Are you ready for a rodeo? I hope so because I recommend a visit to this fantastic blogger's place where she puts into words her life and times and everything in between! How about this...Nancy is a romance writer who has been published and paid. This puts her in a league all her own. Having said this it goes without saying that her blog is brilliantly written and her posts keep you interested. There is alot to investigate in her blog that goes back to 2004 and I think you'll enjoy every moment you spend during that investigation. Nancy is a triathlete and a mother of an Autistic boy which makes her a strong person in my opinion. My wife teaches autistic children and the stories she brings home about these wonderful children are fantastic! As far as the blog goes....I have no advice because there is none to offer. I think it is perfect. Keep up the great work and you've gained a new fan!



Brand new spanking blog about Vermont and other topics spun by Jacky. I have a friend who moved to Woodstock, Vermont over the winter and I helped move him up there and I have to say that it might have been one of the nicest areas I have ever visited. Now for your blog, I think you have all the right bells and whistles set up with in the blog, the topics and content is spot on, the only thing I'd change is the fact that you have the link to your store bunched in with other links....Make it a special spot on your blog to drive more traffic there. Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching this blog grow!

mortgage company

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your life...second only to planning the funeral of a loved one, and maybe the marrying of a loved one. One way to ease the pain and lower the stress is to work with a professional mortgage company. Living in Philadelphia, my wife and I were looking to work with a Pennsylvania mortgage company that offered a great rate and helpful staff. Finding someone who walked us through the process took alot of the stress out of buying our home and let us focus on the happiness we would be experiencing in home ownership.
This post was sponsored by the fine folks at!


Canada Eh

Here is a blog full of content and stories that will peaked your interest for your entire stay.
Another 3 month clubber here and worth the wait for me as I really found this blog very interesting as the topics turned from Barry Manilow to Weird foods! The blog is set up perfectly with not too many other things to take away from the content which is perfect for a blog like this. If you like your brain to be kept busy then stop over to the world above the 49th Parallel and say hello!

Serious Mumbo Jumbo

I am sold of Serious Mumbo Jumbo....This poor blogger is in the 3 month club (bloggers who have been waiting since April for a review) and I am glad I have finally gotten to check her blog out! The blog is very positive and just over all nice is the way I would describe this blog and I found myself wanting to read more as I browsed through each post which was perfectly written. A+ and great job...much enjoyed!


Stale Coffee

Maureen from Stale Coffee has been patiently waiting and I finally got the pleasure of reviewing one of the finest written blogs I've read in a long time. Just look at these two very recent posts. One called, The New And Improved 10 Commandments For Driving and her Open Letter To Columbia House. Both of these are perfect examples of her comic writing skill as they are both very clever. The Open Letter reads like Green Eggs and Ham. Lots of great posts through out this blog that is also spot on when it comes to organization and set up. Overall an A+ blogger whose popularity and readership should grow as time goes on. Loved it. By the way...add a little extra french vanilla creme to your stale coffee and you won't mind the coffee being a little stale! Now go pour yourself a strong cup and stop by Maureen's blog and give her a big hello!


The Markmiller 5

Hats off once again to typepad as a great blogging platform. It's been a while since I reviewed a blog from Typepad and I just love the format and crispness of their blogs. Now for the Markmillers. How great is it to have the pleasure of reading a blog where the love of family just jumps off of the screen at you? I love blogs like this. Also I have to also give congrats to your son on his Tae Kwon Do Yellow belt. My two sons and my wife are both in Tae Kwon Do and are moving their way up to black belt fast. I also have to acknowledge a post from your early times where you discuss an interview with Starbucks...was this for your husband to go to work for them? If it is I have a fantastic story to tell about this company....comment in the comments section and let me know and if I get a chance I will write a separate post about it. As for the's sensational. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling!

