LIttle Corner

JMR's blog entitled My Little Corner is one of those brand new spanking blogs that is still trying to find it's voice and it's groove. Not to say that the content or writing is bad or anything like is just still in "trying to find itself" mode. It will happen and before you know it you will have a regular group of readers and others who stop by from time to time to check the blog out, for now I say just keep doing what you are every day and keep the content interesting and the posts not too long. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling. Some interesting sites to visit to get some insight and info about blogging is, is a fun one, is another good one and is good. Lots of luck.

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JMR said...

Thanks for reviewing my blog. Most of the time I am trying to find my thoughts when posting let alone find my voice :-)
Anyhow, thanks for the encouraging words and I will try to settle into a posting routine, and will definately check out the recommended sites.