Escape for a Sec

Here's a new one...a blog from Windows Live Spaces. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I click on the URL and started to read through the blog. It's interesting to see how other blog platforms are set up. The writing is well done and has a "real" feel to it. I found the blog very interesting as I read through the archive section and I would encourage a visit to this bloggers "space" and say hello.

Book Of The Month

All the positive things I can say about blogs and blogging are many. I can't find anything positive to say about this particular concept. I guess reviewing a book a month is ok except that in order to keep any kind of readership you would have to add a feed blitz or feedburner on your blog so people can sign up for your feed and get notification when you update your blog each month. Also you will have a problem with Google indexing and ranking...etc because the search engine crawlers look for activity on a blog and once a month updates might not be enough. If you truly enjoy blogging then I'd say start a blog about your life experiences if you lack other ideas.

The Devils of Loundun

Move over Bob Vila...there's a new fixer upper in town...well...outta France. That's right...this is a unique look into the life of a family (including a little one) who is in the process of renovating a home in France! You can never run out of material in this kind of situation. Great idea for a blog and I think it id coming along nicely...(The blog that is)...(the home too, I'm sure) Keep up the good work! (On the blog)....(and the home) :)

Kinda Fuzzy

We have one of those easy going, regular, "a day in the life" type blogs that are sometimes the most entertaining of all because the posts are straight forward and interesting and not very long. Such is the case with Fuzzynoid. No real bells and whistles other than good content which makes the posts the center of attention which is always a good thing. The only thing I might add is a site meter to see who is stopping by. Nice job my friend.

Rabbit Run Cottage

It's great when a bloggers personality oozes off the screen and it is clear to see the passion and love she feels for her family and blogging. Rabbit Run is all about the daily happenings in the life and times of Susie Q and her family and it is "blogged" about beautifully. Nice job with the blog Susie and keep up the good work!
Only thing I would add is a site meter ( to the blog to see how many visitors you are getting to your blog. I didn't notice one. Other than that it is great.


What's New At Critique My Blog

Sorry for the slow posting lately...I'm doing my best. It's been a very busy month with my family member who passed away after a few weeks of battling...and then the arrangements and funeral. After that we have to settle estates and if you ever had to go through that you understand the time involved with this. Last Sunday my brother in law was married to his beautiful wife and this weekend my two boys and my wife were in Karate Tournaments. Saturday my youngest took second place in sparing and today my oldest some took 3rd in sparing and my wife took first place in sparing! Next weekend I will have a friend's wedding and that will be it for weddings until October. My suit is getting alot of use lately. Thanks again to all the fantastic blogs that have been submitted for review and they will be given the same attention that I give to all blogs I critique and review, which is why it takes me so long to get to them sometimes. I'd rather pay good attention to your blog and post an honest review instead of just blow through them. Thanks again and as always keep the blog rolling. P.S. I am in 80th place right now for the contest of Best Blog About and Pro Blogger is at 325. I will not give up and I know we can beat him. Well...maybe...please vote if you haven't already. Thanks.


Wasting away again in Maryannaville? Maybe that's what Jimmy Buffet would say but I think this blog is well on the path to greatness. With controversial post titles like, "Were Our Pet's Deliberately Poisoned?" and "War criminal admits that Cheney had his eye on Iraq long before 9/11", it's easy to see how interesting a read this blog can be. It's not all controversy though, in an older post you can see the bloggers lighter side with, "The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity". The blog is formatted sharply and has a cool look, that coupled with the fantastic content I'd have to say we have a winner!


Once upon a time there used to be one telephone company in the world I least in my was called Bell Telephone. Fast forward to the present and things have changed, and for the better. There is competition out there and one form of that competition is VoIP and one of the leaders is Vonage. There is a fantastic site out there that has a terrific Vonage Forum that offers lots of information about this service. Also on this site are other forums like a Vonage news forum and a Vonage information area. No doubt this is the place to go if you are looking for some current info about Vonage.
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Inspirational indeed! This blog is up for best of inspirational and I can see why. Written with an inspirational flare and wit, this blog is on my top ten list...although my top ten list has grown to a top one hundred list rather quickly, putting this one at least in the top one hundred. A poem that was posted in her recent posts is fantastic and is called, To Risk, and it really hits home for me because I am a risk taker and am grateful that I am. I also dug back to some of her older posts and began to think she was travelling with the Pope at some point until I found out that it was a Pope figurine. Truly worth a look if you want a good read and some inspiration. Great job and keep up the good work!

Find Accountants

I remember when I had my own business in the pest control industry one of the most important things I had in my arsenal was a good accountant. I was the best at killing bugs, inspecting for termites or catching squirrels, but when it came to the numbers of the business I left them in the hands of the expert. I was very lucky to have a friend who was a CPA and helped me in this area, but most people in business for themselves are not so lucky, they need to find accountants that will help them with what they need. SO where can these folks turn when in need of expert number crunchers? Just Accountants of course! Fill out a form and get up to 4 accountants to offer advice and quotes for service. Whether you are forming a business or need payroll advice, Just Accountants can help. The service is simple and free, so why not get the help you need from the professionals who can offer it. Try it today!
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Here is a refreshingly written blog by a young lady who is 18 from India and there is no two ways about it....young blood brings a fresh and unique approach to blogging. Her blog is titled..."All Grown Up With No Place To Go", and it is a diary of thoughts and opinions written in such a way that it draws you into her life. I love a well written blog with interesting posts that are short and to the point. The blog is captivating and keeps your interest from post to post which is important to outside readers. This is exactly what this young blogger brings to the table and the blog itself is formatted brilliantly. Truly a well done creation and keep up the good work!


