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I recently started to check out DIGG and decided to submit my first article for fun from my Pest Control Blog. The post title is Bed Bugs In Schools and I invite you to check it out and if you like the article or it scares you then "Digg It" via the button on the bottom. Curious to see how this all works. Thanks. Billy Mac.

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you are so right! the bedbug problem is becoming rampant. there are problems on cruise ships i can tell you. when we get onboard, i look at the seams in the mattress and all the likely places before i put anything of mine on the bed. i heard it was because europeans are on the ships and they never got rid of them there and now they are spreading here again. don't know if this is true or not though, just know i don't want them!!!

smiles, bee