Thank You

I have decided to discontinue this blog as my time table at work has changed and it is impossible to dedicate the time to this blog. This is not just a blog where you post information or your thoughts...it takes alot of time to read the emails...read the blogs...decide what to write in the review...post the review...email back the blogger...try to keep the sidebar up to date...I just don't have the time and I thank Barb from Skittles for her offer to help and every one else who has offered but it wouldn't be fair to dump that on you all...I can't even be sure I'd be able to email you the blogs on the right day...depending on my work. So that you all for your participation and it's been great to have been exposed to alot of fantastic blogs and alot of fantastic people...As time permits I may start a blog about blogging in the future...but as for critiquing...I don't see it continuing...thank you again!



Critique My Blog has been a labor of love for a few short months but has grown to the point of being difficult to manage. I'd like to invite anyone who would like to be a guest reviewer to contact me. The changes that would be made to the blog would only be the taking down of the adsense ads to keep it fair for the new reviewers. You would be given access to make posts on the blog and I'd give you direction as to how I format it. I'd like to keep this blog going but as I said it is impossible to keep it going at this rate. If there is any interest please email me at billymac174@aol.com

Great Blog

First off let me say that I think you have a great blog. Like other posts in the past I've stated that you can get a sense of the blogger's personality and who that blogger is just by the way he or she writes and expresses themselves. I fell that you have a pretty good life...with great and close friends...close family...and you like to have fun. The blog is truly a good read. Some criticism now. You post alot of pictures. This is good and bad. Pictures are great, but too many slows down the readers computer as they load. If there is a reader who lives in a cave and is still using dial up....forget about it. Second...I would add a sitemeter so you can see how many fans you have out there. You have at least over 300 fans according to your profile viewed section. Next thing is because you added those picture boards or videos recently your sidebar is at the bottom of your blog and they didn't load for me...(might just be my computer) All that is just nuts and bolts stuff...the important thing is that your blog is a good one...you clearly like to blog...you are interested in improving your blog for yourself and your readers...all which says you are moving in the right direction. Keep up the good work.

Dad blog !!!

First off let me just say that I think the dads are going to win the race...secondly let me say that this is a fantastic dad blog. It's about a stay at home dad who is a musician for his church and a man who clearly loves his children. It makes me want to be a better dad myself. His top 100 things to so list is also a fun thing to check out. Great job with the blog. Keep it coming and keep on blogging. A definite 5 star blog!


If you love soccer then this is the place to be...or should I say football? I guess it depends on which side of the pond you are on...anyway...this wordpress blog is a newly formed blog dedicated to the sport that soccer mom's dedicate their life to...check it out.


This is a blog about writing written by a technical writer. Aside from tips he also blogs about lots of other interesting things as well. I'd add a sitemeter to see how may visitors are checking out your blog.


Graffiti My Blog Wall


Frank from Foxxfyrre's Black and White Blog, or Graffiti My Blog as some of you may know his by, has one of the coolest blogs out there. It is truly worth a look to see his amazing art. He is involved in the Peace on Earth Project as well. Great job overall Frank...Top Notch.



Starting today critique my blog is hosting a contest for the most popular blog of the year. Here's how it works. Everyone who has been reviewed on this blog as of today or up until the judging is eligible. The way to win is simple. Everyone has people who read their blogs on a regular basis. It might be work buddies or family members or your dentist. Your job is to ask them to come to http://www.critiquemyblog.blogspot.com/ and find your blog review. Then they have to leave a comment under your review. The 3 blogs with the most comments by December 20th will be put up for voting by your peers as to who they think is the best and most popular blog of the year. Here's the catch. When you send your friends to CMB to comment on your blog it would benefit you to also ask them to visit some other blogs via the links to say hello. Let them know that Jane Lake sent them so that in the event you don't win and your peers are ready to vote...they will remember the traffic you sent their way and the nice words and hopefully vote you in!!! Any questions feel free to ask. Good luck to everyone. The winner will be posted on New Years Day! The prize is your blog banner and review listed at the top of CMB for a full month and bragging rights...what else! :)


RUNNER UP IS WWW.ADSENSE-ALERT.BLOGSPOT.COM with 4 comments and tied with


Not bitter

You have to give credit to a teen who writes such an intense and thought provoking blog. When you want to fix the youth of the nation...ask them first...you'll succeed faster. Nice job.


Nice blog you have here...interesting to browse through. I'd add a counter to track your visitor numbers and I'd add more adsense since you have some already. I'd also put some links in the Google News...Edit Me...Edit Me...sections. Either that or erase them completely.

Almost a year

Coming up on Melinda's one year anniversary with this blog it is clear that she is in it for the long haul...lots of interesting posts and funny stories. The one about the moose is a little scary. One thing I might add is a counter to see how many visitors you are getting...Nice job!

Watch out mom bloggers!!