New Personal finance and savings blog on the scene "Plus 6" has all the right bells and whistles to help you along the way to riches. As I've said time and time again, I love blogs about money and finance and this one is no different. The blog is simply set up and organized well with a blogroll of information to use a s a reference to other blogs about the same topic. Nice job with this one and look forward to watching it grow.



Do ya'll like short quizzes that ask what you would do IF? Do you like doing the Just A Quickie thing I do on my blog? If you answered yes to either of those, then you'll love the blog I'm reviewing this week!

Just Another Quick Question

Just Another Quick Question a fun blog authored by twin sisters Abigail and Becky. Abigail is a Kindergarten teacher and Becky is new mommy! The idea is, they present you with a theoretical situation then sometimes give you multiple choice answers to choose from. Of course, you're always welcome to come up with your own answer, too!

With the blog being this kind of genre I'll be pointing out some of the questions I've seen there.

Here are some of my favorites:
  • BFF? asks what do you do when your BFF (Best Friend Forever) doesn't consider YOU a BFF?
  • Cha-Cha-Cha-Charmin? brings up the question for us girls about what we do when Mother Nature calls and we're in the woods.
  • Obsessive Compulsive wonders if you are finicky with the way you do things sometimes. (Yes, I am!)
  • Vocabulary 101 is where they are trying to come up with 101 ways to use a tissue. Can you think of any not already listed?
  • Malfunctions is about something we can relate to.. computer malfunctions.
They have more than just the questions, too. Things from their own lives like financial problems, being scared when a mole becomes suspicious looking, and going through withdrawals when a favorite TV show goes on hiatus, just to name a few.

This is a great blog to bookmark and visit often. In fact, I hope you'll drop by there today! Tell them Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you.

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I've often said that blogs are a fantastic platform to express emotion or feeling or hobbies. They are also a great way to voice your opinions and in the case of this blog, it is clear to see that this RTO trainer has a lot to say. It is important to keep terror in the front lines of our thoughts because if we forget or get complacent, we will be taken by surprise again, and that is not an option. This blog has a cool feature called, "This Week In Terror History". The blog is set up with a military feel and is formatted nicely. The blog is very well written and gives you a patriotic feeling which is something that we all should have. It bothers me to see and hear sometimes how we as Americans might have lost that feeling by the way we act and talk and it is a tragedy. Blogs like Sarge Charlie and Signaleer are terrific tools in keeping America's message clear. Great job and keep up the good work.


drug rehab

I've posted about this subject in the past and feel passionately about it because I've know people who had problems with drugs and alcohol and it can be one of the most devastating problems a family will go through. What is great about the Internet in these modern times is the information that is available about these problems and what help is available. One site that is offering just this kind of wonderful information is Maybe you are looking for the premiere drug rehab in the country or information about intervention services, whatever the case might be you will find it here. After you go through the drug rehab, you will need information about aftercare that will be important to continue to get support for both he addict and the family. As I said the information is abundant these days and I urge you to look at for some fantastic information.
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Coffee with MZ Jackson

This newbie to the blog world is on the right track with a nice set up and her posts doing what they should...keeping interest. This is a recently submitted blog and decided to review this one as I do a "bump up" every so often and was pleased when I opened this blog. I think it is nicely done and I want to wish you good luck on your novel...let me know when it is in print and I will post the announcement. Keep up the good work.


How amazing would it be to win an auction for a big ticket item like a television or an ipod for a penny! It's the complete opposite of ebay and alot less expensive! This is possible with a site called bid4prizes. It's a simple as registering and bidding. You can bid online or via cell phone and the ease and use friendliness of Bid4Prizes is fantastic! Another great thing about this prize site that is different from a regular auction is that after you win by bidding the lowest price and win, you get it for free. All you pay for is the shipping! Check out the auction section to see what incredible prizes and products that you can win from this unique and ingenious site. Check out the Faq section of Bid4prizes to get a comprehensive list of questions and answers and then sign up and start to play! It's fun and exciting!
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Freelance Cynic

Self proclaimed young, gay, and British, this blogger has a comical, dark, and interesting perspective on life and what life is all about. Cleverly written and unique to say the least, I found myself entertained and needing to read the next post after next post. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling!

Web Messenger

In the old days when AOL was the only kid on the block I remember the excitement and "coolness" of Instant Messaging. It was amazing that I could hold a conversation with someone across the globe via this cool technology. Well today things have changed a little, but that same cool idea is still thriving and people are still communicating by way of web messenger every day.
One cool site that is exploding on the market is KoolIM. This application allows you to stay connected with your favorite instant messenger with just a browser. Check it out today and join the crowd at KoolIM.
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Another well organized blog with lots of quality content! I'll never cease to be amazed of how fantastic some of these blogs are and how much time and energy goes into them. Perfect example is this one where the blogger clearly loves her family and with little ones involved you can always count on endless amounts of material to write about. Pictures and writing that keep your interest is what a blog should be about. Nice work and keep it coming!

Sarge Charlie

IN the blogosphere there are certain blogs that demand respect. This is one of them. Before I even reviewed this blog I heard of him via other bloggers and would stop by from time to time to see what the buzz was about.You can guess by the title of the blog that it is about a retired Army Sargent who loves America and is posting his opinion about public affairs and all things regarding America all over the blogosphere. His conservative views almost make me want to dub him the Glenn Beck of the blog world with strong opinions and a clear and true love for his Country and you can see that he cares about the direction it goes in. The blog is brilliantly written and sends a strong why not stop by today and say hello to this American blogging icon.


