Pick myself up...dust off...start all over again?

Who can name the crooner who made that song famous?
Time enough has passed since the blogging bug has come and gone, and as history has shown us, things repeat themselves. they reinvent themselves, and I've decided to renew the passion of blogging that seems to come and go in this crazy community of ours. During my hiatus I've continued to blog at my pest control blogs ( ) , but never was able to keep up with the daily dedication a blog like this encompasses.
Anyway, I'm back in business and ready to start back to doing the think I love best. Reading, promoting, and critiquing the blogs that make this world go round.
I am clearing the que in the submit your blog if you recently submitted any blog, kindly resubmit and I will start fresh and new from here.


Anonymous said...

Fred Astair- I believe the movie "shall we dance" along side Ginger Rogers.
D.Hyne, Portland, Or.

Anonymous said...

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