The men are in the race for sure now with Dan's dad blog. Not only is it a fantastic blog, well written by a dad who clearly loves his family and loves to share their experiences, but it is also a true dad blog. The mom circuit has been giving the dads a bad blow lately. Glad Dan came along with the other dad blogs that have been posted to represent. Great job and keep the posts coming. P.S. Congrats on your newest addition.


Here is a cool blog written by Chavie. She blogs about life...her life in particular...with funny real life stories about issues she deals with that I think will be familiar with alot of us...I for one know the pain of a lunch thief...She also reviews some bands on her blog. I used to be in a band so that is a plus in my book...Anyone who loves music is ok with me. Well done...keep the posts coming and keep on blogging!

We get letters...lots of letters...

I think you are going to have a pretty successful blog here Bob...My wife laughs at me whenever my blood pressure goes up and I get agitated at the poor service I received at the local store or when a delivery truck cuts me off the road...I often say I'm going straight home and shooting an email off to that company. I only actually did this once...it was to Starbucks...and in a few hours I got a personal response from the CEO of the company and within hours of that the district and regional managers both called me back and even offered to meet with my wife and I personally to discuss the bad service I received. Needless to say I am still a strong customer of Starbucks because I was blown away by their prompt response to me. Having said that your blog is a riot with funny letters written to people in your life that pissed you off. Like the folks that golfed ahead of you or the lady in the parking lot...I loved the blog. Well done...Keep the great letters going!

Adventures of the Lost Ark

If you want to take an adventure into the world of the Bazaar then check out this blog. I don['t mean that in a negative way...it's actually a pretty funny and interesting blog full of wit and humor.

For the troops!

One of the most interesting blogs written by a soldier in Iraq. He writes about his first days of deployment all the way up until today when his last post will be his last days in the middle east! He is coming home. The blog talks of the boredom and excitement, along with the danger and the misconceptions of life as a soldier in Iraq. Thank you for your service doubletap! Glad you are coming home safely...Happy Thanksgiving.


Book review

What a fantastic journal/story you have going here...this blog is one of the best blogs about a man thinking back to his childhood and talking of times gone by when there were no computers, and life was simple. You had to make your own fun and the threat of the cold war still lingered. This is a sit down with a hot cup of tea with some time to spare kinda blog. Get cozy and either learn something or reminisce. Well done.

Paint some happy trees!

Both blogs are about positive energy. The posts are inspiring and thought provoking and the goal is to help the reader succeed in life. The photos in the waterfall blog are great and make me want to walk right through some of them to feel the mist. Both blogs are worth a look as the posts are well written and helpful. Only thing I'd change is the font you are using to write in.

Silva Sports is Where It's At!

Fantastic blog about sports of all kinds and it's celebrities. The silva brothers, 3 to be exact, edit this cool blog with an awesome advertising campaign going on in the sidebar of their blog. Check it out. Great job guys!

Peace on Earth

There is an estimated 70 million blogs in publication across the world. Doesn't sound like a whole lot considering the US recently hit it's 300 millionth citizen! Still, 70 million is not too shabby. Now think about the prospect of uniting these bloggers on one single day to spread a message. A message of peace. This is the brain child of Mimi at Mimi Writes. She and Frank from graffiti My Blog has joined together to get the ball rolling on this interesting and worth while experiment. I've posted this on the sticky post for a few days to hopefully help to get the word out. Mimi's explanation and directions can be seen by clicking the link above. Even if one percent of the bloggers joined in...that would be 700,000 bloggers. This is a community that's very unique and it's new and exciting. It's already been dubbed, "The Blogosphere" , and it is been joked about as being addictive. It's a thing that has evolved into a network that is 70 million strong and growing leaps and bounds. It can be used for good and bad. I think we should channel it for good. Check out Mimi's post and join in.



Rahul's blog is about his life as a technical writer. The blog itself is not as boring as you might think and as a matter of fact I seem to think that a lot of things that are true for technical writers is also true for writers in general. Check out his Top Ten Things learned as a Technical Communicator.

Eye Candy

What a perfectly fitting title for a blog with such great photography...I can look at photos all day...I don't know what it is...this is a blog with lots of good ones to view. I'd add a site meter.


Check it out!

There is still over two days to bid on your spot in the sticky Rent This Space Section. The winner will have their blog listed for a full month at the top of my blog for the remainder of October and the month of November. It's a great way to expose your blog and put it in front of a lot of eyes.

Also...on the right hand side in the middle there is a section to sign up for my feed. Click on the FEEDBLITZ button and enter the info to get updates as they occur!

Tips and Tricks

Peter the blog king brings us a host of blogs about all aspects of blogging. His network of blogs include the following, http://blogger-tricks.blogspot.com , http://bloggerfordummies.blogspot.com , http://testing-blogger-beta.blogspot.com , http://firefox-alert.blogspot.com , http://foodasmedicine.blogspot.com , http://enviromansays.blogspot.com . It's clear to see there is a library of information here that would cover just about any question a blogger might have...so dig in. The posts are written for the novice to understand and I think this is a great reference for anyone.

