The Dragon: 050376

Kiyotoe was one of my blog's first regular visitors and I've enjoyed his funny, flirty, and humble(?) comments ever since.

The first post I remember reading at his blog was What An Ass-Umption. It was laugh out loud funny as he tells about going to the gym and meeting the "biggest, meanest looking, had-to-be-a-football-player, muscles in his nose, grizzly bear sized dude."

That post was based on making assumptions about people and most of Kiyotoe's posts DO make you think. In fact his own description of his blog is "Embracing the things that bring us together while dissecting that which separates us. This is my thought process." And dissect he does!

In Looks Are Deceiving he addresses how we all tend to make judgments based on people's looks. There's a nice mention of Moi in there, too. (Smile.)

Kiyotoe discusses his aging in the Bad Medicine post. I had to nod and chuckle as I read this because I knew exactly what he meant! I bet some of you will, too. The Plague is also something we can all relate to.. Blogging Addiction!

Some of his more introspective posts include:
I have to add a bit of honesty here. Kiyotoe writes so powerfully that I had to stop visiting his blog for a while. He makes us examine ourselves and that was something I wasn't able emotionally to do. We have remained friends through email and for that I am thankful.

I hope you get a chance to visit The Dragon: 050376 today. If you do, please tell him Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you.

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Kiyotoe said...

awww....I'm touched. Deeply moved. But you're biased, I wouldn't expect you to write anything bad about that "one crazy nephew that drives you crazy." :)

Thanks Skit this critique means a whole lot coming from you.

And stay tuned, that "regular post" we talked about is coming soon, just for you.

Asara said...

Excellent choice!! :)

One of my all-time favorites, that is for certain, and I have the most wonderful Skittles to thank for the introduction too, all those months ago!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lovely review! thanks...

smiles, bee

Lizza said...

A most well-written and thought-out review! The Dragon's blog is one of my favorites.