1408 Movie

I love a good scary movie, not so much a slash and dash horror movie, but a real...honest to goodness...ghost story! With the upcoming 1408 Movie, it got me thinking about some of the scary movies I have seen in the past and some of the ghost stories in my own past that creep back into my mind from time to time. We all have these kind of "ghost stories" we've all experienced, whether it be a creaking floor board while no one was upstairs or a door slamming by itself. Maybe it was the shadow that you thought you seen out of the corner of your eye, or the whisper of your name while you sat home alone. Getting shivers. Was it real? Was it our minds playing tricks on us or did these things really happen. Maybe it is a reoccurring dream that you have that sends chills down your spine. A childhood "boogieman" that you can't get out of your mind. We all have these "ghost stories" and it is part of what the 1408 Movie is all about!
I think the scariest time I can remember as a child was at bedtime. My bedroom was a the end of the hallway and the hall was always dark and cold. My reoccurring dream was about a "mad" clown with a long tongue that could stretch and chase you as you tried to run away. I would awake in cold sweats and shaking as a child after these horror dreams and would look out of the crack of my door into the hall. Having to go to the bathroom was terrifying. I slowly peaked my hear outside my door and slowly creep ed through the cold hall to get to the bathroom when I went to turn on the light a hand grabbed my wrist! It was my mom who was obviously not scared of the dark and went to the bathroom in the dark. I've never been so glad to see her as I was thrilled it wasn't the "tongue man" coming to get me. As the years went on I had forgotten about the tongue man, at least until now.

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