New Scotland

I started to read Twyla's blog and my first impression was it was going to be a typical blog journal...not good...not bad...but average. Boy was I wrong to judge this book by it's cover. This is a classic raise yourself up from the ashes blog about love lost and love gained, cheating and cheering, and everything in between. Fantastic blog Twyla...stay strong!

Tales from Tarry

Tarry's blog is an interesting one in that it is thought provoking and funny at the same time. There is a lot of dry humor in there and his witty delivery is great. On the critical side I think the template...Though cool looking...Is too grey and overcast. Aside from that the blog is worth a look for sure and hope to be reading you for years to come.



GReat photo blog with some really funny pictures...it's worth a look for a chuckle!

Wit of the Staircase

Holy Garbonzo Beans Batman! We finally connected. Gale and I have been trying to get her blog reviewed for the past 4 or 5 emails, for some reason I would copy and paste the link she sent and it didn't take. I only copy and past links for security reasons so finally this one took. So what do I have to say about this basketball loving broad from Pennsylvania>? She's got a fantastic blog...of course. It's full of variety and great stories and over all it's got a great feel to it. Worth a visit for sure. Nice work and glad to finally meet. Who's going to be our next governor?


Matt brings us a blog about the world of Matt. It's a smartly written blog and I myself happen to like this kind of blog. It is straight forward, well written, and entertaining. It's the other end of the good blog spectrum...you can either have a good blog that has good content with lots of flashy bells and whistles...or you can have a great blog that is pure and simple that is like sitting down and reading the Sunday paper with a good cup of coffee. That's Matt's blog. Well done.

We're Making A Run For IT!!!!!

Hot Damn we have contest...LSplit has coome up to the plate to offer a real Dad Blog! It's got it all. This isn't a LEave It To Beaver blog...Ward is clearly going through some problems with June (It's sad a 32 year old knows the names of the Beave's parents ). All in all it's a great blog about real people and a real dad with real world issues making the best of life. I thought the blog was great...I too have the same bathroom phobias as you and find your rules right on. Fantastic work on the blog...keep it going and keep on blogging!

Sports Nuts

Here's a fantastic blog for all you sports nutus out there...Dave brings us a blog after my own heart where he lists all the best sports blogs as he comes across them. The blog is has a very organized format with all the sports blogs in it's right category. For instance in the NFL section I came across the Bleeding Green blog. Being from Philly I am glad I found it. Also found a cool piece of software that Dave reviewed called Snagit. Great blog Dave! I give it two thumbs up.


See what's in the title...Mom. Dad's have given up. As for blogcharm...cool blog with alot of busy stuff to look at and read...content flows well and there is a neat recurring post each Thursday call the "Thursday Thirteen" where there is a list like 13 things I'd do if I won the lottery. Only criticism is that the site takes a long time to load...


Hear Ye Hear Ye...She's back! Let me start off by apologizing to Barb for inadvertently deleting her critique after bringing the blog down from the sticky post. I also apologize for just now getting around to re-reviewing her blog. Some regular visitors may remember Barb as having doubts about her blog and it's popularity or readability. I have to say that after heading over there and checking it out again it is still as interesting and wonderful as it was the first time I looked at it. You are keeping the posts fresh and the sidebar looks great. Keep it up and keep on blogging!!


Here is a blog after my own heart. Full of helpful information for bloggers and all the right bells and whistles to boot. If you blog and want to get a tip or two or just looking to tweak or improve your own blog then I recommend taking a look at this blog. Well done.



This is a complex blog with a splash of sex! The content is compelling and is full of stories and thoughts and feelings. The blog itself is no doubt popular with over 19,000 visitors on the books. Great job!

Calling All Dads! Calling All Dads!

There is a heavy presence of mom blogs floating around in the blogosphere as we've made clear at at this blog. There is alot of mom's submitting blogs for review. Are there no dads out there? Does anyone know any dad bloggers. Dad's who blog about there family, about their kids, about the struggles of family life or the joys. Any dad Blogs are welcome. We are getting slaughtered guys, the mom's are winning.

Dad Surrender

Are you a silicon valley mom :) Well I think it is time for the men to bow out and take the loss. If anyone out there knows any Dad Bloggers have them email me for a critique. This charming blog revolves around, you've guessed it, freita's family. She blogs about here little girls and the daily things little girls do. Children are amazing and it's no wonder there are so many blogs about them. There is always material. Well done.

The University

This Christian blog does a good job incorporating the beliefs of the blogger into everyday life. Questioning a lot of today's topics as well as writing about his own day to day. The blog itself it set up very well with lot's to do in the sidebar. If the content doesn't keep your attention you will find something for sure over there. Good Job overall.


