Sam's Junk Yard

New to the blog world in 2007 is Sam's Junkyard. The blog is organized to maximize monetization via Google's Adsense which I hope is working well for you. The content is a mixture of this and that which keeps your interest. I like blogs that mix things up because you it gives you a choice. You might not like one post but the next post is something that interests you. I liked the post about the spam scam out there when the queen or princess of another country needs to transfer all her money to escape her dissidents. I get these all the time. Here are the Junk Yard versions. Her reply. Great job with the blog and keep it up.


Sam said...

Thanks a lot for writing a review for my blog ! I really appreciate it :)

Comix... said...

hey...Im a contributor to this blog...Comix...
Thanks for the review!