Hidden Haven Homestead

Nice and quiet on Sunday cup of coffee in hand...SUDDENLY! THE MUSIC! That's right...another automatic music player that scares the life out of me. By Ten in the morning I have enough caffeine screaming through my veins to power the Space Shuttle, and when those music player blast it's a cardiac experience. Now for the blog. I love the blog...what a great place in life to be. Being from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, PA I long for the calm I sense from this blog and the bloggers lifestyle. Only criticism would be...well... the auto music player...and the fonts clash with the background color. Other than that it is fantastic....keep up the terrific work!


Peggy said...

If your speaker isn't on full volume the music doesn't blast you into a heart attack. LOL I enjoy visiting my friends blogs with music but keep my volume low. And I stay away from rock or head banging music on my site.

ebony said...

I agree with the auto music thingy. I like to listen to the radio while I'm surfing and it's very irritating when I suddenly have 2 songs competing for my speakers, especially if I don't share the bloggers taste in music.