Pastel and Paint

I've mentioned the fact that my grand uncle Mark Green was an artist up in New York in my blog in the past and it is because of this fact that I have a soft spot in my heart for artists and art bloggers. What a wonderful platform to display your artwork for all the world to see than a blog and that is just what Lesly does with this wonderful blog that is, dare I say, a work of art! Nicely done with a nice variety of topics and a great display of this artist's creations. Keep up the fantastic work!

Sue Doe

Witty and well written is how I would describe this blog by Suzy Q. The writing keeps your interest and wanting to continue on from post to post which is what bloggers want to happen, I hope. My only word of criticism is that Sue suffers from "label love" and they are positioned at the bottom of her blog which is just wrong. Too many labels make your blog look cluttered and should be narrowed down to three or four labels positioned on the sidebar of your blog. Other than that I think the blog is A-OK. Nice job and keep on blogin!