Saints be praised and kiss the Blarney Stone! I'm not sure that I've come across an honest to goodness Catholic blog least not one of this stature. The Author of this blog, Thomas, has a very interesting Bio page where it talks about him being a freelance writer. I get one of the magazines he writes for, the Columbia, because I am a Knight myself. The blog is set up wonderfully and the writing is captivating. Very well done and worth a visit. Great job!


I've seen it all...a blog dedicated to cigarettes! As much as there has been a push for people to stop smoking and laws past to keep smokers out of public places...etc. There is still an enormous amount of smokers in America and abroad that still light up. Look at the the stock market and you will see the cigarette manufacturers, even with the lawsuits, are still making money hand over fist. I don't smoke myself, but if you do then you would probably get a kick out of this blog.


The Communist dance party? Not as scary as it sounds. Twenty Five years ago this title would have petrified people and it might have sparked investigations by the FBI. Today it is a mild mannered blog...started in someone who is more interested in pop culture and telling stories than political commentary. I combed through some postings from 2004 on up and didn't see anything that suggests that it is a communist threat. What I did find were good stories...writing that kept your interest...and humor. Check it out for yourself and check out the "about page" to get a better understanding. Nice job and keep it rolling.

taylor made boat covers

I fell in love with boating when I was on my first boat rides when I was in the 8th grade. My dad's friend had his own boat that he took out on the Delaware river. I forgot about boating until I was an adult and my wife's friends had a boat that we visited in Ocean City. It actually slept four people and had a kitchen area. I was in love again. I started to research and found that one of the most important things about boating is maintenance and care. That's where I came across the site Boat Cover Advice. This website has fantastic advice about taylor made boat covers and everything else you can imagine with regards to this topic. It is clear to see as I browsed over this site what kind of attention would be needed to be given to a boat and I began to realize that my wife's friend was retired and had alot of time to dedicate to the boat himself. He saved money this way. One thing I was glad to discover was the realization that my loved for boating was great and when I finally did decide I wanted to dedicate the time and energy to this wonderful sport and leisure activity I would have the information and tools I would need to do it the right way!
This post has been sponsored by the good folks at Boat Cover Advice

small and BIG

Every once in a while I come across a blog that makes me stop and say, "Hmm...that's a really good blog". Not to say the blogs I review in a positive light are not really good, I'm just saying that some blogs make me stop and think for a minute and I like that. This is one of them. It's very organized and well written with a vast array of topics that can keep the interest of a jail prisoner on up to a brain surgeon. Variety is the key. Stop by and say hello and settle in for a good interesting read.


DO I even need to say it? If you are a regular visitor to this blog you know that I blogs about money or finance. This one is right up there with the good ones. It was created by a struggling college student and offers really good advice and insight into saving money. The blog is monetized fantastically and the writing and ideas are great. Blogs like this are great because they give you a different way to look at things in regards to saving money and helps you to get different and unique ideas to help you save. I give this blog an "A" +


This blog born in February has the proverbial snowball effect in action here. After her indecisive struggle with which blogging platform to use, I am glad to say it was this one. I have posted before about the negatives of Yahoos platform...and that looked like a consideration from her post. IN the three months this blog has been around it is clear to see the blogger likes to blog with her posts interesting and most importantly...lots of them. Some people complain that they don't know what to write about in their blog and when you see a blog like this where the writing seems to just come to the's a good thing. Nice job and keep the blog rolling!


Lazy Iguana

This sharp looking blog from the land of Florida is one of those fresh and witty blogs that make you stop and think for a minute. I like the writing and the overall look of the blog is very cool with the sidebar set up with arcade games from when I was little. One thing I noticed and I might have missed it or am looking in the wrong places ( I got in big trouble for this one time), but I didn't notice an archive section. I view my blogs in IE so maybe that is the reason. Aside from that I have no complaints. Stop by and say Hi and enjoy your visit at the Lazy Iguana!

Entertainment Muse

Brand spanking new to the blog scene is the Entertainment Muse. Too new to really form an opinion other than the 4 posts I read were good. I would add a site meter ( to keep track of how many are reading your entertainment reviews. Keep the posting regular and you will do fine. I would resubmit in a few months so we can see how you are progressing.


Skittle's Friday Reviews

Just to clear something up. Barb from Skittles Place has asked that the button she uses be exclusive to her her views for the lucky blogger she picks to review. That is not owned or was it created by Critique My Blog. I am in the process of trying to get a similar blog button created and when that happens I will offer it to all blogs critiqued in the past-present-future. Thank you for your understanding and honoring Barb's wishes as it is a way to make the blog stand out.

Teri's Painted Daisie

Creativity is oozing from this blog! Blogs can be a way to express feelings, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. They can be a place to take a stand, post an opinion and sell a product. They can also be a place to show off talent and in this case the talent is water color paintings that are out of this world. My uncle was a painter and I have a great appreciation for anything artistic, especially painting. The blog is set up beautifully. Great job...liked it alot.

mortgage interest rates

I follow the market very closely and love to invest. One thing I am very interested in as well is real estate and it amazed me how a year or so ago so many people were jumping in with both feet and taking mortgage interest rates that were basically teaser rates that were going to balloon later on down the line. I think part of the reason for this is that people listen more to television commercials instead of doing the proper research on sites like the mortgage lowdown.
The first thing I do before I make an investment or buy something is go online and research it thoroughly. This mortgage news site gives some top notch information about all things that involve the mortgage business like mortgage interest rates, refinancing, and real estate. No doubt there is a wealth of information on this site and before you buy your should check it out.
This post has been sponsored by the fine folks at Mortgage Lowdown.

