Reality is Over Rated

How great was it when after American Idol I signed into my blogger account and was pleasantly surprised to receive one of the best blog requests I have come across in a long time. This blog is engaging and brilliantly written. I get frightened to review other peoples blogs who post about grammar as in this Grammar Nazi post. I am one of the most regular offenders of the English language and thank goodness for spell check or I'd be kicked off the blogging circuit for sure. In his post entitled, It's Hell To Get Old, the topic is arms that fall asleep while sleeping. I have this problem as well and was laughing out loud as my wife stared at me with a curious look. When I awake with numb arms I try to roll over as well but am always afraid I will break my arm and not know it because of the numbness! The blog itself is just fantastic with no real criticism on my part except to say that the posts are a little long, but it is ok because the writing is so good. The only think I might add is a site meter (www.sitemeter.com) to see how many fans you are gaining. Great job and keep up the great work!

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Happily Anonymous said...

Wow...what a quick response. Thanks for the kind words as well. (I do have an invisible site meter.)