Mary's World

Mary's blog is one of those blogs that might turn some people off because they might think it is a God Blog...not so. Although Mary is clearly on the side of the Father...her writing and postings are not preachy, but well delivered...Entertaining...And down to earth. Lot's of good messages there. How can you not like a blogger who loves Starbucks anyway? As for the blog itself. The side bar is just a little too busy in my opinion, but as I say, blogs are all about the blogger. One thing I would add is a sitemeter to see how popular you are or are not. Nice work.

A Thank you from Critique My Blog and Billy Mac

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the support and interest you've shown in Critique My Blog. As of noon today we've had 4,555 visitors. Not too shabby for only being 3 months old. That growth is in large part attributed to Bobby's Bestest Blog Of The Day award and I thank him and his efforts in bringing traffic and acknowledgement to bloggers worldwide.

So far Critique my Blog is visited between 150 and 200 times a day and the visitors have viewed a whopping 9,189 pages since August! This is only possible because of you, the blogger. I have always said that blogging is a fantastic media outlet and a great way to express yourself and it's been a pleasure reviewing everyone's blogs and hopefully referring traffic your way so others can enjoy your creativity. I urge you to pass the word on to your friends in the blogosphere about Critique My Blog as I am happy to review and offer criticism and help along the way. It's been on several occasions that a suggestion I made want understood by the blogger or there was some technical advice the blogger needed and emailed me and I helped as best I could. I welcome emails from the readers and if there is any way I can help I am happy to.

Moving forward there is a lot that will be happening with Critique My Blog. Over the next few weeks I'll be switching over to Beta and updating the lagging sidebar. There is also some fun activities for the bloggers at Critique My Blog that will be touched upon near the end of the month. SO keep your eyes open for that announcement.

Again I'd like to thank you all and wish you all continued success in your blogging endeavors.

Moms:several hundred...Dads:one

Talk about Mommys Unite! This blog is both a functional blog and a community of Silicon valley mom blogs. There are also links to mom blogs worldwide. I've joked about this in the past...but the girls are winning the battle of the blog. Now for the blog itself...all the right things in place and the content is great. I like the idea of a blog community and it looks like you are on your way to a good thing. Well Done!



I love the title coffee shop mafia...I looked through your blog and I don't know if I'm the only one viewing it this way but it looks like your profile and links section is in the top portion of the blog, almost looking like a post itself. Other than that all looks good...you have some adsense in there and the postings are good. The blog looks to be new so I'd just keep doing what you're doing and build the blog up over time. Nice work.

Wale of a Tale

Taffy's Tales from Wales is a funny blog with some great stories. The most recent post about an out of control granny was great! Lot's of good content here that will keep your attention through out. Well done.

Super Mom

Here's another one for the Mom Squad! Come on guys...where are the dad blogs...the mom's are winning by far at this point. The blog, Roseslife, is about a mom, her little ones, and the ins and outs of life as a busy mom. It's funny...in an earlier post there is a story about how the TV went poof and broke. With little ones this can be a crisis. Although I don't advocate hours on hours of TV for children...it is a time to get some quiet when Dora or Sesame is on. Nice work. Keep on bloggin!


This is a dark angry blog with not much of anything but words. Not the best blog I've visited in a while.

Jolly Good!

The Churlish One from the UK brings us today's blog that from appearances...should be making a killing in google adsense. Not so as reported in this funny post! This blog has all the right nuts and bolts with ads and counters and content. The posts are funny and interesting and the writer will keep your interest no doubt.



This blog is from a blogger who lives in the arctic. I think that it must be fascinating to live there and he blog has alot of cool info...photos and life in general about this chilly place. I think the blog itself has all the right bells and whistles...well done.

Wild Irish rose

I have a great Irish drinking song that is completely inappropriate for this place and time, the beginning of the song begins as the title of the post does, but that is as far as I'll go. If you want a further taste of red I's advise you to visit our blogger from Washington DC. She blogs about her days and nights in this town that is like adrenaline on speed. I liked it a lot.


Blog reviewing bikini clad girls.

Another Geeky Website!

Here's a cool blog brought to you by some web addicts...really good info and even a box to "ask the web addict" if you have questions. On my "to read" list.

Needs Work

Ok Walt...Here is some advice...I'd first flip flop your google adsense from the bottom and put it on the top and the search on the bottom. Then I'd add a site meter and get rid of the Google News and Edit Me buttons, replacing them with blogs or web sites you are interested in. Beef up your postings and then I'd submit my site to www.bestestblogofalltime.blogspot.com and some web directories to boost your traffic. Keep at it and things will fall into place.

Photo finish

Picture. Nothing More.

Cool as Ice!


Doc from the UK brings us this "Good as Gold" blog about similes and the English language in general. The blog is basically brand new but as things stand now, I like it. I'd get rid of the "Google News", "Edit-Me" area and replace it with some web sites or blogs you like and I'd add a site meter .


