Did you read that correctly? IS it too good to be true? Am I saying that if you list a product for sale and whether it sells or not you will still get paid? Yes I am. There is a new site called Listasaurus where listing you products under certain categories will earn you cash rewards! Other classified ad categories are free with the exception of the business directory area. This is one of the best free classifieds sites I've come across and it's easy to use. Just register online and start selling or buying today. You can post businesses for sale, franchise opportunities, and business investments just to name a few. If you have a business that you want to advertise then the business directory section is for you. No doubt there is alot to see and do at Listasaurus, just look up listasaurus in the dictionary and you will find the following..."a dinosaur who loves to collect things and list them online. Check it out today!
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This site looks great...Thanks for the info.