Folded Gingham

Am I allowed to say that I love Typepad on a Blogger platform? Well I do. The blog formats always look so crisp and organized to me. This blogger has done a fantastic job with her blog with a whole lot to look at and great content to read. Can you ask for anything else? Check out her first post and see how it transformed into a pretty darn good blog. Being crafty always offers lots of material to blog about because if you are that creative you will always find something to write about. Great job and keep the blog rolling!


It is easy to see you have a passion for blogging and your family. I just have to recommend you investigate some of the other blogging platforms like Blogger, Typepad, or Wordpress. Yahoo is hard to navigate and choppy looking. You'll find more control and ease of use with one of these other services and your creativity and love of your family will shine through even more. Keep up the good work!

Island Writer

Take me with you! How fantastic is it to live on an island off the coast of Florida? Island living that is a stone throw from Disney! Love it! I share this enthusiasm with your blog and the writing especially. It is easy to see your passion for writing and isn't it wonderful to keep a "virtual" diary or journal these days. On a personal note, I am not a big fan of pink. I find when the font is in pink it is hard on the eyes, but that is just me. All the right bells and whistles on the sidebar and the content is popping so I have to usher your blog on up tot he "A" list. Nice job!



When I did reviews for that other place I was prevented from choosing family or anyone I had met in person. With this review I'm doing both! I'd like to introduce you all to my daughter-in-law, Carrie.

Asara's Mental Meanderings

Carrie joined our family by marrying my son Billy a little over four years ago and she was a welcome addition indeed! (Of course it helps that she thinks my son is a genius!) She is a wonderful mother to my two grandchildren, 3 year old Andy and 1 year old Emily.

Carrie is a hard worker and her dedication has paid off. She is a very talented singer and dancer. One of the first times I saw her dance was to a song by New Kids On The Block. (She'll love that I said that!) She is also intelligent and was even valedictorian of her high school class!

Find out how she came up with her Asara name by reading this post. It's a name she still uses when playing her favorite game World Of Warcraft on her computer. A good way to find out more interesting things about her is by reading answers to memes. Like in this post where she mentions her four tattoos.. and this one that tells how she got a scar in an unlikely place.

She has been having a struggle trying to decide whether or not to seek out her birth mother. This post about being adopted really shows that.

There is so much more I would like to say and I could go on and on all day. In the interest of time and space I'll just simply add "I love you."

I encourage all of you to go pay her a visit. Tell her Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you!
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I want to apologize for the slow response in blog critiques...The past few weeks have been busy with a family member in the hospital who died on Tuesday. The next week will be very sporadic with the blog but will be getting back onto a regular schedule soon. Thank you for your patience.

Don't forget about the one....the only...Friday Skittle's Review! Keep a look out for this favorite feature!

Cozy Reader

Let me set the scene for youngest is sleeping in wife and oldest son are at Karate...I'm sitting here is the sheer silence of home when suddenly I get blasted with Christian Rock! Another automatic music blog box! I need to take an extra aspirin. I think the bloggers are out to get me. Anyway I want to thank Jane for submitting her blog because it is one of those "pleasure to read" kinda blogs and I was excited to see her little button link for Critique My Blog....How nice is that? The blog itself is full of wonderful content and it gives me a calming feeling when I read through alot of Jane's work. That is really what makes a can put as many widgets in the world on your sidebar...but when you get right down to's the content...the real meat a potatoes. Loved it.

Mister Hubs

First off let me say congrats on your 100th Post! I have to say that I never quite came across a blog entry announcing this feat that was quite as expressive and interesting as this post! The way you describe this event shows you have a passion for blogging and that passion is reflected in your traffic already hitting over 15000 visitors. Popularity. The blog itself is set up nicely with some interesting content and a cool and trendy feeling in the style of writing. Liked it alot. Nice job and keep up the good work!


I am nominated in the Blogger's Choice Awards! This can be a great "you vote for me I'll vote for you" kinda thing. You will need to set up a user account and at that point you can either submit your own blog for votes or do the next best for Billy Mac. ( worked for Pedro) Thank you to all who are voting. If you also have a blog nominated please let me know that you voted for me and leave your blog address in the comment section and I will also vote for you.


brain tumor treatment

Imagine you are faced with the knowledge that you have a brain tumor. The fear or brain surgery grips your heart and you are afraid. What if I told you that there was a brain tumor treatment called the Gamma Knife surgery that sets the bar for accuracy that guarantees accuracy? Gamma Knife surgery is a fast, gentle, and safe brain tumor treatment that will enhance the physicians confidence, and there is nothing wrong with that when dealing with surgery, especially brain surgery. The Leksell Gamma knife is the only stereotactic radiosurgery system approved for treating brain tumors. IF you are not sure what that means then I urge you to take a look at for more information.
This has been a sponsored post from brain tumor treatment .ORG.

Self Promotion

I recently started to check out DIGG and decided to submit my first article for fun from my Pest Control Blog. The post title is Bed Bugs In Schools and I invite you to check it out and if you like the article or it scares you then "Digg It" via the button on the bottom. Curious to see how this all works. Thanks. Billy Mac.

Leaf Counting

Leaf counting claims that, "all blogs are boring...this one just admits it". I have to least about Leaf Counting. The posts are a little long, but I am sure the blogger will argue that he can put up a post that would take 2 hours to read because he's his blog! Aside from the length....the content is great and interesting. Only 4 months old and on its way to becoming a very popular blog if the blog can stay in it's present form of sarcasm and blunt commentary. Check out What is the difference between an Article and a Blog to get a feel for what I mean. I think you'll like this one alot. Great fun. In Fact...I think someone should nominate him for the Blogger Choice Awards!

