What is one of the most important things you can think of when it comes to business? It's making money and taking care of your customers and potential customers. How do you do this? With programs like customer relationship software like the folks at Aim Promote are promoting. It is important to implement a specific plan when it comes to handling your leads and following up on them. Follow up is the most important thing in the world of sales because is you are not following up then some other company is! Sales manager will love the CRM software that Aim provides as it is a great way to streamline and simplify the follow up process. When I had my own business that was one of the things I had some difficulty with was follow up, so I am speaking first hand when I say that follow up is important and good customer relationship software is the best way to keep on top of it. Check it out today!
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Can anyone recommend the well-priced RMM software for a small IT service company like mine? Does anyone use or How do they compare to these guys I found recently: N-able N-central network manager
? What is your best take in cost vs performance among those three? I need a good advice please... Thanks in advance!