Infinite Dreams

Passionate and poetic are two adjectives that cross my mind as I read this fantastically prepared blog. It's easy to see that much thought and feeling goes into this blogger's posts as they are moving and beautiful. You feel compelled to continue reading from post to post to see what Rajeev, the blogger, will write next. I think you'll be glad you visited this blog and tell him that CMB sent you. Great job and keep up the great work!


Rajeev said...

hey thanx billy! :)
thanx for the review! :)

peace & love

curryegg said...

Ah....Rajeev is a great blogger and stories writter too!

soul&body said...

yape, he should write a book;)

Cin said...

Ah, great review. I have become addicted to Rajeev's blog, his writing is so magnetic.