Chaos Theory

The author of Chaos Theory, Sherry talks about herself in the About Section of her blog as someone who has been on the Internet since 1996 in some way or another and now she presents us with the excellent blog. It's a mommy blog above all things (Dads give up) and the writing flows and keeps your interest. I can relate to her post about her back giving out because I have a bad back and when it goes out I'm useless. The blog itself is set up nicely in Wordpress...which I am still playing around with but can't get the ball rolling ( I shelled out a years worth of hosting and it sits useless), but it is great to see wordpress blogs as they are always crisp looking. Great job!


sherry said...

Thanks for the great critique!

Wordpress is pretty painless to set up and you can get so many great themes now. Take the plunge, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

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