Saurly Yours

When given saur grapes...make wine. goes something like that...thank God this blog is a premium vintage with some of the wittiest and thought provoking writing I've come across in a while. You will find some very strong opinion here...especially about blogs in her post, Boring Blogs, where you will quickly find that this blogger knows what she does and doesn't like. I liked the style of this blogger...the stories are interesting and some have a hint of sarcasm, which I like. It is set up with no flashy widgets to take away from content and the blog is bursting with material. Nice job and you've gained a repeat visitor.

Gabriel's Heart

What can be more frightening and heart gripping for a mom than her own little baby having heart problems? There is none. Gabe is slated for a heart procedure in May and this blogger must be going trough incredible anxiety and turmoil as the days get closer. I think it would be great if she got some hellos and prayers from the blogosphere and what better way to do so but to stop by her blog and see what it is all about. God bless.



Can I come to Italy? That is on my list of things to do when the boys grow wife and I will be taking the month long trip to Italy. Our blogger Tina brings us a fantastic blog that gives incredible insights into this fantastic culture and country. Aside from the great Italy commentary the blog also chronicles Tina's life and times and is really a great read because of it's location. Great job and look forward to returning from time to time to keep up with he journey.

Chaos Theory

The author of Chaos Theory, Sherry talks about herself in the About Section of her blog as someone who has been on the Internet since 1996 in some way or another and now she presents us with the excellent blog. It's a mommy blog above all things (Dads give up) and the writing flows and keeps your interest. I can relate to her post about her back giving out because I have a bad back and when it goes out I'm useless. The blog itself is set up nicely in Wordpress...which I am still playing around with but can't get the ball rolling ( I shelled out a years worth of hosting and it sits useless), but it is great to see wordpress blogs as they are always crisp looking. Great job!

Hidden Haven Homestead

Nice and quiet on Sunday cup of coffee in hand...SUDDENLY! THE MUSIC! That's right...another automatic music player that scares the life out of me. By Ten in the morning I have enough caffeine screaming through my veins to power the Space Shuttle, and when those music player blast it's a cardiac experience. Now for the blog. I love the blog...what a great place in life to be. Being from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, PA I long for the calm I sense from this blog and the bloggers lifestyle. Only criticism would be...well... the auto music player...and the fonts clash with the background color. Other than that it is fantastic....keep up the terrific work!

Simone's Butterfly

Regular and down to earth is the feel of this blog as Simone blogs about her life and times and everything in between. Side bar is formatted with all the right bells and whistles and content is well written. No complaints here.


It's fascinating to me to think how before the Internet the world was so big and today it is so small. It's like countries are neighborhood a few street over. This blogger comes to us from India... a country on the other side of the globe...and yet it's as if I was reading a blog by any blogger from Brooklyn, NY or Philadelphia, PA. What I love about blogs from other parts of the world is because it gives a glimpse into customs and ideas that are native to these bloggers. Itisha's blog is presented beautifully and the content is very interesting and well written. Fantastic job overall and keep the posts coming!

Mom's Niche Blog

One thing I love is self help. Self help books...self help television and self help blogs! This one is great in regards to offering information to moms and anyone really with topics covering, 11 Tips for Keeping Safe While Shopping Online, Consider Investing Your Tax Return, and Kids Can Help Out With Chores. It's a great thing to offer experience and advice and I can see how this blog can be very popular. The sidebar is set up with a well organized category list as well as a great adsense placement. Nothing to complain about here from my perspective. Keep up the great work!

Problem Girl

It amazes me the amount of work bloggers put into their blogs. When you think about the ideas you come up with for your posts and the templates and the formats and trying to promote the blog. It's alot. Some blogs look like full blown professional websites. This one is in the terrific category with her feature called 30 Deeds in 30 Days which is all about giving back. This is a perfect example of another great feature of blogging. If brings out of the woodwork all the good hearted, charitable people who are out there. "A" pluses across the board. Great job.

Random Bumbles

This new blog is on the right path. Cool feature where when you visit the first time you get one template background like a newspaper...and then the next time you click on it you get a tropical scene and the third time is color pencils ( yes I have nothing better to do then check facts like this ) The content is good and the format is right on. Keep up the good work and look forward to revisiting as your blog develops.

Chris and Devey

We have some staying power here with this blog being born in 2004...breast cancer awareness is the goal with the entire background being pink ribbons, although I think it is a little overbearing. One nice ribbon in a visible place would do just as well and wouldn't be as hard on the eyes as hundreds of little ones. I would add a site meter ( ) to see how many visitors you have coming to your blog. The content and writing is great, I particularly liked the recent post about Privacy...I am with you there...only I use the men's room :)
Keep up the great work and keep the blog rolling!

Heidi Jo

The ongoing joke about the mom blogs kicking the dad blogs butt is still the case in Heidi Jo's blog. A stay at home mom of 4 energetic children, the blog chronicles her day and life in this virtual family album. I loved the recent post about the fruity is true that the nutrition in these cereals is none...My boys eat them too and I find myself digging into a bowl of Cocco Puffs myself from time to time. Nothing critical to say here about the blog as it is set up perfectly, presented nicely with a great template and the writing is spot on.


New kid on the block Kellementology is on the path to stardom. She has all the right who...what...where...and whens in order, her format is set up nicely and she posts on a regular basis. What else can you ask fro from a blogger. Now it's the waiting game to watch the blog blossom. Keep up the good work...keep the content as good a s it is...and good luck.