USA Network's Burn Notice

Did you ever wonder how hard it must be to get fired from the United States CIA? Neither did Michael Weston. In fact, his day started off like most mornings, arriving at the CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, he wen through the customary 45.5 minute ritual to actually get into the guts of the organization. The eye retina scans, the hand print scans, the nose hair analysis. (Didn't know about that one did ya?) All was going just fine until the one thing that has been haunting him since childhood started to rear it's ugly head. Curiosity. He was just top damn curious for his own good and this time it got the best of him. This month...this day...this very morning was to be the last nose hair analysis Michael Weston would encounter because it was on this morning he decided he was going to look behind the forbidden door. It was a room in CIA headquarters that nobody except the director himself and the President of the United Stated was allowed to go into. That morning, instead of making a right into the coffee break room he made a left and just opened the door like it was his own office! As brazen and ballsy as that. Opened the door and walked right in! What greeted him was enough to make the most rigid of war torn Generals shake in their army boots. It was a room where former director George Bush Senior went to watch the children show the Wiggles. The room was wallpapered in rainbows and there was a cotton candy machine! It was scary to say the least and now Michael Weston was in on the secret. When Michael came to his senses he turned to run but standing there was a swat team with pointed guns. The agency had no choice but to let him go with the understanding that he could tell all the most secret of secrets that the CIA had to fact they even would sanction a tell all TV show about the CIA on the USA Network! Just so long as Michael kept his discovery to himself. Michael decided to so just that and that is how USA Network's Burn Notice came to be. It 's just as simple as that. To keep the integrity of the agency and our President's father, the agency sold out and agreed to a former agent to go on TV.

2ND Cup Of Coffee

As I sit here this morning enjoying my...well...second cup of coffee....I am also lucky enough to be reviewing a blog of the same title! Crisp writing and interesting content is one way I can describe this blog whose topic revolves around the subject of coffee. Perfectly organized and very interesting. Her blog roll is set up as Crem De La Creme, Daily Fixes, and One Cup Leads To Another. The blog overall is very clever and I think you'll become an instant fan. To answer your question from your post on June 11th. You are not!


Magical Rose Garden

First off let me say Happy Father's Day to all the blog dads out let me introduce a special kind of Blog that offers reviews to those bloggers out there who deserve a kind word or some recognition. It's much of what Critique My Blog has been founded on and it's heart warming to see another blog out there that does such a fantastic job at doing just that. When you first sign onto the blog the first thing that hits you is a quote by Dale that makes more sense then you might imagine, when it comes to life and the pursuit of happiness. The next thing that hits you is a very calm feeling and warm welcome that this blog emits to it's audience of readers. I have to say from a "technical" stand point the blog is organized and set up terrifically, and from a viewer stand point the blog keeps your interest and makes you smile, all of which is important to a successful blog which is exactly what I predict this blog will become. Great job and keep up the great work!



I have some good news and I have some bad news...good news first. I think this blog is one of much love and a very real feeling come off the screen at me as I read through it and read about your family. This is really what makes a blog. The bad news is the platform your chose to blog on. Yahoo is a fantastic organization...they just don't blog well. You have the potential to grow a great blog, but I think Yahoo is not the platform to grow it on. It is clunky and hard to navigate and is not very user friendly. Keep up the good work with your writing but investigate another platform...I think you will be glad you did.

Confessions of an everyday housewife!

Exciting news to report! This blogger will soon be blogging from the great state of Kentucky! Stop over to see the full story about her move and enjoy this well written blog. Very down to earth and nicely done, I get a feel of really getting to know the blogger's personality by the way she writes. The content flows in such a way that you want to read more and all of this leads to one thing...popularity. One other thing I like about this blog is the fact that she is utilizing a great monetization format with adsense and PPP. Very well done. Enjoyed the blog a lot!

Secret of Unlimited Prosperity

Here is a blog that is close to my heart. A personal development blog about positive thinking and improving your life. It looks to be based alot on "The Secret", which is taking the country and the world by storm. The blog editors, James and Karen, do a fantastic job with this blog. It is a cookie cutter of perfection with regards to the way the blog is organized and set up. The posts are fantastic and the subject matter is spot on. If you are looking for something to feed your soul and your mind then you should take a trip over to James and Karen's place and enjoy the visit! Fantastic and look forward to watching you guys grow into your success!

Love Lost

Please check out this blog memorial by Suzy Richardson...add it to your blog and spread it around.


