Monday's Blog Critiques

Shinie from North Idaho brings us this refreshing blog that is one of those easy to read...down to earth kinda blogs. I loved her recent post reviewing one of my favorite pop artists of our time, Harry Conick Jr. How lucky are you to see him live. I love his big band version of It Had To BE You. Aside from awesome reviews, Shinie throws in much more about her life and times in her community in North Idaho and the whole blog really comes together nicely. One thing I would add is a sitemeter (http://www.sitemeter.com/) to see how may fans are stopping by to read your stuff, other than that, the blog is on it's way! Keep up the good work!
Connie brings us this next blog about who else? You guessed it...her two sweet boys! Justin and Kendell are not only two sweet boys, but two very lucky boys in my opinion. Two very lucky boys to have such a caring and loving mom who thinks the world of them. It is so clear and evident in her blogging that it almost jumps off the screen at you. The posts are well organized and written nicely. Only criticism I have to offer is the changing of the lettering or the fonts. This is hard on the eyes and makes it tough to read, taking away from a great blog. Other than that I think you are doing great!
Last but not least is a team blog brought to us from Kristin, Hannah, and Lindsey. Just a few posts into this blog I can already tell that this is an inspirational and positive blog that can do alot of good. The posts early on do a great job of asking the question of, What is Beauty? SO many young girls and even guys think so strongly that beauty is perceived solely on looks and it is easy to see how this mis-perception can occur with the bombardment of Hollywood and Fashion Magazines. I'm certainly not against fashion and style, but it makes these young men and women so self conscience it's a shame. The posts in this blog are captivating and definitely keep you thinking and they make you ask questions. Well done and great job.

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mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Thanks SO much for your nice words w/your review of my blog :) I really appreciate it & will make a mental note about the font :) Thanks again :)