Talking Fingers

Here is a unique blog that has alot of what I talk about in other posts and that is revenue stream and monetization. Her blog is chock full of content in a platform where content is king...or queen in Sassy's case. Her about page pretty much sums up her blog and her blog convictions and in that about page is an acronym for BLOG that is really cool and clever. Fantastic job overall and I added this blog to my Technorati Favorites via her widget.

Misadventures of Mommyhood

Blogging power with 2 years under her belt and going strong. I love blogs about family and little kids because I can relate to easily to them. I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old and have gone through alot of what these blogger write about. Tammie Marie does a great job of doing this with a blog where the content flows easily and in a down to earth style. Some criticism I can offer is that you may want to add a site meter ( to see how many guests you have visiting your blog. Other than that I think you are doing a great job.

Modern Womans divorce guide

As much as I like Google's Blogger I have to say that Typepad brings a nice, clean, professional format to the table. It doesn't hurt that the blogger has chosen a trendy topic (not to say there is anything good about divorce), but if you have to go through it there is nothing wrong with having a great resource to refer to. I think the set up of this blog is very organized, the topics on subject, and the overall look, as I said, is trendy and professional. The blog is an extension of it's website that is packed full of information and resources for woman who are thinking about or going through a divorce. Nice job...I added you to my Technorati Favorites via your button.

All About Films

Movie critics unite and hail this blog dedicated entirely to reviewing...well...Movies! Nuggie ranks each movie with a star system and his reviews are very well done and comprehensive. If you are looking for another perspective before you sign into your netflix account the next time them swing by Nuggie's place and see if it's been reviewed. One suggestion might be to add one of those widgets where you can search your blog so others can type in the movie title to go right to your review.

Quick Word

As I critique and read blogs I have noticed that they are not putting the blog link to Critique My Blog in their sidebar. This in the only thing I ask so that the link is out there for others to follow if they want a critique. I don't require it but I do ask that you put it up as a curtosy. Other blogs make it a requirement and will not do a review or post your blog address unless it is there. As I said this is not a requirement but I would like to see it when I click on your blog to do the reveiw. Thank you for your understanding.

Long day with Short people

Here is another great example of a blog that will be able to be looked back on years from now and be used as a virtual "family album". Fantastic job. One thing I will be critical on is you can't write in red fonts like your first post because the red on blue makes peoples eyes fall on the table. Your current posts are fine with the orangish and light greenish fonts. Makes it easier to read and enjoy. I would also add a sitemeter ( ) to see how many guests you have visiting your blog. Nice job and keep up the good work.

Writer's Cramps

No writers cramp least none that I can see. Very clever blog. Nicely done and set up perfectly. Full of stories and insights into the life and times of Gattina and her cats. I love the top of your blog...the layout is very trendy and cool looking. Great job and keep the blog rolling!

Life in Bits and Pieces

What do you get when you combine a stay at home mom who has 6 kids and only drinks skim milk? How about one who wears socks and sandals...eats her food in ABC order and brushes her teeth ten times a day? That's right ten times a day. I knew you'd figure it out with that clue. It's Perri from Life in Bits and Pieces. Working on her 100 things about me via her blog feature, "peeks into my brain" and running the well oiled machine that is her life, I wonder how Perri even finds the time to blog, but she does and has been since 2005. Like this one alot, it's bulging at the seams with content and the layout is simple and clean. Great job!

Renovating this heart

Here's a tough one to critique...I have come across a very powerful blog with a deep emotion. The blogger's mood is often melancholic, with powerful and potent content. I am often moved by many of the blogs I read...I can sense positiveness, humor, sadness, happiness, all very well just by the style of the writer. This one is no different and I found myself being pulled into the bloggers world. The feeling I get is that this blogger is yearning for love, an unconditional love, the kind you have with a person where you can sit on the sofa with one of you watching TV and the other reading a book and just "knowing" and "feeling" loved. She is also either on her way to or have already become a nurse in a pediatric part of a hospital. My mother in law is a case manager in a hospital that deals with little ones who have problems with drug moms among other things...and the industry needs caring and loving people like I suspect you are. Good luck with that and your search and as for the's perfect.

Friday with Skittles

My Crazy Life In Pictures

I decided to do this week's review on the blog My Crazy Life In Pictures for a couple reasons. I think it's a good blog to visit. AJ keeps things interesting for one thing. Then there's the amazing coincidence that her husband works where mine does and we found this out by accident.

AJ is kept very busy being a school volunteer. She is a lunch lady and as you'll find when you read The Saga Continues that it isn't quite as easy as you might think it would be. She is also the photographer for the school's yearbook. (With the name of her blog being what it is, you'd kind of guess that she enjoys photography!)

She is the mother of two children. Take a look at Samantha's make-over in this post. Then in this post AJ makes a startling and humorous comparison between 11 year old Samantha and someone you might remember.

Her son Jacob got a hamster for his 8th birthday. I really related to how a little pet like that can end up costing more! I felt bad for Jacob when his hamster didn't win the hamster ball race that was sponsored by a local pet store.

Like a lot of parents, AJ wonders when it's time to tell her children the truth about The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc. And, like a lot of women, she goes once a year for the dirty deed. In her most recent post (as of this writing) she shares with us the fact that she has amazing powers that regulate the changing of the seasons!

My Crazy Life In Pictures is a relatively new blog and I think it will be around for a long time. Why don't you go pay AJ a visit? Tell her Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you.