Woman Dies In Hospital

Keeping with the new format of Critique My Blog I felt compelled to blog about a story I came across on AOL where a woman died in the ER of a hospital while she was ignored by all kinds of hospital staff and it was so bad her boyfriend actually called 911 from the ER itself to try to get someone to pay attention to his girlfriend who was vomiting blood! How horrible is it when the janitor is mopping up vomit while this poor lady is on the floor, hunched over in a fetal position, as complete strangers in the ER call 911 themselves!! In the story on AOL, they describe how hospital staff, security, and the clinical people were all aware of this poor 43 year old mother of three who was in dire need of help and relief, but got none until she died. I've been in ER's with my own children and have waited for hours upon hours for service. I've seen how nasty nurses can be first hand and have seen how numb these "caregivers" can appear. Hospitals are a place of refuge. If you are sick, you go there to become better. Doctors and nurses are supposed to care for you and make you better. Not in the real world. Hospitals are under staffed and under funded. Who suffers? We do. To the point of a poor mother dying on the floor of the last place you think it could happen! She rushed to the ER to get life saving help and her pleas fell on deaf ears as people walked around her hunched over body. Now her three children have to bury their mom. Why? It's a sad state of affairs when the richest country in the world has such incredible social issues like starvation, poverty, and a health care system that makes a clinic in the Jungles of Africa look like a better option! A hospital is the last place that the all mighty dollar should have any influence, but the opposite is true. It's a broken system that has broken a family up in the very place that should have helped her. Read the full story on AOL.



DJ Kirkby's Blog

Every so often you come across a blog that makes you feel very warm and welcome. Dj kirkby's blog is one of them. With 37 posts and growing, I predict it to be a very popular blog because of the way it integrates posting with just the right amount of things to see and do in the sidebar. Using the sidebar is an art in my opinion, and overdoing it can be deadly, but not the case with this blogger. Excellent job and look forward to watching you grow!

Untwisted Vortex

Here is blog that was submitted back in the stone age and I've just had the pleasure of reviewing it. I've gotta say I love this blog. If for no other reason than the fact that there is a category in this blog entitled entomology! As many of you know I have another blog called and it is all about the topic of entomology in essence. Now aside from that fact of a great category, the blog is pact full of other fantastic content that will catch the interest of a wide variety of readers. It is really a terrific compilation of all kinds of topics and the content if very well written, making it an easy read. No criticism to offer here. The blog is well organized, well written, and well delivered. Stop by and have a visit and don't forget to make him a favorite, I did.

Teen Card

When I was a kid I got an allowance for taking out the trash and raking the leaves in the back yard. Fast forward to the modern day and we see kids that have Roth IRA's and some who have more money in their bank accounts than mom or dad. A great way to teach kids about money is a new prepaid teen card called Payjr that gives mom and dad complete control over the allowance system and their kids spending. You can fund this card and suspend the card at will. It is also a fantastic way to track your teens spending. Another fantastic feature is the ability to fund this card in an emergency situation when your teen needs more money than you would normally fund the card. No doubt this is a fantastic way for both parent and teen to manage money.

This post was sponsored by the fine folks at Payjr.

Faith In Florida

Writer extraordinaire has been hard at work blogging since 2004 and one thing is clear. It shows. The blog is simple and pure with just the posts full of content, nothing else to distract you. The only thing I would add is a sitemeter ( to track your fans, which I am sure are many at this point in your blogging career. The blog is very well done and the posts keep your interest. The most important thing in blogging is to engage your reader and keep him or her on your blog to explore more and come back. This is what this blogger seems to be doing very well. I'd recommend stopping by and getting to know Faith In Florida and say hello.


Addiction is one of the most horrible problems of our times. To be in the grips of addiction can be paralleled with being in the grips of hell itself. People who have experienced addiction will attest to this, and people who lived with someone who is afflicted with addiction will also agree with this description. It's not at all pleasant for the addicted or his or her family. Addiction used to be something nobody talked about. It seems like this trend is starting to change. Addiction is becoming more mainstream and the topic of addiction is leaking into pop culture with television shows like Intervention helping to pave the way. Awareness is the key and keeping the problem hidden is the worst thing you can do. There are a wide variety of addictions out there with just as wide a variety of rehabs and treatment options, take your pick of a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab, the treatment can be very different. In the case of drug addiction there is a treatment center that seems to be popping up all over the Internet and that treatment facility is Stonehawk where they profess the narconon program. The program is facilitated by past addicts which gives the program that much more credibility. The success rate of narconon is incredible with an 80 percent success rate. There is a wealth of information offered at Stonehawk's website and it's easy to see why it has so much success as you read through this comprehensive site.
This post was sponsored by the fine folks at Stonehawk


