When I think of bonsai trees I think of the Karate Kid with Mr. Miyagi carefully trimming the tree. After seeing that movie again on cable it got me thinking of two things, one is I want to join Karate, and two is I want to buy a bonsai tree. One great site that is an absolute wealth of information about bonsai trees is Bonsai Gardener, where the author of the website also wrote the book on Bonsai tree care. Literally. It's called the, "Bonsai Gardening Secrets". His site if full of articles for the beginner or pro. One article called, Bonsai Baby Steps, goes over starting with your first tree and discusses the different kinds of trees like the Alpine Totara among others. Other articles include "Feng Shui and Bonsai" and "Modern Masters...Bonsai In The 21rst Century". Definitely a site to visit if you have the urge, like I do, to buy a Bonsai.
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