Inspirational indeed! This blog is up for best of inspirational and I can see why. Written with an inspirational flare and wit, this blog is on my top ten list...although my top ten list has grown to a top one hundred list rather quickly, putting this one at least in the top one hundred. A poem that was posted in her recent posts is fantastic and is called, To Risk, and it really hits home for me because I am a risk taker and am grateful that I am. I also dug back to some of her older posts and began to think she was travelling with the Pope at some point until I found out that it was a Pope figurine. Truly worth a look if you want a good read and some inspiration. Great job and keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful review of one of my top FIVE favorite blogs. I love this woman and her beautiful writing. I am so glad others are discovering her as well.

I made the same mistake with the whole 'Pope' thing. Hee hee!