Woman Dies In Hospital

Keeping with the new format of Critique My Blog I felt compelled to blog about a story I came across on AOL where a woman died in the ER of a hospital while she was ignored by all kinds of hospital staff and it was so bad her boyfriend actually called 911 from the ER itself to try to get someone to pay attention to his girlfriend who was vomiting blood! How horrible is it when the janitor is mopping up vomit while this poor lady is on the floor, hunched over in a fetal position, as complete strangers in the ER call 911 themselves!! In the story on AOL, they describe how hospital staff, security, and the clinical people were all aware of this poor 43 year old mother of three who was in dire need of help and relief, but got none until she died. I've been in ER's with my own children and have waited for hours upon hours for service. I've seen how nasty nurses can be first hand and have seen how numb these "caregivers" can appear. Hospitals are a place of refuge. If you are sick, you go there to become better. Doctors and nurses are supposed to care for you and make you better. Not in the real world. Hospitals are under staffed and under funded. Who suffers? We do. To the point of a poor mother dying on the floor of the last place you think it could happen! She rushed to the ER to get life saving help and her pleas fell on deaf ears as people walked around her hunched over body. Now her three children have to bury their mom. Why? It's a sad state of affairs when the richest country in the world has such incredible social issues like starvation, poverty, and a health care system that makes a clinic in the Jungles of Africa look like a better option! A hospital is the last place that the all mighty dollar should have any influence, but the opposite is true. It's a broken system that has broken a family up in the very place that should have helped her. Read the full story on AOL.



vitruvian said...

Oh lord!! thats awful!!
I think that health services to common people body is degenerating by the day...
this is an issue to be actually taken up seriously..

Billy Mac said...

There is a new movie coming out called Sicko that will cover this topic and I am sure you won't look at the health care system the same after seeing it.

Kev said...

Here in the UK we often here that the National Health Service ( free to all UK citizens ) is going to hell in a handcart. This story kind of put's " hell in a handcart " in a different light. I sure hope this wouldn't happen over here.


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

Sadly, this is not the first incident like this I've heard. Anther story involved an ambulance being called from the ER of a hospital in which nobody know what to do apparently~wish I remembered more. So sad!

On a more positive note, I am REALLY enjoying reading all of your reviews and visiting the blogs of others! (((((HUGS))))) sandi