Throwback Thursdays

Looking back in the vast and cavernous critique vault I dusted off the following blogs to revisit and say hello to. First is a blog from September of last year called Single Boy In London-A fabulous 20-something homo's thoughts on single life in the greatest city in the world. That's right..denim boy is still hamming it up in London and he's gotten himself a new home. Many adventures to explore with this blog. Still moving full speed ahead is Miss Cellania-What...You Think This Is Funny? and her fun to read commentary. There is always something interesting to find at Ms. C's place. Last but not least is Julie from Flip This Body who is still one of the busiest bloggers on the block and keeping the masses entertained with her fantastic style of blogging. Since critiquing her blog in September of 2006 Julie has flipped her body from 185 pounds on down to 173 pounds! Great job!


Julie said...

Thanks for the feature Billy Mac! Just wanted to point out that I've actually lost almost 30 lbs since July, from 202 to 174 currently. You know us dieters - I can't let a single lost pound go unnoticed! LOL :-)

Stine said...

Hi... I've tagged you. Thought it'd be nice for you to have a badge to give away with your post... You do with it (or not) as you please, of course!