ask a teen about the current interest rates or where to go for the best car insurance and he or she will look at you as if you have three heads. It is true that young people are not dumb when it comes to money in general, after all we learn how much an ice cream cone costs at a very young age. Ask that young person how much they'd have if they invested that ice cream cone money at age three until age seventy with compound interest and again the look of three heads would stare you down! Kids today grow up not knowing how to balance a check book or how to decide upon credit cards or how to even apply for a loan! I found out the hard way when I grew up and went out into the world on my own that I was one of those kids. I had to learn how to open a checking account and balance the check book on my own and pay my bills on time and all the grown up stuff that grown ups know. It wasn't easy and I decided to learn how to do all this and more on my own. So I started to digest all kinds of information about personal finance and investing that I could find. I subscribed to magazines and read books and as most good "young" people do, I researched the Internet. There are so many fantastic sites and blogs about personal fiance out there that is would take a life time to read them all. There are blogs about debt and getting out of debt, websites about personal fiance and investing, articles on the stock market and bonds. The information is out there and available, it's just up to the older people to start informing the younger people that it is out there and it is important for them to learn about. Sites like Nations Finance is a great example of the information I am taking about. If you are looking for articles from loans to car insurance you can find it here. So get out there and start brushing up on your personal finance and make some money!
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7 Confessions

What do you think of when you hear genetics and Johnny Depp...It's an easy one...7 Confessions. This blogger loves Johnny Depp and is one year away from a Masters degree in genetics. First of all, forget about the blog, I have to say bravo to that achievement, but the blog I have found to be a close runner up. Writing is what builds a blog, but passion is what fuels it, and it's clear to see you have alot of passion about blogging which is great to see. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling!

Infinite Dreams

Passionate and poetic are two adjectives that cross my mind as I read this fantastically prepared blog. It's easy to see that much thought and feeling goes into this blogger's posts as they are moving and beautiful. You feel compelled to continue reading from post to post to see what Rajeev, the blogger, will write next. I think you'll be glad you visited this blog and tell him that CMB sent you. Great job and keep up the great work!



They've done it again! In Pay Per Post's never ending attempt to make their service to advertisers and posties bigger and better, they've managed to reinvent themselves again by way of Pay Per Post Direct. If you have a blog and want to make some money, then pay per post is the way to go in my opinion. It's perfect for blogs! When I first began I was leery about signing up for PPP, but as the money started to pour in those insecurities vanished. Over the months of being a part of the pay per post community and being a "postie", I have watched pay per post continually show me that they cared about their bloggers and their advertisers. Whether it be through their informative blog or their online chat forums, it is clear they care. SO it didn't surprise me when I read about their latest endeavor called Pay Per Post Direct, where bloggers can advertise with a button on their blog to offer their services directly to advertisers. Sounds alot like "Review Me" you say. Let me convince you otherwise.
Review me is a similar service where you do reviews that were requested by advertisers. You can charge mucho money if you're blog is popular. One problem and it is where PPP and Review Me become separate entities, it's in the dollar sign. PPP charges ten percent of your fee. Review Me charges half of your fee. Ouch! There is a fantastically written review of the new PPP direct in Andy Beards Blog that goes more into the meat and potatoes. All I know personally is I love meat and potatoes and I love Pay Per Post and I Love this new concept. In a world of greed and money, PPP is opting to go against the grain by not being greedy and giving the little guy more of a piece of the pie. In my eyes that is commendable and to tie in and sum up my ideas in this post I am glad that I made the move to sign up with PPP and I hope to have continued success with them as they continue their own success!


What's New

Just a reminder that the forums are closed for the two contests that will be drawn on Memorial day...those of you who submitted know what I'm talking about. Good luck to all of you. I'm not sure if I will be printing out every one's email or every one's blog addresses and cutting them up and putting them into a hat to let me son pull out the winner of both prizes. Which ever way I choose it will be random, so good luck to you all. Have a fantastic memorial day and God Bless America and the Troops!

Back from the dead-Bestest Blog and Bobby Griffen

I was doing my daily check of my sitemeter to and I noticed, much to my surprise, a link coming in from Bestest Blog. I thought this project was dead and long gone after the Google investigation that amounted to nothing more than an inconvenience to Bobby, according to him. So I just thought I'd put it out there that he is contemplating his next move and wondering if it is worth it or not to try to rekindle the glory days of his blog. It will be interesting to see his next move. Either way I wish him luck, people make mistakes and my motto is "water under the bridge".


When it comes to billion dollar industries what do you think of? Would you think of computers or the newest bio-tech start up? Maybe you think about the latest wireless Internet. What would you say if I told you that it's a product or products that comes from Florida? Still don't believe me? Then check out this video. That's right, the Florida agriculture is a 87 billion dollar industry that provides food to the entire globe! Ever heart of that new fangled breakfast drink called orange juice? The numbers are amazing but it is easy to see how they can be true. I love orange does the world. Check out the Florida agriculture video today!
This post is a sponsored post promoting Florida's Agriculture market!



