payroll pricing

Where were all these fantastic web sites and products when I had my own business. I was the pest control technician to the stars but had a horrible book keeping system. After a year of doing my own accounting and book keeping I decided to research payroll pricing. The problem I found was that the good old fashioned bookkeeper was hard to come by and most of the ones I found were affiliated with accounting houses and charged and arm and a leg. Fast forward to today and this fantastic website comes into existence. It is called Accounting and it offers bookkeeping services starting at 10 dollars per month and payroll service for 6 dollars an employee. You can also purchase Quickbooks Online for twenty percent off through Accounting NO doubt if you have a small business or if you are thinking about starting a small business then you should start it the right way with the proper bookkeeping and payroll services and the best and most inexpensive place to get those services is through Accounting
This post was brought to you by the fine folks at Accounting Paradise.

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