I think we've found the blogger of all bloggers here. This blog was started in 1999 and has over 2505 posts to his credit. (Yes I counted...yes I'm a loser...) Last month alone he had over 300 posts. What does all this say? He's a blogging machine! I feel dumb...There is a spot on his sidebar called statistics that lists how many posts he has had. As for all those posts and content it is safe to say that alot of it is good. I found alot of interesting postings, one in particular was about rotten stinking alexa and his idea to improve your score with them called the Alexa Project...I am currently trying my own experiment to see if that will work also. This is one that I will add to my favorites and return to pour through the rest of it...until then...why not go ahead and vote for this blogger in the Most Obnoxious Blogger category!


Skittles said...

LOL.. ok.. I voted here, too!

Richard said...

Thanks for the review, I appreciate it. I figure 90% of what I post is drivel, but I occasionally get on a pretty good rant.