Sharp and well written is what this blog offers to it's readers. One of those blogs where the bloggers personality comes through the screen at you. The format is spot on and the organization of things is set up perfectly. My only criticism is that the posting is not being done often. That is ok except I'd add a feedburner or feedblitz to let your readers know when you have updated your blog. It is so well done that I'm sure you would get alot of readers who sign up. Keep up the great work and keep the blog rolling!


Lasik Complications

Being someone who wears glasses I have to say that the thought of Lasik Surgery has crossed my mind more than one or twice. During my eye doctor visits I have questioned my doctor about the possibility and I've done some research on my own. One thing that would scare me would be Lasik Complications because of the fact that you only have one set of eyes. One of the best sites I've come across for researching this surgery is site goes over many of the aspects of lasik surgery as well as any lasik complications that you might come across. I would recommend a visit if you were considering this surgery and read up on the pros and cons.
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Reality is Over Rated

How great was it when after American Idol I signed into my blogger account and was pleasantly surprised to receive one of the best blog requests I have come across in a long time. This blog is engaging and brilliantly written. I get frightened to review other peoples blogs who post about grammar as in this Grammar Nazi post. I am one of the most regular offenders of the English language and thank goodness for spell check or I'd be kicked off the blogging circuit for sure. In his post entitled, It's Hell To Get Old, the topic is arms that fall asleep while sleeping. I have this problem as well and was laughing out loud as my wife stared at me with a curious look. When I awake with numb arms I try to roll over as well but am always afraid I will break my arm and not know it because of the numbness! The blog itself is just fantastic with no real criticism on my part except to say that the posts are a little long, but it is ok because the writing is so good. The only think I might add is a site meter ( to see how many fans you are gaining. Great job and keep up the great work!

motor insurance

This next review almost makes you want to move to Europe if only for the fantastic motor insurance they offer! When the time comes when you need to use your insurance, the last thing you want is any extra stress. You need support and help most of all. You need ease of use and customer service. This is what you get and more when you sign up with CIS. The most comprehensive motor insurance I've seen in a while. Aside from getting ten percent off for signing up online, once you are a customer you receive the following key benefits:

free courtesy car (subject to availability, when using a Co-operative Insurance recommended repairer)
free 24-hour Emergency Helpline in the event of a breakdown
free Europe-wide cover
free uninsured loss recovery service
free Legal Advice Helpline
recovery of the vehicle to a suitable repairer
up to £250 medical expenses covered
up to £250 personal belongings covered
Up to 55% Named Driver No Claim Discount

Those are just some of the benefits of CIS motor insurance. Also a great benefit is the road rescue plus where you will always feel safe.

This post sponsored by the fine folks at CIS

Wife Mom Drunk

Witty and interesting is this blog about the life and times of Cybil. Anyone who spells her profile name Cybil Libyc should make you interested enough to at least read a page or two of her blog. Brilliantly written and never a dull moment is a way to explain this blog that I just read through. I love a blog that is engaging and this is one of those why not stop over to Cybil's place and have a look. I think you will be glad you did.

Surf Music and Surf Pictures

What a cool blog we have here. Nothing wrong with a blog dedicated to the world of surfing! Great pictures that take your breath away and brilliantly captioned. This blog has been maintained for a while now and I suspect it will continue on in the future. Nicely done.

Stories From Papi

Talk about an ambitious goal....Papi is on track to keep his goal of writing 50 children's stories in a year! Another fantastic example of what a blog can be used for. Having two little boys myself it is nice to see a dad who still tells stories to his children. How lucky are these boys? Very I would say. Great job with the blog. All the right bells and whistles. Keep up the great work!


Life and Times Of Gran

Here is the sub-title under Gran's main title. Read what it says..."G-geneous R-reliable A-affectionate N-nuturing - My blog is a way of sharing life's experiences, random thoughts, and a way for you to meet special people that have touched my life in a unique way. This blog is far from perfection by the educational standards of writing. It is an accelerated way of e-journaling randomly. As time permits... read and enjoy some insights within the life and times of this Gran"
What a fantastic introduction to this fabulous blog. The love and consideration that goes into this blog and the lives she blogs about is so evident, it almost jumps off the computer screen and smacks ya! This grand mom and retired teacher has alot to offer us in this blog of hers and I have to say that it is a beautiful beginning to what I expect to be a long lived and popular blog. Keep up the great work!


The forum I spoke about in my post about the Sunny Raw Kitchen has got her Forum up and can visit it at the following address!


The Sunny Raw Kitchen

What do you think when I describe the following grocery list:
35 lbs apples
25 lbs oranges
15 lbs bananas
8 lbs lemons and limes
5 lbs of fruits (depending on what's available)
20 lbs carrots
4 lbs celery
2 or 3 lbs lettuce
3 lbs greens (spinach, kale, swiss chard, etc.)
3 lbs tomatoes
3 lbs avocados
2 lbs beets
DO you think that it is the shopping list for your local restaurant? What would you say if I told you it was this blogger's weekly consumption. That's right...Raw food is the way they go. I think these lifestyles are incredible and so interesting to read about. IF you want to get a truly inside look into the world of eating raw food as a lifestyle then I urge you to stop by this extremely well presented blog. Also...look for the raw food forum coming soon where you can interact and join a virtual community. Keep up the fantastic work and good luck with the forum...I'm sure it will be a success!