Jakes blog is full of photography and sketches that are accompanied by clips of writings and thoughts...I can look at these kinds of blogs all day because I like photography in general. Nice work.


This blog reviews products for use in home pest control for mice, roaches, bedbugs, etc. An information site.



OK...I have one complaint here for our girl Jordan Banana...there are too many pics of Disney and other Florida attractions...My family and I are vacationing there in November and you are spoiling the fun...just kidding...about spoiling the fun that is...Jordan has a fun blog here about life and it's ups and downs. For a while there you were posting just once a month but I see that has changed and for the better...Keep the flow going. Great job with the blog. Well done!


Crank mama's blog will make you anything but cranky...seems like there is a whole community of Mom Bloggers out there venting and supporting each other in this thing we call the blogosphere. Yet another example of the power of blogging! Crankmama's blog is a fun read with some cool posts that I's sure will hit home with a lot of mom's. So far I think I've only come across one Dad blog...women are winning guys! Mama...keep up the good work!

Broken Heel

Where do I start...for one thing...You are able to name your blog one thing and have your url named another....something shorter...If someone likes your blog and forgets to save it then he or she has to remember the name of your blog and how to spell it correctly to get back to you. Next thing I would do is add more adsense to your blog to make some more money as it is clear that is the motive here. Get out of debt! I would also experiment with affiliate programs like amazon and others. You can sell other people's products on your web site and get a commission if people buy it from your site. Check out www.pestcontrolproducts.blogspot.com for examples. If you are looking to increase your traffic then I'd also list your blog with Bobby at www.bestestblogofalltime.blogspot.com and www.blogdumps.com for starters. This should help to get the ball rolling. Another help is Darren at www.problogger.net for lot's of great blogging tips. He's the best. You content is good...your motives are good...and your blog is good...keep posting and keep the faith. Well done.


Bloggers Blog

Dave brings us this infant blog with just a handful of posts. Content is good. My advice with this being such a new blog would be to add a site meter to see how m any visitors you are getting. I'd find some web sites or other blogs that interest you and link them to your side bar to replace the Google News and Edit Me area is at. You already have some adsense which is good...After that just keep blogging away! For more traffic I'd visit Bobby at www.bestestblogofalltime.blogspot.com and submit your blog there too.

Mommy Needs A Martini

Ok...today's typepad blogger started my day off with a smile with her recent post about an adolescent fence most boys have to hurdle as they swim through the waters of love and lust. Halfpint comes from Ocean City, NJ where my family vacations most summers, her blog is fantastically written and compels you to continue reading on. Her writing style is hip and real and moms and dads can relate to a lot of her stories...I'll be adding this one to my personal re-visit list.


Art Studio

Another fine artist uses the blog as a source of spreading the word! Great photography and a link to the website as well. I'd add a site meter to see if the blog is getting traffic.


Here's a blog that will tug at the heart strings...it's a blog about adoptions...foster children...their stories...and everything else in between! People go through life sometimes with blinders on...trying to get by day by day...but when you stop to look on the other side of the tracks...it's easy to be taken back and it makes it clear that the struggle and strife you think you are experiencing is a picnic compared to what others are going through.


Can you blame Rick for hating Tom Green? Does anyone actually like this guy? I happen to be on Rick's side on this one and in his blog he goes into detail about his personal experience with this nut job...The blog itself is a newer blog but very interesting and funny at times and lives true to it's name. Well done!

Money Money Money

Golbguru has a pretty good blog here with a good sidebar link exchange to some pretty informative blogs. All the right nuts and bolts are in place and the information is good...Great job all around!


The Artist

This blog captures the toughts and art work of jafabrit... her paintings I think are fantastic...reminding me almost of Miro or Dali...very interesting work. If you love art then this is a blogger and artist to visit!

Not bad

Montchan from Sweden brings us this cool blog today. Seems she was criticized for about parts of her blog and was upset about them...in my opinion I think all looks good...I might delete one or two of the weather pixies...the sidebar is yours to do with as you please...Remember...it's not what I think or the other critique web site thinks about your blog..it's about what you think of your blog...A blog is someone's own creation...do with it as you please. Nice work!

Decisions Decisions

Having trouble making a decision in your life? Are you arguing or struggling in your own mind with a move that you have to make but not sure how to make it? Then this blog is for you. Helpful information in the blog or call directly to a life coach to help you make that important step in your life.

The Busy Dad

Being a busy dad myself I have to say that this busy dad has done a great job so far with his blog. Interesting insights into his life that a lot of the busy dads out there can relate to. Keep the good stuff coming. Nice work!

girls kick ass

Enough said...Check it out...

Spirit of good luck!

Not really a blog...but it's a cool site.

