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Back in March I was in the market for a new laptop...I researched Dell, Gateway and the brick and mortar department stores for the best deal and prices. I then realized that the brick and mortar stores also have web sites these days. SO I checked out a few and finally decided on shopping at Best Buy for my laptop. I used one of the Best Buy coupons for a printer to go with it. I got the coupon from a fabulous site that has coupon codes for all your major brands called They have over 1000 stores and coupons to choose from, making shopping exciting and cost effective. Coupon codes are the way to save on the Internet...just punch in the code in the appropriate box and save some dinero. is easy to use with a handy category section to find what you are looking for and make it fast and easy to save.

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Using coupons is an incredibly smart step. Don’t let the good stuff fall through the cracks! There is free coupon organizing software available at:
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