Art Blogs 4 U

How cool is this idea of a blog dedicated to linking you to bloggers who love to paint and blog about their art? It's fantastic. I love creative and useful ways to utilize the blogging platform and this is a perfect example of just that. Speaking of Art...I recently came upon a Robert Wood painting from's of a mountain scene entitles "Mountain Stream" ...any thoughts on value? Anyway....back to the blog...very interesting with artist profiles and profiles of their art work...perfectly meshed and well done! Keep up the good work.


One Million Love Messages

What is greater than a blog dedicated to love? This blog is a great example of how positive blogs and blogging can be with a message and a mission to reach one million love messages! Fantastic! The blog is organized great with all the right moves and features. I just added it to my Technorati Favorites. I urge you to go have a look and then so the same. Great concept and great job...keep up the good work.

blog marketing

When I started using pay per post a few months back to generate some revenue for Critique My Blog I had no idea what I'd be getting into. I truly am happy with the money I am finally making and the easy at which it is to make it. PPP has made the whole process of signing up...posting...and getting paid so user friendly that even a dope like me can manage to generate revenue. Companies as well are becoming pay per post fans too. They love the concept of blog marketing because it is a fantastic way to get your product name in front of alot of eyeballs and it it an even better way to increase your visibility in the search engines. Lately pay per post has been offering some other incentives like products that you can get like PS3 and Apple TVs! How fantastic is this that you can grab these awesome products in select opportunities in PPP! Tomorrow is no different. Posties will have the opportunity to grab a Slingbox, a Nintendo Wii, a Yamaha Surround Sound System, or a Logitech Universal Remote! Money and products, can it get any better than this? Who would have thought that fifteen years ago when people were spending days on end in chat rooms and the phrase, "You got mail" brought excitement to our hearts that we'd be using blog marketing to sell products and increase search engine rankings? It's truly a new world we live in and it will only get better and better as time goes on.
If you haven't already become a member of the pay per post family, whether it be as a postie or as an advertiser, I'd recommend at least a visit to the pay per post website to get a feel for what you are missing. SO many companies have already taken advantage of the PPP system like, the only low bid auction on the Internet. To sum up my thoughts I have to say again that I am happy I made that decision a few months ago to become a part of the pay per post family and I hope to continue to profit from them in the future!

Bits and Odd Pieces

First off let me say that our friend Mindy has a widget on her blog called the Paloozahead that plays automatically when you load her blog. My speakers were all the way up and when my computer suddenly started blasting Pearl Jam's Alive I have to say I nearly coded. So thanks for the near death experience. All kidding aside I have to say that I love the blog and I love the way you used your blog in a recent entry about Best Buy and your horrible experience with them. Blogging puts the ball back in the court of the consumer alittle bit more these days because companies can't afford blogs that get alot of traffic to be posting about the bad experiences they have at their stores. Not only will your readers read that, even better, the spiders will read it. When Google spiders pick up the keyword, Best Buy, they will link back to your story of doom to your blog. Now the spiders can pick it up from your blog and mine! Wonderful use of your blog. Keep up the god work.

Nunhead Rambling

Some people were just born to blog. They were put on this earth to tell a story and that is just how I feel about tonight's blogger from the United Kingdom. No criticism to give here. Perfectly set up and delivered. I like the recent entry entitled Horse Trials...I have to agree with Ginny...probate is a bugger. This blog is full of great posts just like that why not stop over and give a great big hello to the Nunhead Mum of One!



The Dragon: 050376

Kiyotoe was one of my blog's first regular visitors and I've enjoyed his funny, flirty, and humble(?) comments ever since.

The first post I remember reading at his blog was What An Ass-Umption. It was laugh out loud funny as he tells about going to the gym and meeting the "biggest, meanest looking, had-to-be-a-football-player, muscles in his nose, grizzly bear sized dude."

That post was based on making assumptions about people and most of Kiyotoe's posts DO make you think. In fact his own description of his blog is "Embracing the things that bring us together while dissecting that which separates us. This is my thought process." And dissect he does!

In Looks Are Deceiving he addresses how we all tend to make judgments based on people's looks. There's a nice mention of Moi in there, too. (Smile.)

Kiyotoe discusses his aging in the Bad Medicine post. I had to nod and chuckle as I read this because I knew exactly what he meant! I bet some of you will, too. The Plague is also something we can all relate to.. Blogging Addiction!

Some of his more introspective posts include:
I have to add a bit of honesty here. Kiyotoe writes so powerfully that I had to stop visiting his blog for a while. He makes us examine ourselves and that was something I wasn't able emotionally to do. We have remained friends through email and for that I am thankful.

I hope you get a chance to visit The Dragon: 050376 today. If you do, please tell him Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you.

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Cruel Virgin

So what do you get when you combine a soft pretzel, a Pat's Cheese steak, the Liberty Bell and the best blog I've read so far, Cruel Virgin? Philly icons of course. This blog is no doubt one of the coolest blogs I've come across when it comes to the writing in a long time. The content is well thought out and compelling to say the least and I was finding myself being drawn to read more and more. Here's an example of an earlier post of hers entitled Cool Moms. This post hits home because I am the dad of two boys and it is true that society can sometimes go nuts. In between the writing of this post I am switching back and forth from this blog to Cruel Virgins and it is a testament to the straight your face...writing. It's a style that I love. Fantastically done and I will say it is in the category of AAA+. That's a triple A Plus. Keep up the good work.

