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I'm like a broken record when I say I love articles and blogs about money, finance, savings, and loans. It's what I am passionate about. I love to play the stock market and read magazines like Money and Forbes. It's how I learn and when I learn I put that knowledge to good use by making money. One thing that I found to work is consolidating your bills with personal loans to help free up some cash. One place I found that has some great information about money and finance is Loanwise. It is here I found some good articles like, Mortgage Demand Weakening, and How To Compare Loans Online. I found that when I consolidated a few years back it was helpful to know the going rates and which companies where offering the lowest rates so that I would be able to negotiate with the lender I decided to use. I would up taking a home equity loan because at the time I had more than I wanted in bills to consolidate and personal loans were not an option. Now I am glad I consolidated my bills because it freed up alot of cash that I am able to use and save instead of paying that cash to the high interest credit cards. When you think about how much money you put out in interest with things like credit cards it can get you sick to your stomach. We all fall into the trap of easy credit and after a while you discover you have two or three cards in your wallet and then four and then five. It gets away from you quickly and it feels good when you finally free up the cash.

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