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Let me set the scene for youngest is sleeping in wife and oldest son are at Karate...I'm sitting here is the sheer silence of home when suddenly I get blasted with Christian Rock! Another automatic music blog box! I need to take an extra aspirin. I think the bloggers are out to get me. Anyway I want to thank Jane for submitting her blog because it is one of those "pleasure to read" kinda blogs and I was excited to see her little button link for Critique My Blog....How nice is that? The blog itself is full of wonderful content and it gives me a calming feeling when I read through alot of Jane's work. That is really what makes a can put as many widgets in the world on your sidebar...but when you get right down to's the content...the real meat a potatoes. Loved it.

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Jane said...

Thank you VERY much for the kind review and I apologize for the music. I have decided to remove it because most of the time I don't even have the sound up when I am blogging since my laptop is in the same room as the TV!!!
Thanks again.