The Poor Mouth

Fantastically presented and a brilliant blog is what I'm feeling about Jam's work. Jam's O Donnell is a chap from Great Britain with a blog that covers a full range of topics that are both interesting and thought provoking. His recent entries include the leaving of Tony Blair as Prime Minister. I have to say that I caught the British Parliament gatherings on C-SPan a few times and think that it was fascinating to watch. It is interesting how the one fellow stands and presents his case or argument and the PM stands up and give a quick response. It's rapid fire. I often thought Mr Blair was a fine speaker and an interesting man. As for Jam's is equally interesting and well organized and I would recommend a visit today!


Brilliantly written and well thought out is this blog from Daman from India. Although the blogger only posts about once a month...the posts are very well done. One thing I recommend for blogs that post only a few times a month is to add a feedburner or feedblitz to your blog so people can get updates as to when you post new content. Nice job and keep it up.


rope hammocks

I remember the first time I ever rested on a hammock. It was in the yard of my first serious girlfriends grandparent's yard and it was strung between two trees. It was in fact a one of those rope hammocks and it was really a very comfortable place to rest. If you are interested in finding out more about hammocks and the different kinds of hammocks there are then you have to visit You will find out about the different kinds of hammocks like the portable, lightweight camping hammock or the wonderfully comfortable hammock chairs that cradle your body. The materials that are used like rope and canvas hammocks. Truly the place to go to get all the information you are looking for about hammocks from materials to brand names. This website brought back past memories of my first hammock experience and if you've ever had the pleasure of experiencing a hammock then it may do the same for you.
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Ozarks Sew N Sews

There is a handful of blogs where you can visit and feel calm and peaceful. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. I get this feeling from Michelle's blog. Perfectly laid out with just enough of everything to look at. Nothing over powering or too over done. It's just right. Combine that with the writing and you have a winner! Awesome blog and keep it up.

Polliwog's Pond

How can I describe this blog of Polliwogs? Fantastic...exhillerating...refreshing. That should cover some of the adjectives. The blog is a new one, that is true, but Polliwog is moving full steam ahead . The blog itself is fantastically set up and the writing is cool and hip. I have to say as I write this post a monstrous beetle just flew in and scared the hell out of me. Just thought I'd share. Anyway great job with the blog Polliwog and look forward to watching this one grow.

Carrying Contraptions

At first I thought the title of this blog was carrying contraception. My eyes go goofy at night. Needless to say this is a unique blog as it is dedicated mostly to "man bags". This blogger admits to being upset at spending over one hundred dollars for jeans, but would drop a grand on a Gucci Man Bag in a heart beat. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Well maybe. I am a cheap Scotsman, so spending anything over ten bucks is heart wrenching to me. My wife on the other hand is a big fan of coach fact there is a whole side of our closet dedicated to the brownish boxes. The blog is very well done and offers some great finds, especially in the world of bags. Well written and nicely delivered. Keep up the good work.

Sprint Upstage

My wife just got another one of her toys...a new cell phone that does everything but make bread! I Have to say that when it comes to things like this , my feeling usually is that if it works then I am happy. I've had my cell phone now for about four or five years. So I guess it is safe to say that I am in the market for a new one. Luckily I have Sprint for a service and it is looking more and more likely that I will be indulging in the new Sprint Upstage. This is truly an amazing piece of equipment with it's Ipod, plus phone, plus email service, plus everything you would ever need to stay connected with anyone and anything in this great big world of ours. There is a beautiful ending to my story. With Sprint service this phone is free! Can you believe that this perfect phone, the Sprint Upstage is free with sprint service. I think it is clear to see that my mind is made up to buy this jump into the future, at least where I'm concerned. My rickety old phone is ready for the grave and long live this new one!

Domestic Goddes

Move over Rosanne! We have a new girl on the block...and she has a blog! Kelly is new to the blog world having only started her blog in April and it is made up of a hodge podge of posts about the life and times of Kelly from London. The format is set up just fine and the posts are interesting, all Kelly is lacking is readers. So why not stop by and give a great big blogger "hello"! Keep up the good work and I'll check back from time to time to see how the blog is progressing!

Rose Cottage

Love this's like what every little girl would want in a blog...tea roses...sea angels. Very warming and sweet is this bloggers style. Not does this blogger have a wonderful looking blog, but the subject matter is very compelling, especially early on in her blog as she recounts her experiences of living through Katrina and her home being wrecked by it. With all that pain and anguish the blogger still comes through with a positive attitude which is an incredible testament to this bloggers strength and personality. Definite worth a visit. I rate this one an "A+".

Beautiful Path

Wonderfully reflective blog with lots of beautiful looks at life. Almost a feeling of romance in this bloggers style of writing....The posting is sporadic, which is ok, but it's better to keep a daily update or at least a few times a week so that visitors who like your blog and re visit it can expect some new material on occasion. Other than that the blog is going in the right direction.



