The Dreamtime

Robin's blog, The Dreamtime, is one of those blogs that I love and wish it got more attention than it does. She is a very interesting and diverse person and her blog shows that.

When I first stumbled upon her blog she was in the process of getting a new puppy after the heartbreaking loss of her other dog. You can read about it in the middle of this post. After a long wait, the puppy came home with her and Meander eventually got his own blog so we could watch him growing up.

Robin speaks often about her life, family, and friends. I loved this post she did called Christmas Tree Lady about a surprise new friend and Longing which is a poignant post about the love shared between two brothers and how she would never know what that is like since she was an only child. I found this post about how we carry hurt with us from childhood very moving.

Robin also posts about things that are important to her, like this post called Indifference about the apathy of people in a restaurant to help a choking man. She is very concerned about global warming and our planet Earth as you can read here and here.

But some of my favorite posts she does are about Water People. Living right next to Lake Michigan she takes pictures of people who come to just look at the lake. It's fun to try and figure out their thoughts.
Please pay Robin and The Dreamtime a visit. Tell her Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you!

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Mike said...

Congrats Robin on a well deserved review.

Robin said...

Thanks, Mike. I'm really tickled.