Bits and Odd Pieces

First off let me say that our friend Mindy has a widget on her blog called the Paloozahead that plays automatically when you load her blog. My speakers were all the way up and when my computer suddenly started blasting Pearl Jam's Alive I have to say I nearly coded. So thanks for the near death experience. All kidding aside I have to say that I love the blog and I love the way you used your blog in a recent entry about Best Buy and your horrible experience with them. Blogging puts the ball back in the court of the consumer alittle bit more these days because companies can't afford blogs that get alot of traffic to be posting about the bad experiences they have at their stores. Not only will your readers read that, even better, the spiders will read it. When Google spiders pick up the keyword, Best Buy, they will link back to your story of doom to your blog. Now the spiders can pick it up from your blog and mine! Wonderful use of your blog. Keep up the god work.

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