Bath tub junkie

There always seems to be that blog that is in the category of perfect. Great content, great layout, organized, beautiful template background, positive energy. That is the vibe I am getting from Lisanne's blog today. Very nicely done and all her ducks in a row. The blog appears to be very popular as I read past posts there are some extensive comments going on. SO overall I have to give this blog the proverbial "A+" and encourage the rest of you to stop by and say hello.


Lisanne said...

Thank you *soooooo* much. I truly appreciate it! :)

Jennifer said...

Lisanne is awesome! I've been reading her blog for two years. She only gets better.

~*Sara*~ said...

Lisanne is so deserving of your kind words. I've been reading her blog for a long time and she's a great friend. :)