They've done it again! In Pay Per Post's never ending attempt to make their service to advertisers and posties bigger and better, they've managed to reinvent themselves again by way of Pay Per Post Direct. If you have a blog and want to make some money, then pay per post is the way to go in my opinion. It's perfect for blogs! When I first began I was leery about signing up for PPP, but as the money started to pour in those insecurities vanished. Over the months of being a part of the pay per post community and being a "postie", I have watched pay per post continually show me that they cared about their bloggers and their advertisers. Whether it be through their informative blog or their online chat forums, it is clear they care. SO it didn't surprise me when I read about their latest endeavor called Pay Per Post Direct, where bloggers can advertise with a button on their blog to offer their services directly to advertisers. Sounds alot like "Review Me" you say. Let me convince you otherwise.
Review me is a similar service where you do reviews that were requested by advertisers. You can charge mucho money if you're blog is popular. One problem and it is where PPP and Review Me become separate entities, it's in the dollar sign. PPP charges ten percent of your fee. Review Me charges half of your fee. Ouch! There is a fantastically written review of the new PPP direct in Andy Beards Blog that goes more into the meat and potatoes. All I know personally is I love meat and potatoes and I love Pay Per Post and I Love this new concept. In a world of greed and money, PPP is opting to go against the grain by not being greedy and giving the little guy more of a piece of the pie. In my eyes that is commendable and to tie in and sum up my ideas in this post I am glad that I made the move to sign up with PPP and I hope to have continued success with them as they continue their own success!

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