Find a Place T Stand And Move The World

Top of the "A+" caliber blog...fantastically written...compelling. Rave reviews from critique my blog are offered to this blog who writes one good post after another. I love the story about Ocean City as it bring s back memories to me about my youth. I now pass on that experience to my boys as we usually take a week in the summer to this shore point. Did you visit OC, MD or NJ? I say NJ is the best. Another post I thought was compelling and thought provoking was Take Back The Blog where the story behind it is so real and true. There have been several stories of pictures from peoples blogs manipulated on other blogs and horror stories that are too numerous to mention. The Internet is a public domain and just as there are dangers in the real world there are also dangers in the blogosphere. Great post and so well written. Love the blog overall and recommend a visit. Keep up the great work!

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kintheatl said...

Thanks...this is so nice. My grandparents had a summer home a block from the Ocean in Ocean City, NJ. It was wonderful!