Unusual title for a blog about entertainment. This blog is only two months old and the blogger has 51 posts under his belt. Needless to say he is a posting maniac! The posts cover a wide variety of topics like videos, movies, games, and comics to name a few. Stop by and decide for yourself about this blog of entertainment.

Patiently Waiting

Colette's blog title is perfect for as long as she's waited for this blog review...I am sorry about the delays. The real reason behind the title is this beautiful couple is waiting patiently for God to bless them with a child. Join their journey as they go through their life and times and chronicle the journey here in this wonderful blog. It's easy to be pulled into the story as the writing is very well done and holds your interest. Well done and keep up the good work!


What is one of the most important things you can think of when it comes to business? It's making money and taking care of your customers and potential customers. How do you do this? With programs like customer relationship software like the folks at Aim Promote are promoting. It is important to implement a specific plan when it comes to handling your leads and following up on them. Follow up is the most important thing in the world of sales because is you are not following up then some other company is! Sales manager will love the CRM software that Aim provides as it is a great way to streamline and simplify the follow up process. When I had my own business that was one of the things I had some difficulty with was follow up, so I am speaking first hand when I say that follow up is important and good customer relationship software is the best way to keep on top of it. Check it out today!
This post was brought to you today by the fine folks at Aim Promote.

Your Mirror or Mine

Happy to pull this blog out of the vast and cavernous "in box" and dust it off as I looked it over I was pleasantly surprised. Only having been blogging for a few months and funny to see how she complained about being a newbie in her first post...the blog has blossomed into a fantastic and entertaining piece of work. I love the fact that this blogger utilizes her blog to also promote her decorating business called re Design for Living. Her blog is set up perfectly with all the right "bells and whistles". Great job and keep up the good work!

blog reviews

I have to say that in the beginning I was leery of pay per post. I researched the site and followed other sites who were using the pay per post venue for monetizing their blogs and finally I started to get requests for blog reviews from other bloggers that were using pay per post. I asked the bloggers their opinions and they said they loved it. SO I gave it a try. At first it was a trial and error stage for me with lots of posts getting rejected because I wasn't following the proper formatting and linking. Soon, though, I was getting approved and since then I have not looked back. I find lots of interesting sites to review and write about and think the pay per post format is a fantastic idea for bloggers to make money and for website publishers and bloggers to promote their sites and improve their rankings. I am making money with pay per post and the ease at which the payments come is great. If you are looking for a way to make a few extra dollars for yourself then I highly recommend pay per post.

Sandier Pastures

How does a girl from Japan wind up living is Dubai? Well you'll have to go over a visit this blog to get the full story and get one of the most interesting stories I've read in a while. While the rest of us are living their life with the days excitement coming from our trip to Walmart, Desert grace is living a life abroad. Truly a intriguing blog. You will have to settle in with a cup of tea and read this compelling story. You'll be glad you did. Lots of insight into life in Dubai and the day in the life of Desert Grace. Loved it.

I am cause I blog.

Brand new to the blogging scene and brilliantly written is this blog about the life and times of Alok from Maharashtra : India. I particularly like the post called Sanity Lost that is a cool list of things that has gotten our blogger "through" some stressful times. Fantastic and look forward to watching this blog grow into itself! Keep up the good work.

Basics of Exhibiting

Here's a cool blog that demonstrates that blogs can be used for a variety of subject matter. Neil blogs about the nuts and bolts of trade shows. If you have a small business like pest control or home inspections or any kind of service, a trade show can put you in the same court as larger companies. You can exhibit your business at home shows or whatever the case might be and get your name and service promoted as well as press flesh with your potential customers. Neil does a fantastic job here and the blog is comprehensive. One thing I might add is a sitemeter ( to track how many visitors you have visiting your blog! Great job and keep up the good work.


I Need Lots More Votes

I need a ton more votes to get even close to Darren from . It would be great to be able to beat this problogger even though I think he has a fantastic blog and I visit it at least a few times a week...Rock the vote! Vote for Billy Mac! Vote Here.

Asara's Mental Meanderings

Revisiting Asara's blog it is a pleasure to see a fantastic blog that has blossomed into something great! The blog is organized and formatted in a very "easy on the eyes" style which makes the blog pleasant to visit and read. The content topics are vast and keeps your interest. It's great to see blogs that have and continue to grow into great places to visit.

Kat's Cradle

Puss in boots brings us a fantastic blog that reads so naturally and freely you can feel like your a fly on the wall. I started to read her posts and felt like I needed to continue from post to post. One thing that I would add is a site meter ( to see how many fans you have visiting your blog each day. Her most recent post about eating pistachios in bed is a great example of her writing style. I recommend a visit. Great job with the blog and keep up the nice work

payroll pricing

Where were all these fantastic web sites and products when I had my own business. I was the pest control technician to the stars but had a horrible book keeping system. After a year of doing my own accounting and book keeping I decided to research payroll pricing. The problem I found was that the good old fashioned bookkeeper was hard to come by and most of the ones I found were affiliated with accounting houses and charged and arm and a leg. Fast forward to today and this fantastic website comes into existence. It is called Accounting and it offers bookkeeping services starting at 10 dollars per month and payroll service for 6 dollars an employee. You can also purchase Quickbooks Online for twenty percent off through Accounting NO doubt if you have a small business or if you are thinking about starting a small business then you should start it the right way with the proper bookkeeping and payroll services and the best and most inexpensive place to get those services is through Accounting
This post was brought to you by the fine folks at Accounting Paradise.


