Trapped in a Walnut

Karthik brings us a blog that that I find to be interesting for a number of reasons, one of them being the fact that his blog is proof that the media of blogging is universal. Again his passion is clearly shown in his writing and his chosen profession and course of study might give cause to why there is such a sporadic spacing in between posts. Some observations that I'd like to make and advice I'd like to offer would be to maybe place a site meter ( ) on your blog to see how many fans you have. Also...the changing of font colors can be weary to the eyes. It seems like you have gotten away from this practice in your more current postings, but the earlier ones are rough. One particular post that caught my eye and I very much enjoyed was entitled, what else, BLOGGING , which offers a great insight that I think others would find interesting. Keep the blog rolling and best of luck to you!

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