Wednesday's Blog Critiques

New to the blog scene is the Modern Matriarch, a niche blog that focuses mainly on writing and literature. The blog is only a month or so old and has already had over 2000 visitors which is not too shabby. The blogger is looking for tips on gaining more traffic and my advice would be to make sure to submit your blog to the search engines like Google, to continue to post on a regular basis, maybe to look into using Adwords to promote your blog some and to look for other kinds of blogs like this one who either does reviews or offers to post your link. Sites like John Chow and others off link exchanges. This might seem like a juvenile way to do things but ti does help to get your name out there. Also if you visit other blogs make it a habit to leave comments with your blog address. Don't be spammy, but if you are sincere you will start to notice people will follow you back to your blog. Forums are a great way to promote your blog also if done correctly. After a while you will just find that the blog will take on a life of its own and you will start to gain a following and as other blogs link to you the traffic will increase nicely. Good luck and love the blog! Keep up the great work.

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Tricia Ares said...

Mr. Mac,

Thanks for giving blog such prompt attention! I emailed my request on June 5th and your review posted on the evening of June 6th.

I'm glad you enjoyed my blog, and thank you for the advice on building traffic.

Tricia Ares
Editor of Modern Matriarch