Another kind of blood

Here is a new blog that is more of a personal journal. Nicely done and for a new blog it's moving forward the right way. Keep on blogging!


Take a bow Sheila...I think it is a fantastic idea to blog about being over 50,000 dollars in debt and how you are striving to get out of it! I think that debt is a problem alot of the United States is troubled with! I think alot of people will become a follower of your blog and be motivated to do the same. Well done! Have you ever checked out Dave Ramsey's Site? I think you'd like it..he is a debt guru. Also...why not add adsense and some other affiliate programs to your site to get some more money. Also, you mention in your blog about your stuff on ebay...add the link to your ebay auctions on your blog to direct traffic there. Keep up the good work and good luck on your journey!

Teen Machine

Everybody gets a shot on critique my blog. This one I'll leave up to you to critique. It's written by a 16 year old with some heavy things to say. I guess not all teens are turning their brains to mush with the Game Cube.


Shreemoyee's blog is entitled The Peripatetic Bong...You'll have to check in to see the explanation. In the past I've comment on blogs that reflect the bloggers personality...this one does just that. It is very care free and fun with lot's of interesting stories and insights into the bloggers life. Well done and keep up the good work!

Little House on Wheels

I envy this blog about RV'ing and being care free! My dream is to one day be able to travel the country in a RV with no time table or worries. This blogger is doing just that with great photo's to go with it. Fantastic!


This self proclaimed half artist and half IT geek brings us a cool technical blog with lots of good stuff about the world of computers and systems. All you techies out there will love this blog, especially as it grows and matures. Even non techies would benefit from visiting djitz's blog as it is full of good info and a spooky picture...I won't say anything further. Do you have a site meter? Wordpress might have a hidden one...if not I would add one. Nice work!


Quaint pictures from the United Kingdom such as Banbury, Oxfordshire and many others litter this blog (and I mean that in a good way). Along with these photos our blogger, Bazza, writes about his heros that he admires and also about his life in general. One criticism I would offer is to add a sitemeter to see how much traffic you are getting though your blog. Nice work and keep on blogging!


kees kennis

Lots of great photography...but the blog itself in my opinion is all over the place with riddles and hard to decipher posts. The comment's are displayed on the post itself which makes the blog look even more haywire. There seems to be a following who reads this blog which says that is has popularity...but for me it was too not organized.


Incredible Woman


Well, after some time of considering it, my son Cornelius has persuaded me to start my own blog. A year ago I hadn't even heard of blogs or blogging. I considered it something very mysterious. But I love to talk. I love to express my views. I have a lot I want to say. That's what happens as a person ages. And I've recently reached the age of 60, something I'm actually quite proud of and not ashamed to let everyone know.

As my profile shows, I have bipolar disorder - have had since I was 19 years old. Life has been difficult, as it is for anyone with such a disease. But all in all I consider myself fortunate. God has been good to me. My life is full and, except for times when my medications need adjusting, I'm happy. I have a husband who loves me, a 33-year-old son and daughter-in-law. I also have many friends. My church is very supportive of me and has encouraged me in my desire to start a faith-based support group for individuals with mood disorders. We're starting this in September and I'm very excited about this.

The above post is from our blogger and I sit here shaking my head! What a terrific thing it is for someone in her mature years hopping into the blogosphere full force! What a great look into bipolar disorders and into the life of this fascinating lady. Did I mention she is a great photographer? You know I love photography! Well done and my hat's off to yah!

Ting Tang Walawala Bing Bang

October is the month of Halloween and what a better way to kick off the celebration than a blog about a real life Wiccan. Witch craft is a misunderstood art and religion, but if you want to be educated you've come to the right blog. Lexa not only is a blogger but an author of 10 books on the subject. Lexa also has a website www.lexarosean.com where you can get prices for consults and more info about her books. Now on a nuts and bolts...good blogger...basis! This is blogging at it's best. If you are looking for an example of a blog that offers interesting content...a way to market your other enterprises and also a way to get money from your own blog then I suggest you check her out! Awesome Job!

internet loves

Lisa speaks of all her acquaintances as Proper Nouns. Like England and Canada and her two sons 13 and 15. It a little like something out of a James Bond Movie! This blog is captivating and rather good. On the nuts and bolts side, she organizes her sidebar with drop down menus that are pretty cool...The content is fun and flowing and as most blogs...it's a good idea to start from the first few posts to get to know the blogger a little better. 100 things about me is a good primer. Well done Lisa!


Blogs have taken on a life of their own...you have niche bloggers, topic bloggers, and yes...even Mom bloggers. Mothers like to brag and they like to be heard and what better outlet to do both than with a blog. One of my favorite posts written by our mom Lotta is Kitchen Porn. I know that doesn't sound very "mom like" but for all you moms out there I think you'll get a kick out of this one...Of course read the rest.