At first glance I thought I was going to be writing a less than flattering review of this blog brought to us by a 19 year old from India. They say never judge a book by it's cover and that is the case here. This is one of the finest blogs I've come across with respect to the writing and it can only get batter. Having just started in January of 2007 the blog has lots of potential to grow and I think this blogger will be happy as the years go on and she is able to look back and read over her journey from University and beyond....Great job and keep up the good work!


I've Been Interviewed!!!

I recently Had the honor of being interviewed by one of my favorite bloggers, Barb from Skittles Place, and the interview was posted today at her site...please stop by and have a look and tell her I said hello!


Penless Writer

What a fantastic blog that Mickey and Susan bring us! First of all I have to say that I think it is fantastic to hear that you've traveled the country in your RV! How fantastic it is to be able to do something like that and enjoy it. One thing I think would be a great addition to the blogs already great writing and story telling would be more stories about your travels across the country. As for the blog in general I have to say that it gives you a sense of calm as you read through the posts which is a testament to the writing and the blogger. Great job and I wouldn't change a thing..except maybe more stories about your travels :) Great job and keep it up.

coupon codes

Back in March I was in the market for a new laptop...I researched Dell, Gateway and the brick and mortar department stores for the best deal and prices. I then realized that the brick and mortar stores also have web sites these days. SO I checked out a few and finally decided on shopping at Best Buy for my laptop. I used one of the Best Buy coupons for a printer to go with it. I got the coupon from a fabulous site that has coupon codes for all your major brands called They have over 1000 stores and coupons to choose from, making shopping exciting and cost effective. Coupon codes are the way to save on the Internet...just punch in the code in the appropriate box and save some dinero. is easy to use with a handy category section to find what you are looking for and make it fast and easy to save.


Eve Of A New Day

How does a book editor wind up submitting their blog to us at Critique My Blog? First cool is it to be a book editor? Second is easy to see this blogger's heart is close to the written word because the blog is so full of quality content. This is the most important part of blogging in my opinion. You can have the most flashy looking blog with all kinds of gimmicks and tricks on it, but if the content is bad then there is no reason to visit it. I enjoyed reading through this blog, with it's contemplating the life and times of Cordia as she tried to find love and her place in this world. Truly a fine piece of literary enjoyment. Keep it up.

Find a Place T Stand And Move The World

Top of the "A+" caliber blog...fantastically written...compelling. Rave reviews from critique my blog are offered to this blog who writes one good post after another. I love the story about Ocean City as it bring s back memories to me about my youth. I now pass on that experience to my boys as we usually take a week in the summer to this shore point. Did you visit OC, MD or NJ? I say NJ is the best. Another post I thought was compelling and thought provoking was Take Back The Blog where the story behind it is so real and true. There have been several stories of pictures from peoples blogs manipulated on other blogs and horror stories that are too numerous to mention. The Internet is a public domain and just as there are dangers in the real world there are also dangers in the blogosphere. Great post and so well written. Love the blog overall and recommend a visit. Keep up the great work!

Toronto daycares

Being the parent of 2 boys I realize the importance of finding daycare for your children that is trust worthy and employs responsible and caring people to care for your children. Our biggest dilemma was with our first boy. We had no idea of how or what to look for in a day care. This very reason is why sites like the one that reviews Toronto daycares is so important. Daycare should not be only a babysitter, it should be a place for your child to grow socially and learn the skills needed to play with others. Daycare Bear is a great site to find daycare centers in Canada where you can research and get reviews of the childcare center.



The Dreamtime

Robin's blog, The Dreamtime, is one of those blogs that I love and wish it got more attention than it does. She is a very interesting and diverse person and her blog shows that.

When I first stumbled upon her blog she was in the process of getting a new puppy after the heartbreaking loss of her other dog. You can read about it in the middle of this post. After a long wait, the puppy came home with her and Meander eventually got his own blog so we could watch him growing up.

Robin speaks often about her life, family, and friends. I loved this post she did called Christmas Tree Lady about a surprise new friend and Longing which is a poignant post about the love shared between two brothers and how she would never know what that is like since she was an only child. I found this post about how we carry hurt with us from childhood very moving.

Robin also posts about things that are important to her, like this post called Indifference about the apathy of people in a restaurant to help a choking man. She is very concerned about global warming and our planet Earth as you can read here and here.

But some of my favorite posts she does are about Water People. Living right next to Lake Michigan she takes pictures of people who come to just look at the lake. It's fun to try and figure out their thoughts.
Please pay Robin and The Dreamtime a visit. Tell her Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you!

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What's New At Critique My Blog?

