Kissimmee vacation rentals

Last year around this time my family and I were excited because it was only a half a year before we would be on our way to one of the best vacations we were going to have in a long time. It was a vacation to Disney and it was going to be during Thanksgiving break. We left the bitter cold of Philadelphia, flew down to Florida, and got off the plane. We were welcomed with warm air, sun, and palm trees and our smiles showed our joy. It was at this minute that I fell in love with Florida. Needless to say that our Disney vacation was fantastic. The boys loved the magic and my wife and I loved watching the boys have a great time. This year I am thinking about returning to Florida around the same time. The only thing I want to skip is the cost of staying at a Disney resort. I discovered that 5 minutes away was a town called Kissimmee and I've been told that Kissimmee vacation rentals are more affordable than the resorts. My plan is to research this time a little better to find a great place to stay to get the best bang for my buck and I think I've found my plan. I look forward to another cold season in Florida this year too!
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