Cruel Virgin

So what do you get when you combine a soft pretzel, a Pat's Cheese steak, the Liberty Bell and the best blog I've read so far, Cruel Virgin? Philly icons of course. This blog is no doubt one of the coolest blogs I've come across when it comes to the writing in a long time. The content is well thought out and compelling to say the least and I was finding myself being drawn to read more and more. Here's an example of an earlier post of hers entitled Cool Moms. This post hits home because I am the dad of two boys and it is true that society can sometimes go nuts. In between the writing of this post I am switching back and forth from this blog to Cruel Virgins and it is a testament to the straight your face...writing. It's a style that I love. Fantastically done and I will say it is in the category of AAA+. That's a triple A Plus. Keep up the good work.

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Enemy of the Republic said...

Thank you so much! I see it as a bunch of inane blatherings. I'm glad others find virtue in my crazy head!