That Was Simple

Simplicity. Calm. Quiet. In Tune. Aware. These words describe what you will experience when you check out this blog that looks at simplifying your life. Family, Faith and Life all need some simplicity in my opinion.
All you have to do is wake up these days and you are barraged by information, talking heads, commercials, news, war, fear, and everything in between. You can see what your friend across the country is thinking minute by minute via Twitter. You can Skype people across the globe. In fact, you can't escape.
So how refreshing is it to take a step back and try to simplify your life. Take a breath. Look around. Plan a little. Just enjoy your family and your surroundings in real time. One on One. It's refreshing.
Kelly captures this philosophy very well in her blog. Well written and thought out. The posts were developed and built and delivered in a way that makes the reader comfortable and wanting to read more. What else would you expect. It's almost, too simple.
So thanks for the opportunity to check out your blog....I would recommend His View in Kelly's February 2012 section to start your journey. Enjoy.