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Most computers today have antivirus protection right? It's included with your computer purchase right? Yes and no. The problem arises when people don't renew their subscription to their antivirus of choice and now you have an open door to Trojan horse viruses and everything else under the sun! It is insane these days not to have an antivirus protection on your computer and I was shocked to learn that my dad (who is in his 60's and not very computer savvy) didn't have any virus protection. He said it was too expensive. IN a way he was right, until now at least. You can actually get free Antivirus protection brought to you by two of the most trusted names in the computer world today. Google and Norton! You get your free Antivirus protection by downloading the Google pack and choosing only the software you want. It's a fantastic thing to finally get the premiere antivirus protection for free, bringing you the piece of mind knowing that your computer wasn't going to crash because of some virus it caught somewhere along the way. Check out the features you will be receiving from this awesome offer and read the rave reviews this offer is getting.
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