I got alot done today in terms of blogging...catching up on some of my other blogs and getting to review a handful here today. I was up at 4AM because of the birds chirping so I came a cup of coffee and took advantage of the quiet. Today I have my friends wedding to go to as well as a communion it will be a busy day. Coming up this week I think I will be interviewed by someone...but I am not posting any details until I know for sure when it will be posted. So when I get word I will post the info. Have a great weekend everyone!

Did you read that correctly? IS it too good to be true? Am I saying that if you list a product for sale and whether it sells or not you will still get paid? Yes I am. There is a new site called Listasaurus where listing you products under certain categories will earn you cash rewards! Other classified ad categories are free with the exception of the business directory area. This is one of the best free classifieds sites I've come across and it's easy to use. Just register online and start selling or buying today. You can post businesses for sale, franchise opportunities, and business investments just to name a few. If you have a business that you want to advertise then the business directory section is for you. No doubt there is alot to see and do at Listasaurus, just look up listasaurus in the dictionary and you will find the following..."a dinosaur who loves to collect things and list them online. Check it out today!
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The Post College Years....Part Two

There are so many different kinds of blogs and bloggers out there these days. It is really amazing. This type of blog is one of my favorites, it's the regular "journal"/"diary" type blog with a compelling style of writing that keeps you wanting more. It's the kind of blog you can see yourself checking on a daily basis to see what was going on in this bloggers life...which is a testament to her writing. I'd rate this blog with an "A+" and a definite "worth a look" status.

This is the life

This blog is written by Kristen, who is a librarian in her town. How boring can this blog be you might ask. Suprise...suprise...suprise...(If you can tell me who I just quoted there I will give you a point), is not boring at all. IN fact I found it to be a rather interesting collection of book reviews and other thoughts and ideas that this blogger experienced. All the right bells and whistles are present in this blog and it's bursting with content, which is most important. Keep up the good work!


Wow...creativity is overflowing from this blogger...not so much from the blog itself but from Kate who seems to always have some kind of project or another going. Even in the early days of her blog she is talking about taking water color classes and getting books in the mail about knitting. The creativity does pour over into her blog too, the posts are interesting and her writing style is inviting. Fantastico! Great job.

Scrapping Servant

Love scrap booking? Creativity you middle name? Then this is the blog for you. Full of wonderful ideas and information about scrap booking. One word of advice I would offer you. Your business website ( should be plastered in bold letters somewhere on your blog...not hidden in the sidebar among other links. Blogs are a fantastic marketing tool because they are updated daily and the search engines eat them up...chances are you will get more visitors to your blog than to your be sure to capitalize on this and funnel those visitors to you website. Good luck and much success. Great blog.

The Estrogen Files

It's just easy for some people...blogging that in the case of the author of The Estrogen Files. Even from the beginning the blog seemed to jump out of the gate like a prize horse in the Kentucky Derby, never stumbling, and racing toward the finish line. The blog is interesting and lots to see and do on the sidebar. Well done and keep it up.

Elizabeth Bates

Here's a refreshing type blog brought to us by who else? Elizabeth Bates. It's a blog that uses alot of conversational story telling, almost giving it a feel of a character from a series like "Sex In The City", where you can here the characters thoughts, except in this case you are reading them. Very well done and the posts keep your interest. I'd add a site meter ( to see who is stopping by and I'd keep posting on a more regular basis because you have the potential for a great blog here. Keep up the good work.

Dianne Rambling On...

Gotta give a big hello to a fellow blogger from Pennsylvania! Dianne has a interesting blog about her daily life and times, and began it back in 2004. I love to see blogs that have been around for a while because, as I've said in the past, it is neat to look back from the beginning and see how the blog has grown and matured. This one is truly a well done blog, organized and formatted well, with interesting content to keep you reading on. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling.

The NEtwork Marketing Blog

We got a hot one tonight...the network marketing blog is set up with a wealth of information for bloggers who are looking to increase traffic and make money online. It's a new blog, but already has a boat load of posts and I suspect the content will keep growing. Alot of work went into this blog and the information is very useful. I browsed through most of the blog and found it to be interesting and easy to navigate. Definitely worth a look.


Deb and Hank's Space

I am pleased with the response from the Windows Live Space that I've been getting here. As I said earlier, up until very recently I never came across a blog like this and now CMB is getting a name over there. Glad to be a part of Windows. Deb and Hanks blog is one that has been around since 2005 and it's funny to see how much of a frustrated start this poor blogger had in the beginning and how far the blog has come and how well done it is now. I have to say that I loved the post about Hawaii because I am envious of you that you went there. That is on my list of vacations "to do" as is Italy. Who knows if we'll ever get to either of them, but I can dream. This avid reader has book reviews as well as a section of recipes. I have to say that the blog is very well organized and worth a visit. Nice job.


