Back from the dead-Bestest Blog and Bobby Griffen

I was doing my daily check of my sitemeter to and I noticed, much to my surprise, a link coming in from Bestest Blog. I thought this project was dead and long gone after the Google investigation that amounted to nothing more than an inconvenience to Bobby, according to him. So I just thought I'd put it out there that he is contemplating his next move and wondering if it is worth it or not to try to rekindle the glory days of his blog. It will be interesting to see his next move. Either way I wish him luck, people make mistakes and my motto is "water under the bridge".

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The Beach Bum said...

Bobby was up front about everything. He didn't cheat anyone. The complaints Google received about "The Bestest Blog" were unfounded.

Bobby never made any promises to anyone. The Bloggers that had donated (please note the word donate)to him had greater expectations than they should have.

I have found some great Blogs on his site!

The Beach Bum