Tantrumzz of the Rat

With a blog title like that, I must warn you that I come from a pest control background :)
Enough about that...I have to say that I love the feel of this blog in that is reads like a journal. To be able to blog about your life and times in such a way is compelling and keeps the visitors interest that I think works well. Simple in it's presentation, I see nothing else to add to this blog but more of the same....great content!

Can I really Write?

New to the blogging scene is our friend Raghav who only just started blogging since June. I will use this opportunity to offer some advice to all bloggers even though I am concentrating on your blog Raghav. First of all, a blog is a vehicle of sorts, a way to express yourself, and most bloggers want to have a following of readers to see hwta they have to say. In order to do this you will want to first add a site meter ( to your blog to track what kind of traffic is coming to your blog. Next you will want to register your blog with google so their robots can pick up your blog and put it in their search engine. I provided the link to add your content HERE. The next thing to do is just what you've been doing, and doing rather well to answer your question, and that is write. One post, and I think you know the one I am referring to, I would try not to replicate as the language was a little rough. Other than have a good thing going. Best of luck and keep the blog rolling.

Hakuna Matata

It's a worry free...philosophy...hakunamtata! What a fun and witty blog this is with a playful Disney background that would make any blog surfer smile. Writing is free flowing, like conversation, which makes it easy to read and compelling all the same. Would like to see posting more often, but I know more than anyone, life sometimes gets in the way. Fantastic and well done my friend....keep up the good work.

HappilyEver After

How's that film line go from Wayne's World..."I'm not worthy....I''m not Worthy" . Such is the case with Happily Ever After, where our blogger, or should I say our published author, has sent in a blog for critique today. Instead of a critique today I think I will offer a review of a blog that I think is busy with content and plenty of sidebar action that keeps your attention. Blogs are a great vehicle for creativity and I think for a writer it can keep your game sharp in between projects. Blogs are also a fantastic vehicle for promotion and advertising and getting and keeping your name out there on the Internet, which is the most important thing these days. My hat's off to Ashley and I wish you much continued success in your craft.


Here is a sharp looking blog sent to me by sweet pea (CB Handle) and one of the topic is one that bargain hunters everywhere should! Don't get the wrong's not just about this money saving vehicle or sweet pea's tips on is about her family and the life and times with her husband and two children. One unusual thing is that the blog started in 2006 of November...then went on hiatus until August of this year, at which point she went gang busters and has been posting regularly since. Truly and interesting blog that mixes well a plethora of posts and topics. I recommend a visit to the newlyweds which I am sure you'll enjoy. Nice job and keep the blog rolling.


Auto Link?

This is a question to see if the link to the left that accepts submissions to critique my blog is working?


Trapped in a Walnut

Karthik brings us a blog that that I find to be interesting for a number of reasons, one of them being the fact that his blog is proof that the media of blogging is universal. Again his passion is clearly shown in his writing and his chosen profession and course of study might give cause to why there is such a sporadic spacing in between posts. Some observations that I'd like to make and advice I'd like to offer would be to maybe place a site meter ( ) on your blog to see how many fans you have. Also...the changing of font colors can be weary to the eyes. It seems like you have gotten away from this practice in your more current postings, but the earlier ones are rough. One particular post that caught my eye and I very much enjoyed was entitled, what else, BLOGGING , which offers a great insight that I think others would find interesting. Keep the blog rolling and best of luck to you!


Random Thoughts of a Chronic Thinker

It is clear to me that Mith is on the road to becoming a legend! I am glad that the first blog I've decided to read on my first day back to the office in t awhile was this one of a Chronic thinker. It proves to me that no matter how many widgets you add to your blog or how fancy your template is, now matter what kind of smoke and mirrors you use to make your blog sparkle, one thing hold true. It has to do with the blogger and his or her passion for blogging. You can't hide enthusiasm or excitement for what you do and this truth is evident is this blog. Mith's personality jumps off the screen at you and being only a few months old is is clear to me that this Mith is destined to become a legend with the following a readership any seasoned blogger would be proud of. Keep up the good work Mith and keep the blog rolling!

Pick myself up...dust off...start all over again?

Who can name the crooner who made that song famous?
Time enough has passed since the blogging bug has come and gone, and as history has shown us, things repeat themselves. they reinvent themselves, and I've decided to renew the passion of blogging that seems to come and go in this crazy community of ours. During my hiatus I've continued to blog at my pest control blogs ( ) , but never was able to keep up with the daily dedication a blog like this encompasses.
Anyway, I'm back in business and ready to start back to doing the think I love best. Reading, promoting, and critiquing the blogs that make this world go round.
I am clearing the que in the submit your blog if you recently submitted any blog, kindly resubmit and I will start fresh and new from here.