I've often said that blogs are a fantastic platform to express emotion or feeling or hobbies. They are also a great way to voice your opinions and in the case of this blog, it is clear to see that this RTO trainer has a lot to say. It is important to keep terror in the front lines of our thoughts because if we forget or get complacent, we will be taken by surprise again, and that is not an option. This blog has a cool feature called, "This Week In Terror History". The blog is set up with a military feel and is formatted nicely. The blog is very well written and gives you a patriotic feeling which is something that we all should have. It bothers me to see and hear sometimes how we as Americans might have lost that feeling by the way we act and talk and it is a tragedy. Blogs like Sarge Charlie and Signaleer are terrific tools in keeping America's message clear. Great job and keep up the good work.


SGT DUB said...

I've been working with Signaleer for about 5 years, good head on his shoulders.

Sarge Charlie said...

I am honored to be mentioned on the same post with this Great American