Creativity and fantastic presentation is what this blog offers, and there is alot of trendy style that this blog brings to the table. Can you tell I am a fan? As you click on the link and are brought to the landing page you are presented with a cool graphic up that grabs the topic of the title perfectly! The writing is edgy and it keeps your interest and I think that is what makes or breaks a blog. This blog has all the right bells and whistles and it is powered by Typepad, one of my favorite blog platforms! Fantastic job and keep the blog rolling!


Making money with your blog

The quest to make money with your blog is a task that many have tried to tackle. Entire blogs are dedicated to this topic. Blogs like Problogger and John Chow are two good examples of blogs that help bloggers make money with their blogs offering advice and ideas. I tried to do the same with blogs over time. I tried using different methods like pay per post and adsense, but I found that it wasn't what tools you used, but the amount of time you have to dedicate to blogging. It takes alot of time to build a good blog and maintain it. You need to grow a reader base which takes time and you need to keep your content fresh and edgy. The point that I am trying to make is that it is not a get rich quick scheme. Blogging needs dedication, organization, and a certain amount of writing skill and creativity, at least if you want to try to make some income with your blog. There is a handful of bloggers out there who make some decent money with adsense and other forms of monetization. If you are one of them then comment and toot your own horn. How much do you make and what do you use to do it.?


Congrats to Skittle's PLace

I quick Congrats to Barb from Skittle's Place who celebrated her...ready....two thousandth post!!! Yes...I said 2000. Great job and keep up the fantastic work!

Catholic Computes

I got the urge to browse through some blogs that were submitted via email and found this gem. If you were ever to go back through the vast and cavernous archives of Critique My Blog you would notice that there are tons of blogs with a Christian spin. This one is one of the few Catholic blogs and I am happy to add it to my list. Nicely written and well done with a recent jump over to, I think the blog is a winner! I look forward to watching this blog as it grows into a great thing!


A miner tragedy?

By no means is there anything minor about the poor miners that have been forgotten by the very people who they were making rich in Utah! Officials say that the conditions are just too unstable and dangerous to bore down to find them or recover the bodies. Here's a question...if it is unstable and dangerous now...don't ya think that the same conditions may have applied before these poor folks went mining in this area? These companies need to be made more accountable for the tragedies that result from these horrible accidents. How can you just forget about people who are trapped. What if they all brought a big lunch with them and a few extra bottles of water. What if they had the resources to actually survive? It really bothered me to hear about this, and it makes me wonder how a country who can manufacture a living being in a pitri dish, can't rescue human beings who are trapped.
I eluded to a fact I heard on a TV show last night that in three to ten years, scientists will be able to grow a living, working being in a pitri dish! It is well beyond scary to think that we are that close to this kind of science fiction. When you think of the possibilities with military and just overall workforce development, it blows the mind. So look for the Matrix revisited in the near future.


Fire Fighters

Keeping with the topic of "nice is good" that Barb from Skittle's Place put in my head, I was thinking about my week and some of the "nice" people I've come across. The first thing that came to my mind was how while I was riding from one of my sites to another, I came to red light and there in the street were fire fighters, boots in hand, collecting for Jerry's Kids! The Jerry Lewis Telethon is right around the corner and it warmed my heart to see these men and women who put their lives on the line day in and day out, giving more of themselves by collecting money for a fantastic cause! It's easy to see why little kids always say they want to be fire fighters when they grown up. It has to be because they are so trusted and looked up to. The same day I cam across a little traffic jam, as I passed the reason I saw a mini-van broken down in the left hand lane. In the cross street I saw a fire engine pulled over and off hopped a fireman who ran over and started to help the guy push his van off to the side. How great was that. This morning as I get ready to pour my first cup of coffee I will keep in mind all the nice things that happen in the world. Have a "nice" day!


Thanks for the memories

I want to first off thank Barb from Skittle's Place for offering a heart warming reward for my blog. What a pleasant surprise! Barb has been a positive force in the blogging community for a long time and it's a pleasure to know her and an honor to have been mentioned in her post about nice mattering, because it does.

As for Critique My Blog...over the years I've put alot of time and passion into critiquing blogs, but recently I've been neglecting the critiques, again, and it's mostly due to my new job. I recently started in a position that pulls in in a hundred directions and at night I am with my sons at Karate or Soccer or Basketball or swimming or whatever the case might be. The actual process of critiquing a blog takes alot of time and I put alot of thought into the words I write about he blogs I read. It's a draining process that I love, but can't continue. I am going to keep this blog active, but not in the same capacity as it was in the past. I am going to keep it as a personal blog to write my own thoughts and observations...I will continue to comment on other blogs and keep in touch with the blogging community, but in a new way. I need to be able to write with ease and a personal blog is easy...I can write my thoughts and opinions and activities almost effortlessly. I will also keep my pest control blogs because they also come easy as it is the profession I was in for the past 15 or more years. I know bugs.

I hope people understand this decision and as I said I will still comment and critique from time to time, but not as I used to. I hope to continue to impact the blogging world positively and continue with the relationships I've built in the blogging community. See you all around and keep on blogging!