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I've often stated in my blog reviews that I get excited and love to read personal fiance blogs. We are in a sad state these days when it comes to personal finance. We teach our children in school about important things like history and math and science, but why do we forget about the day to day academics as well? Ask a teen about the current interest rates or where to go for the best car insurance and he or she will look at you as if you have three heads. It is true that young people are not dumb when it comes to money in general, after all we learn how much an ice cream cone costs at a very young age. Ask that young person how much they'd have if they invested that ice cream cone money at age three until age seventy with compound interest and again the look of three heads would stare you down! Kids today grow up not knowing how to balance a check book or how to decide upon credit cards or how to even apply for a loan! I found out the hard way when I grew up and went out into the world on my own that I was one of those kids. I had to learn how to open a checking account and balance the check book on my own and pay my bills on time and all the grown up stuff that grown ups know. It wasn't easy and I decided to learn how to do all this and more on my own. So I started to digest all kinds of information about personal finance and investing that I could find. I subscribed to magazines and read books and as most good "young" people do, I researched the Internet. There are so many fantastic sites and blogs about personal fiance out there that is would take a life time to read them all. There are blogs about debt and getting out of debt, websites about personal fiance and investing, articles on the stock market and bonds. The information is out there and available, it's just up to the older people to start informing the younger people that it is out there and it is important for them to learn about. Sites like Nations Finance is a great example of the information I am taking about. If you are looking for articles from loans to car insurance you can find it here. So get out there and start brushing up on your personal finance and make some money!
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commercial liability insurance said...

Young person even don't feel to have an insurance policy as they find it a waste of money. But its really important to have an insurance policy because they are learner and have got little experience of driving. So if one wants to be one a safer side then he must carry an insurance.