This brilliantly written blog is brought to us by Scott who's unique stories entertain and keep your interest. The posts are all very well structured and well written and our boy Scott has a lot to write about. Seems he's traveled quite a bit and that is always good for a few spinners, he's also got a lot of reflective posts everything from cancer to soccer balls. No doubt about it...this one's a keeper! You'll be captivated without even knowing it!

The top of the empire state building!


"I've been married for 3 years on August 14th to A. A. is 21 years older than me and is what most women would want in a husband. He is responsible, loving, affectionate, mostly supportive and occasionally romantic.

A couple of weeks ago I met Shawn via the internet (no surprise there) and something sparked. And has continued to spark. Tonight we arranged a time and date to meet up. He makes my heart pound so wildly and my wildest desires seem possible. Shawn is my secret. My secret that I want to shout about."

This is an excerpt from Minky's blog...need I say more...juicy...well written...a good read!



It never ceases to amaze me how each blog I review is a good blog...There have been maybe 5 blogs that I've given a bad or not so good critique to, all the rest have been A+ blogs. I have an inbox full of blogs and I start from the bottom and work my way up to the most recent. I copy and paste the link into my browser and I start my review. This is the exact way I did this cool blogs review and I love it...People are grabbing this blog thing and taking off with it. It used to be just a plain old blog, now people have added sooo much to their blogs that it's like a whole experience. Nice work Capricorn.

Mad Cow

What a perfectly put together blog! Lot's of cool content, observations and stories. The nuts and bolts are all in order. A pleasure to read through and enjoy.



I've been thinking about my life, and what I really want. I'm finding it so difficult to write at the moment - it's like it's stopped being fun, but I can't work out what's changed except that maybe I'm trying to take it to seriously. And if it's stopped being fun then maybe I should stop? Thing is though, I've never thought of seriously doing anything else - writing is the only thing I'm even vaguely good at. I can't act, can't sing. To do anything else in the entertainmant industry I'm going to have to go to university or something and I've got used to having a full time job and money now so I can't do that because my dad isn't going to pay for it.

Above is an excerpt from a brilliant blogger who just wants to write and make a difference. I think a great number of bloggers feel your pain. It would be so cool to just be able to sit in front of a computer and create a piece of writing and get paid for doing it. If you're looking for a down to earth...good blog to browse through I highly recommend Touchwolf. Keep the dream alive!



Here is a pretty funny blog with all the nut's and bolt's right...there is a counter and adsense and good content. This particular post I thought was pretty funny http://lawak-jokes-weirdstuff.blogspot.com/2006/10/pen-stuck.html Check it out!


I think it is amazing to be able to create something. To think it and them project it on paper or canvas with a brush or a pen or pencil is incredible. Patrick from 52 Fridays has a unique style and I just love his work...The blog is intertwined with his art work and I think it's a perfect match. Great work!

Start Spreadin' The News

If your a former New Yorker and feeling nostalgic about your home town, then I suggest checking out Annulla's blog. It has a lot of great pictures and stories about not just famous parts of New York, but also about fairs in the neighborhoods, things that only a native would know about but what outsiders would probably like to see. I liked the blog a lot and learned quite a bit. It is very clear that annulla has lot's of love for the town Old Blue Eyes Immortalized.



I just spent the past hour or more reading through, I think, one of the coolest blogs I come across so far. It's very interesting in regards to the writing and the pictures and the presentation. In the interest of time I usually spend a good 15 minutes reviewing a blog, reading previous posts and current ones, etc. This one just grabbed me and kept my interest. This blog will be coming up to it's two year anniversary in November and it has a definite popular following with nearly 77,000 visitors. Another 5 star blog! Check it out!!

Chi Town

Dana from Chi Town via Alabama has one of those blogs that you can just tell by the first page that there is a lot of time and thought that goes into the blog and each post she writes. I like how some of her Alabama roots comes out in her writing sometimes, I have a relative from there and I love to listen to her talk because of her charming accent. Nice job Dana. This one is a keeper.

Mushroom Mania!

The passions that people display through their blogs is amazing...this particular blog is dedicated to mushrooms. Laura also edits other mushroom and fungi blogs as well...Nothing to say good or bad here except to say that you are doing what bloggers do....BLOG. If you like Mushrooms and intriguing writing then visit Laura.


Here is one of the most unique blogs I've come across, written by a radio host of an underground radio station. Writing is edgy and direct, but well done. It must be a newer blog because there were only a few entries. The format is nothing like a normal blog, but maybe that's what the blogger is going for. My interest was held...check it out.


Here is a blog by Princess Shin of Malaysia who writes a charming blog about regular 19 year old stuff. I am critiquing in Pink because that is what Shin has done on her blog out of respect for Breast cancer awareness Month and I commend her for doing so. The blog is only a few months old but Shin posts on a pretty regular basis and as I said it's a charming blog. My only suggestion would be to add a site meter to see how many visitors you are getting on your blog. Well done! Keep up the good work.



