Random Thoughts of a Chronic Thinker

It is clear to me that Mith is on the road to becoming a legend! I am glad that the first blog I've decided to read on my first day back to the office in t awhile was this one of a Chronic thinker. It proves to me that no matter how many widgets you add to your blog or how fancy your template is, now matter what kind of smoke and mirrors you use to make your blog sparkle, one thing hold true. It has to do with the blogger and his or her passion for blogging. You can't hide enthusiasm or excitement for what you do and this truth is evident is this blog. Mith's personality jumps off the screen at you and being only a few months old is is clear to me that this Mith is destined to become a legend with the following a readership any seasoned blogger would be proud of. Keep up the good work Mith and keep the blog rolling!

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Mith said...

thank you Bill (may I call you that?) :) just about made my day, no, week, no, month! I'm honoured that you took the time out to read and review my blog. Thanks a million for all those kind words!! :) :) :)