Jackson's Journey

What a wonderful blog to start Thursday morning off about a young man with Down Syndrome. This is again a perfect example of putting the blog format to great use. Blogs can raise awareness and I think this blog, although new, will gain in popularity as people start to follow the story of the Jackson. The blog is set up perfectly and very well written with a very easy to read style. Very inspirational and very well done. Keep up the good work and look forward to watching this blog grow as your son does.


One Day At A Time

Patience is a virtue but persistence pays off. Lynda's got two things that are obvious to me. She loves to blog and she loves photography. The two are very evident in her postings. I think when you can blog and be passionate then you are ahead of the game. Very well done and interesting, you find yourself wanting to investigate this blog further as you go from post to post. Good use of the +/- system. I think this keeps the blog tidy and not too messy which helps the reader keep focused on the blog, which is what this blogger wants. If you want to know more about Lynda you can read more her here. You will also find alot of her photography in the photo link. Keep up the great work!


Father's day is right around the corner and I was wondering what my little one's will be thinking about as a gift for me this year. I am thinking some neckties which is ok with me. You'll think so too after you read the following press release:

Finding the Right Gift for Father’s Day May Not Be as Hard as You Think Give a Gift Dad Will Remember…Luxurious, Stylish, and Thoughtful PALM BEACH , FLORIDA– (MAY 15, 2007) --Okay, so Father’s Day is right around the corner. Wondering what to get Dad? Neckties are often times considered the “stand-by” gift for guys but not anymore. More and more Dads are putting their best fashion foot forward with colorful neckties, as they know this simple accessory can make or break an outfit. Whether you are looking for the red power tie or sophisticated yet casual, there is a tie for every occasion. Give Dad a gift he will remember, something he can wear and treasure for years to come. Dad will feel extra special this year with a beautiful Italian necktie or pocket square from Belisi. With each Father’s Day purchase at Belisi, customers will receive free shipping with their orders. To qualify for free shipping, customers should visit Belisi ties are made with more silk per inch than the average tie, which creates a fuller necktie knot, the hallmark of true luxury silk neckties. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to select a thoughtful gift that any father would appreciate. Pocket squares, which are making a big comeback, also make excellent Father's Day gifts. Belisi pocket squares are oversized, made with a lavish thick silk and hand-rolled on the border. So if you want to give a unique gift for that special guy in your life, a pocket square fits the bill. Another reason ties are still a fresh gift idea is that men can wear ties that accessorize with their partner’s silk scarf, which she can wear tied around her neck or draped around her shoulders as a shawl, tied on her wrist, worn as a belt or handbag accessory or in her hair (a very hot trend right now). Belisi Fashions remains steadfast in giving back to those less fortunate. Through the “Belisi Luxury with Meaning” program a minimum of 10 percent of the company’s pre-tax profits are donated to those in need. Keeping in-line with Belisi’s mission to create a community within a community, customers decide which charity to make their contribution. Some of the charities include: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, American Heart Association, and Belisi was built on the philosophy that a tie or a scarf is more than an article of clothing—it completes your look. “There are plenty of Web sites where you can buy accessories but few where you feel like you’re a part of a fashion community,” affirms Peter Belisi of Belisi Fashions. The Belisi brand is flourishing, and anticipates the release of its new luxury handbag collection in Fall ’07. As with all Belisi products, the handbag collection will feature extraordinary detailing including real gold hardware, soft treated Italian leather and brushed fabrics, plus many other exclusive features only available through About is an online community where customers are “Insiders” instead of order numbers. Being an “Insider” means access to special privileges including free shipping, gift wrap on all orders and a designated place on the Belisi Insider’s Advisory Board. Belisi Insiders’ opinions are more than thoughts expressed in cyber space. Peter Belisi embraces each comment, suggestion or question and responds to his clients personally. Belisi’s fashion blogs offer up-to-the-minute insight from fashion, beauty and lifestyle experts. Find out more by visiting: for women and for men. Belisi also has a beauty blog,, which keeps customers “in the know” about all things related to beauty—inside and out. About Belisi Fashions The Belisi brand is the brainchild of Peter Belisi, whose lifelong aspirations were to fuse the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian sophistication. Belisi embodies the spirit of true entrepreneurship with a passion for the best of everything, which is evident in the quality products produced. Each dramatic detail in a Belisi tie, pocket square and scarf represents Belisi’s unwavering commitment to creating fashion products that embody timeless sophistication and enduring beauty. # # # Belisi Press Contact: Amy Covington 800.434.1962 Agency Contact: Cher Murphy 703.323.5976

