Renovating this heart

Here's a tough one to critique...I have come across a very powerful blog with a deep emotion. The blogger's mood is often melancholic, with powerful and potent content. I am often moved by many of the blogs I read...I can sense positiveness, humor, sadness, happiness, all very well just by the style of the writer. This one is no different and I found myself being pulled into the bloggers world. The feeling I get is that this blogger is yearning for love, an unconditional love, the kind you have with a person where you can sit on the sofa with one of you watching TV and the other reading a book and just "knowing" and "feeling" loved. She is also either on her way to or have already become a nurse in a pediatric part of a hospital. My mother in law is a case manager in a hospital that deals with little ones who have problems with drug moms among other things...and the industry needs caring and loving people like I suspect you are. Good luck with that and your search and as for the's perfect.

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