Deb and Hank's Space

I am pleased with the response from the Windows Live Space that I've been getting here. As I said earlier, up until very recently I never came across a blog like this and now CMB is getting a name over there. Glad to be a part of Windows. Deb and Hanks blog is one that has been around since 2005 and it's funny to see how much of a frustrated start this poor blogger had in the beginning and how far the blog has come and how well done it is now. I have to say that I loved the post about Hawaii because I am envious of you that you went there. That is on my list of vacations "to do" as is Italy. Who knows if we'll ever get to either of them, but I can dream. This avid reader has book reviews as well as a section of recipes. I have to say that the blog is very well organized and worth a visit. Nice job.

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