Domestic Diva

Doesn't get much better thank this. A brilliant blog written by the self proclaimed Domestic Diva who has one trendy looking blog that is pack full of contenet! The blog is set up fantastically and you can see clearly that this Diva is on her way to success. She has her Alexa ranks up there, her Technorati Favorite button, her hit counter, and all the monetization a blog heart can desire. She does a great job with reviewing products and the blog is well written to boot. It's easy to see alot of work has gone into and does go into this blog which truely makes her the Blogging Diva. Nice work!

Wednesday's Blog Critiques

New to the blog scene is the Modern Matriarch, a niche blog that focuses mainly on writing and literature. The blog is only a month or so old and has already had over 2000 visitors which is not too shabby. The blogger is looking for tips on gaining more traffic and my advice would be to make sure to submit your blog to the search engines like Google, to continue to post on a regular basis, maybe to look into using Adwords to promote your blog some and to look for other kinds of blogs like this one who either does reviews or offers to post your link. Sites like John Chow and others off link exchanges. This might seem like a juvenile way to do things but ti does help to get your name out there. Also if you visit other blogs make it a habit to leave comments with your blog address. Don't be spammy, but if you are sincere you will start to notice people will follow you back to your blog. Forums are a great way to promote your blog also if done correctly. After a while you will just find that the blog will take on a life of its own and you will start to gain a following and as other blogs link to you the traffic will increase nicely. Good luck and love the blog! Keep up the great work.

Math Tutors

When I was younger in grade school I can remember having a very hard time with math. I blame it all on my 4th grade math teacher, but the fact of the matter was I just couldn't grasp the concept. Back then I remember my parents searching for great math tutors to help me in the subject. Today I learned that my nephew has the same problem in math. I was lucky to find a great tutor resource called Score Educational Centers. From researching their site it seems that they are a very proactive and hands on place for children to learn and I think this is one of the best ways for kids to grasp what they are having trouble in. If you are looking for math tutors then I would highly recommend checking into Score!

This post was brought to you by the fine folks at Score Educational Centers!

Check Your Spelling...

Especially if you are going to reference another blogger's blog. I just had to fix Steve Pavlina's name where I originally had it spelled as Plavina. Aside from the search engine spiders...spelling is very important...especially to the person whose name you misspelled. Spell check and proof read your work and then double check it. Sorry about that.


Learn from the best

One thing I found that I love to do is research and learning about topics I love. The same goes for blogging. If you want to improve your blog, whether it be search engine optimization or SEO for short, or you want to improve your blog ranking, you can learn these techniques by reading some of the blog masters. Let me review some of these blog giants for you and see if you agree with my choices. The first blog master I ever read was Darren Rowse from problogger. His blog is a wealth of information with topics ranging from how to make money online with your blog to picking topics for your posts to maximizing your time. He is generous with the information he offers and has an incredible fan base and I would highly recommend his blog to add to your list of daily reads. My next blog master would be Andy Beard. His blog called Niche Marketing-Andy Beard is a mind field of ideas and tactics to maximize your blogs potential and growth. Moving on to a new addition to this bunch would be John Chow Dot Com. John's blog investigates the art of making money online and you can track his own wealth building, which he is not shy to reveal, on his blog. John started a trend of link love to get his blog linked to what seems to be every blog in the blogosphere which seems to be working. It is very popular and helpful to it's readers and one that I would recommend. My last master, both blog and non-blog, would be Steve Pavlina-Personal Development For Smart People. Steve offers a blog that presents ideas for growth in your personal life as well as in your blog life. The posts are fantastic and the information is inspirational and invaluable.