Alexa Experiment

Has anyone ever wondered about their alexa score? People are starting to get familiar with their google rank and Technorati rank...etc. I am asking anyone who visits this site on a regular basis or any new bloggers who are submitting to get their blog critiqued to do me a favor at your convenience. So to Alexa and at the top is a web search box (looks like googles or aol's) Type in like you would any other browser and then my blog should be at the top with the title "blogger" then click through that link to my blog. I want to see if that helps the alexa ranking and if it will fix their recording of sites linking in. I know I have more that 16. Thanks a million and if you want I will return the favor...just leave me a comment here that you are doing it with your blog addy....also...if anyone out there knows any way to improve that ranking let me know. Thanks for your help.

LIttle Corner

JMR's blog entitled My Little Corner is one of those brand new spanking blogs that is still trying to find it's voice and it's groove. Not to say that the content or writing is bad or anything like is just still in "trying to find itself" mode. It will happen and before you know it you will have a regular group of readers and others who stop by from time to time to check the blog out, for now I say just keep doing what you are every day and keep the content interesting and the posts not too long. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling. Some interesting sites to visit to get some insight and info about blogging is, is a fun one, is another good one and is good. Lots of luck.

Life is risky

Susan's blog,Life Is Risky, is a new venture for this capitalist in which she comments on various blog revenue streams like the pay per post controversy that is going on in the blogosphere and reviews other programs such as Bloggerwave. You can see she is positioning this blog to be a force to be reckoned with in regards to page rank and ranking in general which I love. Anything to do with blog improvement and helping other bloggers is something I am all for. Fantastic job and looking forward to my return visits.

What People Are Saying About Critique My Blog!

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It's really nice to get such kind comments from fellow bloggers and it makes what I do each day worth it. Thank you all.


Photo bug and blogger Terri is moving full steam ahead with her blog, Terri Terri Quite Contrary, where she has started slow and since then the posts have been snowballing in the right direction. The blog has a down to earth feel about it and well written with some nice photos as an added bonus. Speaking of Photos Terri is up for the Bloggers Choice Award for best photo blogger and hottest mommy blogger if you want to head over to vote for her....I Did! I also added this blog to my Technorati Favorites...Nice job and keep up the good work!

Bath tub junkie

There always seems to be that blog that is in the category of perfect. Great content, great layout, organized, beautiful template background, positive energy. That is the vibe I am getting from Lisanne's blog today. Very nicely done and all her ducks in a row. The blog appears to be very popular as I read past posts there are some extensive comments going on. SO overall I have to give this blog the proverbial "A+" and encourage the rest of you to stop by and say hello.

consolidate debt

Here is a blog that is right on target when it comes to helping people with money and finance called, Debt Consolidation News. This blog is full of news, tips, and resources, in regards to your money and saving it. When you are drowning in debt it is hard to save anything because most people are living paycheck to paycheck when in this situation. One tool to use to get out of this endless cycle is to consolidate debt. Debt Consolidation News has tons of resources for you to use and information to read about in your quest for information about getting out of debt and other information resources about your money and financial well being as a whole. Credit cards, student loans, and debt management are just some of the areas covered in this comprehensive blog. It's clear to see that when you consolidate debt you often free up some money to use for other things like saving. One great category in this blog is the section called Helpful Tips that has a great bunch of advice about money and ways to save it and spend it. I enjoyed my visit to the Debt Consolidation News and I think you will too.
This post has been sponsored by the fine folks at Debt Consolidation News


Just a reminder...

Keep a look out for the one and only Skittle Review that is featured on Fridays. Last week Barb did a fantastic job and I look forward to this weeks choice!

Throwback Thursdays

Looking back in the vast and cavernous critique vault I dusted off the following blogs to revisit and say hello to. First is a blog from September of last year called Single Boy In London-A fabulous 20-something homo's thoughts on single life in the greatest city in the world. That's right..denim boy is still hamming it up in London and he's gotten himself a new home. Many adventures to explore with this blog. Still moving full speed ahead is Miss Cellania-What...You Think This Is Funny? and her fun to read commentary. There is always something interesting to find at Ms. C's place. Last but not least is Julie from Flip This Body who is still one of the busiest bloggers on the block and keeping the masses entertained with her fantastic style of blogging. Since critiquing her blog in September of 2006 Julie has flipped her body from 185 pounds on down to 173 pounds! Great job!

Monkey business

Holy garbonnzo beans batman! This blog has a blog roll in a post that reaches from here to of the longest blogrolls I've seen. Do you read all these blogs? I notice Skittles is your second one added...she is all over :) Ok...the blog is full of funny stories and fun drawings and photos. You can see this blogger has fun with what she does. There is one pretty heavy piece in there that must be a sensitive spot, so I can say the blog is also well rounded. Being a newer blog I think you have all the right bells and whistles set up and the content is king in the blog world and you have no problem there. Well done all around! Keep up the good work.

pet insurance

With the recent tragedy that faced many pet owners in regards to the pet food tainting it puts the idea of pet insurance in the minds of many pet owners. With the cost of veterinarian bills going up and the new technology being offered to pet owners it is easy to see how considering pet health insurance to make sense. Petcare is the nations number one choice of pet owners when it comes to pet insurance for the simples reasons of being Flexible, affordable and dependable. When your cat or dog is faced with an illness, the last thing you need to worry about is payment...that's why Petcare is there for you. If you are in the market for pet insurance then Petcare should be your number one choice.
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Ocean's 11

Visiting this blog with the Vegas strip pasted across the top got me thinking of Sinatra and the Rat Pack tearing up the nightlife in years past. This Vegas Princess is not a native to the strip but rather a transplant and it Chronicles the life and times that her and family go through. I live 40 minutes from Atlantic City on the east coast and I get excited driving on the road into AC at night with the lights flashing...Must be ten times better in Vegas. The blog is witty and funny with a full variety of content filling the posts. Well written and well done! Keep up the good work and don't be so critical of yourself as stated in your email...I think the blog is great.

