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My Crazy Life In Pictures

I decided to do this week's review on the blog My Crazy Life In Pictures for a couple reasons. I think it's a good blog to visit. AJ keeps things interesting for one thing. Then there's the amazing coincidence that her husband works where mine does and we found this out by accident.

AJ is kept very busy being a school volunteer. She is a lunch lady and as you'll find when you read The Saga Continues that it isn't quite as easy as you might think it would be. She is also the photographer for the school's yearbook. (With the name of her blog being what it is, you'd kind of guess that she enjoys photography!)

She is the mother of two children. Take a look at Samantha's make-over in this post. Then in this post AJ makes a startling and humorous comparison between 11 year old Samantha and someone you might remember.

Her son Jacob got a hamster for his 8th birthday. I really related to how a little pet like that can end up costing more! I felt bad for Jacob when his hamster didn't win the hamster ball race that was sponsored by a local pet store.

Like a lot of parents, AJ wonders when it's time to tell her children the truth about The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc. And, like a lot of women, she goes once a year for the dirty deed. In her most recent post (as of this writing) she shares with us the fact that she has amazing powers that regulate the changing of the seasons!

My Crazy Life In Pictures is a relatively new blog and I think it will be around for a long time. Why don't you go pay AJ a visit? Tell her Skittles and Critique My Blog sent you.


polliwog said...

Great review! I just discovered this blog today oddly enough. Wonderful stuff over there.

Erika said...

I love this blogg too! great review.

Callie Ann said...

OH OH Oh. I already am in love with her blog. She is awesome. Wonderful Choice Skittles. ~~Callie~

A.J.Reams said...

Wow, I've been trying to get online all morning. For some reason the computer just wanted to sleep in.

...what? 14 emails! I never get 14 emails over night!

...double what? I've been reviewed by skittles. Can it be true?

This is just crazy. Thanks for the wonderful review. I feel so loved :-)

Akelamalu said...

Great blog and great review.

Ingrid said...

great post!!!! AJ's blog is so deserving of this recognition!!! great job!!! very honest review!!! i'll drop by again some other time to read more of your postings!!!

Sanni said...

Great choice... and a fantastic reviw as well! Thanks or introducing!