The above blogs all have one thing in common. Success, popularity, and great information. If you want to succeed then feed you mind with successful blogs. Read positive things and follow the example of the blogs that are working. These men are good enough to offer their know how to us to help us improve our blogs and when it comes right down to it, isn't that what we all want, a successful and popular blog with readers who enjoy our work. The blogosphere has transformed into a world unto itself and it is great to be a part of such a wonderful community.

1408 Movie

I love a good scary movie, not so much a slash and dash horror movie, but a real...honest to goodness...ghost story! With the upcoming 1408 Movie, it got me thinking about some of the scary movies I have seen in the past and some of the ghost stories in my own past that creep back into my mind from time to time. We all have these kind of "ghost stories" we've all experienced, whether it be a creaking floor board while no one was upstairs or a door slamming by itself. Maybe it was the shadow that you thought you seen out of the corner of your eye, or the whisper of your name while you sat home alone. Getting shivers. Was it real? Was it our minds playing tricks on us or did these things really happen. Maybe it is a reoccurring dream that you have that sends chills down your spine. A childhood "boogieman" that you can't get out of your mind. We all have these "ghost stories" and it is part of what the 1408 Movie is all about!
I think the scariest time I can remember as a child was at bedtime. My bedroom was a the end of the hallway and the hall was always dark and cold. My reoccurring dream was about a "mad" clown with a long tongue that could stretch and chase you as you tried to run away. I would awake in cold sweats and shaking as a child after these horror dreams and would look out of the crack of my door into the hall. Having to go to the bathroom was terrifying. I slowly peaked my hear outside my door and slowly creep ed through the cold hall to get to the bathroom when I went to turn on the light a hand grabbed my wrist! It was my mom who was obviously not scared of the dark and went to the bathroom in the dark. I've never been so glad to see her as I was thrilled it wasn't the "tongue man" coming to get me. As the years went on I had forgotten about the tongue man, at least until now.

Monday's Blog Critiques

Shinie from North Idaho brings us this refreshing blog that is one of those easy to read...down to earth kinda blogs. I loved her recent post reviewing one of my favorite pop artists of our time, Harry Conick Jr. How lucky are you to see him live. I love his big band version of It Had To BE You. Aside from awesome reviews, Shinie throws in much more about her life and times in her community in North Idaho and the whole blog really comes together nicely. One thing I would add is a sitemeter ( to see how may fans are stopping by to read your stuff, other than that, the blog is on it's way! Keep up the good work!
Connie brings us this next blog about who else? You guessed it...her two sweet boys! Justin and Kendell are not only two sweet boys, but two very lucky boys in my opinion. Two very lucky boys to have such a caring and loving mom who thinks the world of them. It is so clear and evident in her blogging that it almost jumps off the screen at you. The posts are well organized and written nicely. Only criticism I have to offer is the changing of the lettering or the fonts. This is hard on the eyes and makes it tough to read, taking away from a great blog. Other than that I think you are doing great!
Last but not least is a team blog brought to us from Kristin, Hannah, and Lindsey. Just a few posts into this blog I can already tell that this is an inspirational and positive blog that can do alot of good. The posts early on do a great job of asking the question of, What is Beauty? SO many young girls and even guys think so strongly that beauty is perceived solely on looks and it is easy to see how this mis-perception can occur with the bombardment of Hollywood and Fashion Magazines. I'm certainly not against fashion and style, but it makes these young men and women so self conscience it's a shame. The posts in this blog are captivating and definitely keep you thinking and they make you ask questions. Well done and great job.