I am running alittle behind on some of your e-mails for blog critiques...it's busy at work and I will be catching up on the blog over the next few days. I will e mail you back when your blog has been reviewed...I won't skip anyone. Sorry for the delay.

Ask Patty!

Crossing over into Typepad territory we are treated to Ask Patty. Bringing blogging to the next level we find a fantastic blog that offers great advice to women who are in the market for a car. I think this is a fantastic concept where there is a network of "women friendly" dealerships where you can go in and not feel intimidated by the flashy, fast talkin salesman. (I wish they had that for men too) Great branding...Great content...Great blog!

Bachelor Survival!

In highschool there used to be a class called Bachelor Survival...it taught how to cook and do taxes and pay your bills...etc. This is like a virtual form of my highschool class. Great household tips and tricks and cleverly written. One of the 5 star blogs for sure.

Red Hog

A biker giving political commentary? Hell yeah. Liked this blog a lot with it's rich content and photos of the land we live in. Looks like the Rid Hog toured the country on his bike and took lot's of pictures along the way. Nice work.

Awesome Blog

Nevins has a blog that is pretty cool...he is a computer geek who designs buttons and banners and lots of other cool things and he barters his skills! One other good point about our boy Nevins...he is a musician...that's 10 points on the Billy Mac scale. Loved the blog. Also I suggest checking out this blog because there is a cool link to another link exchange program that you can visit.

Photo Opp

Photographer Melissa Weimer brings us a blog full of...well...photgraphy. I love photo's so I loved the blog...Melissa also has a web site and another blog that you can link to from her blog so I suggest checking it out. Nice work...I'd add a sitemeter though to see how many Photo fans you have.


"Ok So I am doing it- Getting into the newest craze of "Blogging". And I don't even know why- Maybe just to give me something to do each day- not like it has meaning or anything- but I used to write every days, pages and pages of thoughts and observances and feelings- and when I couldn't write I would carry around a hand held tape recorder and tape anything that came to mind - and now here I am 34 years old and stuck in the biggest rut- Maybe this will give me some other purpose- or, cripes I don't even know- I am just going to do it and maybe I will do it often enough to get my mind working again at full speed- get some creativity flowing again - something- anything.."

The above is the first post written by Jenna...this is a great example of the power of blogging...Some people say it can be addictive...like when AOL first came out and everyone spent time in the chat rooms and IM'ing people, others say it's an outlet and therapeutic, and others say it's fun to do. Whatever the reason it is clearly something that a lot of people do. Jenna's blog is full of stories about her life and kids...having kids myself I find some amusing...and she also incorporates poetry in her posts...nice job Jenna!


Dear Abby...err...uhh...Andrew!

Doc Andrew brings to us a fantastic way to take advantage of this particular media form with a virtual advice column. Blogging has so many ways to be utilized and this particular way is terrific, with readers being able to send Doctor Andrew questions and the good doctor answers it with the names of the e-mailers kept confidential. It's a really interesting blog to visit and I highly recommend it. I will be adding it to my personal list to re-visit! Nice work and keep on bloggin!

Million Dollar Baby

What do you get when you add a young girl who attends MIT and a boxing ring? Well you get one interesting blog...that's what. This blog is about a girl who is pursuing her PhD at MIT and training to be a boxer. I have a lot of respect for her and think it is amazing she even has time to blog about. Keep up the fantastic work...good luck with your PhD and I'll be looking for ya ring side. Nice work!



It seems like a lot of people these days are tapping into the Your Tube phenomenon. This blog...aside from flowing with interesting pieces of writing and topics...has one of my favorite clips...the muppets that sing Mahnahmuhnah. It's awesome. The blogs OK too :) All kidding aside...the blog has a blog meter, has a means to monetize the blog and the content is easy on the eyes. Nice job and Well done!

Essence of What?

I thought this blog was a little scatter brained and all over the place. Not really making sense with some of the stories to be a little on the edge of weirdness. I just don't feel this one....It's not particularly bad...it's not good...it's a limbo blog.

Beech Wood

"A blog about my experience with the Community Stewardship Program at the Beechwood Wetland site (and the surrounding area) along the Don River in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There will be pictures, anecdotes and Japanese knotweed galore."

The above is the description the editor of this blog gave...This example of a blog where the theme is present thru-out the blog always. There are a ton of cool pictures taken presumably by the blogger and most of the pics have a tid bit of commentary under it. I have no real criticism here...I think it's a great blog journal.

Liberal Delight

I have a very diplomatic personality...I have a lot of friends and there are a lot of people who confide in me because I don't give the impression of judgment and I've learned an important lesson. That is not to talk about religion, politics and there was something else...Anyway...This blog is all about the liberal views of Ryan. I actually like this blog because it is written with a younger persons slant and it's easy to digest...Nice job....Keep it up.