Lovely and Amazing

I guess the first thing that struck me when I looked at this blog was the quote on the sidebar that read, " Emma has Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome doesn't have her". If only everyone could have such a positive attitude wouldn't life be so much better. I liked your post about the ENT doctor search as I like to shop around until I find the right Doc myself. Good going with that and well written. The blog overall is a fantastic resource for folks wanting to learn more about Downs Syndrome with links to a whole host of information on this topic. So if you are looking for a blog to catch and keep your attention why not stop by and say hello.

Roller Coaster

If you are looking for a dedicated christian blog then I think we found a winner. Heather's blog is moving full force ahead when it comes to her faith and beliefs with bible passages and commentary that fill the posts of this blog. I especially like the template with the bubble words...nice addition. Good job Heather and keep up the "Good News....I mean Work!"

The gift

Here is a blog that shows how blogging can become a part of your life for some. Ann started this blog as a way to chronicle the day to day in taking care of her mother who suffered from dementia. I had an aunt who suffered from the same thing and it is a struggle and a joy all rolled up into one. After her mom moved onto a better place she kept her blog going. I enjoyed reading through it and congrats to being chosen in the "Fab five" thinking blogers award. Very nice blog and think it is definitely worth a visit to learn that each day is indeed a gift.

Living to tell the story

Just what story is that? The story of her life and her faith and her family. This is a calming blog that has a positive force present throughout it. I like the idea of sending a blogging bouquets to your bloggin buddies...nice idea...first time I came across that. Some cool features through out and the blog itself has a good format. In Susanne's first post she asks the question...To blog or not to blog...Looks like you made the right choice!

Braska Bear

How cute is a blog that is written from the perspective of a little baby? Very unique concept and boy can this baby write! Sorry to see this little one is going through some issues and is in the hospital in recent postings and my prayers are with you all...This is a great blog that will be a "keepsake" for years to come for you and your family....nice job and keep up the good work.


free Antivirus protection

Most computers today have antivirus protection right? It's included with your computer purchase right? Yes and no. The problem arises when people don't renew their subscription to their antivirus of choice and now you have an open door to Trojan horse viruses and everything else under the sun! It is insane these days not to have an antivirus protection on your computer and I was shocked to learn that my dad (who is in his 60's and not very computer savvy) didn't have any virus protection. He said it was too expensive. IN a way he was right, until now at least. You can actually get free Antivirus protection brought to you by two of the most trusted names in the computer world today. Google and Norton! You get your free Antivirus protection by downloading the Google pack and choosing only the software you want. It's a fantastic thing to finally get the premiere antivirus protection for free, bringing you the piece of mind knowing that your computer wasn't going to crash because of some virus it caught somewhere along the way. Check out the features you will be receiving from this awesome offer and read the rave reviews this offer is getting.
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Groovy Baby

This groovy old lady as she calls herself graced my inbox with a...well...groovy blog. In it she placed my link under, The Critique My Blog Dude. It doesn't get any better than this. Her most recent posts involve the chronicling of her and her husbands stay at the Longfellow's Wayside Inn for what sounds to be an anniversary getaway. Congrats! The blog is full of great stories and and funny posts like this one from October about Dust Bunnies. This groovy blog is set up nicely and easy to navigate and has all the right moves in place. I have to give it an "A". Great job groovy lady and keep up the fantastic work!

Used Cars For Sale

What is one of the most stressful things to do in life aside from buying a new home? It's buying a car. You never know what you are going to get, especially in the used car market. If you are looking for used cars for sale or you are thinking about selling a car, there is no better place to do it than First off let me say that the name alone is enough to grab your attention with this website. It says it all when it comes to buying a used car. If you are looking to buy a Honda Pilot then the last thing you want is a lemon! I remember the first car I ever bought was a Chevy Malibu. It was used and I was too. I had trouble with the car from the moment I brought it home. They way I found it was because I drove by it everyday on the bus to work. If I had a site like to look through back then my choices would be endless. Another great feature of this website is the ability to sell your car and list it for free! Go and check out this user friendly web site today and be on your way to a set of wheels that will be lemon free!
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This is it...making lemonade of life's lemons is a fun and refreshing blog...a blog that can hang with the previous review in terms of staying power...with her blog being 3 years old. As always I went back to the first posts to see the transitions the blog has gone through and some of the stories that I read were funny and entertaining and easy to relate to. Very simply written with a unique story teller feel...this blog is one I think you'll enjoy a visit to. Great job and keep up the "juicy" work.


I think we've found the blogger of all bloggers here. This blog was started in 1999 and has over 2505 posts to his credit. (Yes I counted...yes I'm a loser...) Last month alone he had over 300 posts. What does all this say? He's a blogging machine! I feel dumb...There is a spot on his sidebar called statistics that lists how many posts he has had. As for all those posts and content it is safe to say that alot of it is good. I found alot of interesting postings, one in particular was about rotten stinking alexa and his idea to improve your score with them called the Alexa Project...I am currently trying my own experiment to see if that will work also. This is one that I will add to my favorites and return to pour through the rest of it...until then...why not go ahead and vote for this blogger in the Most Obnoxious Blogger category!


This whole blogging thing seems to come easier for some people like in the case of this blogging rock chick. Great blog name...great blog content...interesting stories about her life in general. Who would have thought years ago when AOL was slow as the coffee line at Starbucks and the Internet service Prodigy was still around, that we would be writing about ourselves and actually finding people who found that interesting? This is just such a blog. I love the template setup with the girl on the side and the whole format fits the mood of your blog. Great job!