Life and Times Of Gran

Here is the sub-title under Gran's main title. Read what it says..."G-geneous R-reliable A-affectionate N-nuturing - My blog is a way of sharing life's experiences, random thoughts, and a way for you to meet special people that have touched my life in a unique way. This blog is far from perfection by the educational standards of writing. It is an accelerated way of e-journaling randomly. As time permits... read and enjoy some insights within the life and times of this Gran"
What a fantastic introduction to this fabulous blog. The love and consideration that goes into this blog and the lives she blogs about is so evident, it almost jumps off the computer screen and smacks ya! This grand mom and retired teacher has alot to offer us in this blog of hers and I have to say that it is a beautiful beginning to what I expect to be a long lived and popular blog. Keep up the great work!

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