Can I really Write?

New to the blogging scene is our friend Raghav who only just started blogging since June. I will use this opportunity to offer some advice to all bloggers even though I am concentrating on your blog Raghav. First of all, a blog is a vehicle of sorts, a way to express yourself, and most bloggers want to have a following of readers to see hwta they have to say. In order to do this you will want to first add a site meter ( to your blog to track what kind of traffic is coming to your blog. Next you will want to register your blog with google so their robots can pick up your blog and put it in their search engine. I provided the link to add your content HERE. The next thing to do is just what you've been doing, and doing rather well to answer your question, and that is write. One post, and I think you know the one I am referring to, I would try not to replicate as the language was a little rough. Other than have a good thing going. Best of luck and keep the blog rolling.

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