Here is a sharp looking blog sent to me by sweet pea (CB Handle) and one of the topic is one that bargain hunters everywhere should! Don't get the wrong's not just about this money saving vehicle or sweet pea's tips on is about her family and the life and times with her husband and two children. One unusual thing is that the blog started in 2006 of November...then went on hiatus until August of this year, at which point she went gang busters and has been posting regularly since. Truly and interesting blog that mixes well a plethora of posts and topics. I recommend a visit to the newlyweds which I am sure you'll enjoy. Nice job and keep the blog rolling.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I was very worried about what you might say. I know I started my blog a long time ago, and honestly forgot about it till recently. I am enjoying blogging alot. Thanks for your kind critique!

Sweet Pea aka Jenna