When I think of bonsai trees I think of the Karate Kid with Mr. Miyagi carefully trimming the tree. After seeing that movie again on cable it got me thinking of two things, one is I want to join Karate, and two is I want to buy a bonsai tree. One great site that is an absolute wealth of information about bonsai trees is Bonsai Gardener, where the author of the website also wrote the book on Bonsai tree care. Literally. It's called the, "Bonsai Gardening Secrets". His site if full of articles for the beginner or pro. One article called, Bonsai Baby Steps, goes over starting with your first tree and discusses the different kinds of trees like the Alpine Totara among others. Other articles include "Feng Shui and Bonsai" and "Modern Masters...Bonsai In The 21rst Century". Definitely a site to visit if you have the urge, like I do, to buy a Bonsai.
This post was sponsored by the Bonsai Gardener


The Markmiller 5

Another blog from one of my favorite platforms...Typepad! Another fantastic blog about the life and times of what appears to be a lovely family...a lovely family who recently visited the happy place on earth....Disney! It was Disneyland so I'm guessing they live in California. I just went to Disney in Florida over the Thanksgiving break and it was a great time to crowds. Back to your blog. Nothing to criticise in my opinion. The writing flows like conversation which makes it a pleasure to read. Your love for your family comes across strongly in your postings. Blogs like this are fantastic because you get a warm feeling as you read through them. Great job and keep up the good work.

Soul Intoxicated

A very deep and thought provoking blog is brought to us by a young blogger from New Delhi. The writing is compelling with posts about love and life as well as some awesome poetry. The blog is pouring over with feeling and emotion which makes you want to go from post to post drinking in the content. The blog format is nicely done and organized. Great job and keep up the fantastic work!

What's Up At The Stauffers

Fellow Pennsylvanian and musician musical jean brings us her blog about a day in the life of a music teacher at a Christian school, wife and mother. Combine the three and you have enough material to write about to fill a book...or at least a blog. As you browse this blog you will see some good pictures and writing by this blogger who's been at it since 2005. No criticisms to offer with this one...nice job and keep it up.


Wrong side of the law of life

It doesn't surprise me to find that I really enjoyed this blog...New to the blog world, this blogger from Delhi is a 19 year old who has a knack for writing in a style that sounds like conversation. The blogger's personality jumps off the screen and it is clear to see that this blog can become a winner if she decides to continue the blog. The posts are short and the writing is compelling. The format is simple with not alot of bells and whistles to take away from the story. Young bloggers do a great job at keeping the content fresh. Well done!

Living and Loving

We have a little run on Windows Live Spaces. Since I started this blog I've reviewed Type Pad, Wordpress, Squarespace, Blogspot, and AOL...Never have I gotten any request from Window Live Space, until recently. I am beginning to like the Windows Live Spaces as far as formatting and appearance. Not only is the appearance nice but it is even more of a pleasure when the writing is a pleasure to read as in the case of Living and Loving. A question I have for the blogger is I notice at the top of your blog a banner this your own ad or something Windows puts up there themselves? Do they pay you to put that there? Just curious. Great job on the blog and keep up the great writing. I enjoyed it alot.


This is a topic that I can post about because it hits close to home. I've worn glasses and contacts since I was in the fifth grade and I have inquired about Lasik surgery with my eye doctor on several occasions. Recently my interest has been sparked again with television ads about this procedure and I've decided to investigate Lasik once again. A great resource I have come across is USEYES.ORG that offers a tremendous amount of information about all the different Lasik procedures like wavefront or Epi-Lasik. You can also find Lasik Surgeons in your area. Definitely a fantastic site for consumers looking for Lasik surgery.
This post brought to you by the fine folks at

Princess Banter

New this year to the blogging scene is Princess Banter. I have some criticism to offer in that I think your posts are a little long. The writing is awesome and of course if you have a story to tell and it takes several paragraphs then what is a blogger to do? I only mention it because your average Joe blog surfer may not have the patience to read through long posts. If you have a regular following, so to speak, and you are not caring about the average Joe blog surfer then your blog is an "A" plus in my book....just pointing out an observation. One thing I would add is a site meter ( to see how many people are stopping by to say hello. Keep up the good work.

Rewired Mind

Are you a gamer? Do you spend hours in front of your PlayStation 3 or Xbox and give your thumbs blisters? Do you want a blog that is specifically geared toward these video games? I know my two boys do...and if you want a blog like that then you must check out rewired mind. This is the best place to get information on games, systems, and the industry in general. The blog is set up in a very user friendly manner. The category section will take you to your topic of choice and you can sign up for a feed to get updates...Fantastic! Keep up the good work.


Econo Girl

Political/finance/world events all wrapped up in one. The posts are well written, short, and to the point. The writing is interesting and keeps you wanting to check out the rest of the blog from the past. The only criticism is the link section is bunched up with too much writing...just my opinion. Other than that I think it's fantastic!

From the belly of a whale

Christian blogger Cheryl has a new blog that is coming to us from Canada. This "life and times" blog is starting off in the right direction and done nicely in regards to formatting with not alot of "stuff" in the sidebar. As I say, sometimes a simple blog is a nice change and makes it easier to concentrate on the writing which is always the most important part of the blog. Well done and keep the blog rolling.

bid for placement

Website directories are usually sorted by page rank, and other requirements that are more complex than the I.R.S. tax laws for 2006! The way it usually works is you submit your link and it gets listed among millions of other links. Wouldn't it be great if you could get listed on the front page of a web directory and maybe get some...well...I don't know...traffic from it! There is now a fantastic site called Big Web Links where you can actually bid for placement and get the respect you deserve. Big Web Links is truly a unique website directory that offers a useful service to blogs and websites alike. Check it out today!
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