Kissimmee vacation rentals

Last year around this time my family and I were excited because it was only a half a year before we would be on our way to one of the best vacations we were going to have in a long time. It was a vacation to Disney and it was going to be during Thanksgiving break. We left the bitter cold of Philadelphia, flew down to Florida, and got off the plane. We were welcomed with warm air, sun, and palm trees and our smiles showed our joy. It was at this minute that I fell in love with Florida. Needless to say that our Disney vacation was fantastic. The boys loved the magic and my wife and I loved watching the boys have a great time. This year I am thinking about returning to Florida around the same time. The only thing I want to skip is the cost of staying at a Disney resort. I discovered that 5 minutes away was a town called Kissimmee and I've been told that Kissimmee vacation rentals are more affordable than the resorts. My plan is to research this time a little better to find a great place to stay to get the best bang for my buck and I think I've found my plan. I look forward to another cold season in Florida this year too!
This post was sponsored by the fine folks at

Keeping track of your blog traffic

You might have noticed in my reviews that I criticize bloggers for not having some sort of way to track traffic to their blogs like a site meter or some other service. Depending on your reasons for blogging, it might not matter that much to you who is visiting your blog. You might just be blogging as an outlet for your creativity or a way to keep in touch with family or friends, maybe you use it for a true journal or open diary and you really don't care who reads it. In these cases it is fine not to bother with a sitemeter, but if you want to improve your blog traffic and search engine placements then you are going to want to subscribe to a service like or . These services offer you a ton of information about blog traffic that is coming into and out of your blog. It can tell you what words people are using in search engines to find your blog or who might be linking to you without your knowledge. I edit a pest control information blog called Pest Control Info and I use my site meter to see what my readers "googled" to find my blog and then I write an article about that topic. Chances are if one person is looking up "bees" then there are plenty of others who might want the same info. So I think these blog tools are important to add to you blog and they are easy to add. Nothing wrong with the bragging rights that goes along with having a popular blog either. Happy blogging!


New direction at Critique My Blog

I think I'm going to be taking Critique My Blog in a new direction in the coming weeks. I have wanted for a long time to start a blog about general stuff and about blogging in general. Things like advice on making your blog better, improving your blog rankings and standings, and monetizing. I love the whole blog topic and I also want to be able to express myself personally. So instead of starting and trying to maintain to many blogs, I am going to incorporate these things into this blog. I will keep it organized into features like Blog Critiques, Learn from My Mistakes and Others, and The Blog Advocate. These are just ideas I've been throwing around. It has also been getting harder and harder to keep up with all the critiques. I has already been trending towards doing one blog or a few a day. I will keep this format. I will concentrate on a blog of the day critique with an occasional extra blog review thrown in there. I will continue to take submissions to use as a pool to choose from and the only criteria is to put the link to Critique My Blog in your sidebar as usual. I will not consider blogs that has chosen not to add my link. In the past I have not made this a requirement, but I put aot of time into reading a reviewing a blog and I think it is not too much to ask to link to this blog. I will also be doing some advertising in the near future to boost readership and ranking which will help those of you who have a blog review on this blog as the higher the rank of a blog that links to yours the higher the rank your blog will be. Also the advertising will hopefully increase your readership some more.

Tropical Mystique

Brand new to the blogging scene is Susan's blog Tropical Mystique. This is truly a journal type blog with a great set up and interesting posts. Not too fancy or "busy" which keeps the reader focused on the writing which is what this blogger wants I think. Susan also has taken on editing another blog called Sunshine and Lemonade with only 7 posts in. It will be interesting to see these blogs blossom and grow, so stop by and say hello.

Marketing Conversation

Marketing is by far one of the most important things when it comes to business or product success. Products and businesses can be alot of things, including blogs, and that is just what the blog Marketing Conversation is all about. I started to read through this blog and found it to have alot of very interesting posts about all kinds of things related to marketing and success as well as some great articles about how to improve and help to move your blog forward. I will be bookmarking this site for sure and would highly recommend a visit. Nice job.
This post was sponsored by the fine folks at Market Conversation.


Sam's Junk Yard

New to the blog world in 2007 is Sam's Junkyard. The blog is organized to maximize monetization via Google's Adsense which I hope is working well for you. The content is a mixture of this and that which keeps your interest. I like blogs that mix things up because you it gives you a choice. You might not like one post but the next post is something that interests you. I liked the post about the spam scam out there when the queen or princess of another country needs to transfer all her money to escape her dissidents. I get these all the time. Here are the Junk Yard versions. Her reply. Great job with the blog and keep it up.